Monaco Optix RX question

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Hannu J, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. Hannu J

    Hannu J Guest

    I'm a total newbie with intent to learn to calibrate my monitor. I read
    some reviews, and am looking to purchase the Monaco Optix RX package. My
    question is, is there a significant difference with the Pro and non-Pro
    versions, if I buy the non-Pro, do I miss out on some critical features,
    or are the Pro's features necessary only for professional use?

    Remove "eiroskaa" if you reply to my email.

    Hannu Jarvinen
    Hannu J, Dec 6, 2005
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  2. Hannu J

    bmoag Guest

    I recomend you purchase the Monaco Optix XR bundle. It is a relative bargain
    when you understand how to use it. This takes significant time and
    experience, however.
    The Optix XR bundle (calibrator and software) supplies more than enough
    software and hardware for even highly demanding usage.
    You should have Photoshop 7 or above and be willing to learn as much as you
    can about image manipulation and color management. I guess you could use
    Elements as well, but you might as well up the ante all the way.
    You don't have to learn it all in one day and you have to be willing to
    experiment and screw up.
    The XR package allows you to either pursue classic Adobe color management
    using the canned profiles supplied with your printer (monitor only
    profiling-the best way to start) or to create your own custom printer/paper
    profiles, providing you have a reasonably good flat bed scanner and good
    quality inkjet printer.
    There is a learning curve, and some of it is printer driver specific. Some
    of it is Monaco specific.
    Monaco e-mail support is pretty good.
    I presume you understand that there is no purpose in calibrating your
    monitor unless you want to produce the highest quality prints you can that
    bear a predictable relationship, in terms of color, contrast, etc. to what
    you see on your monitor.
    If you do not already have a quality printer you like I strongly recommend
    the Epson 1280 (ancient but still available new) or higher end Epson pigment
    based printers. Based on personal experience I would avoid every and all
    Canon printers except the 9900 (also now comparitively ancient) and every
    and all HP printers (except the massive poster sized ones, which evidently
    color manage themselves somehow).
    Epson canned paper profiles are pretty reliable and Epson sells a wide
    variety of paper surfaces. Canon canned profiles are ok but not great:
    custom profiles provide obvious improvements with Canon papers. Also the
    variety of Canon paper surfaces are very limited and Canon protocols for
    color managed printing are just not as reliable (and even more unintuitive)
    than Epson's. In all honesty I use Epson and Canon printers but there is no
    question in my mind which is "better."
    I wish you luck and encourage you to pursue refining your color printing.
    bmoag, Dec 7, 2005
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