Monaco Optix LCD calibration - trouble, help needed

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by RedCrown, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. RedCrown

    RedCrown Guest

    I am attempting and failing to calibrate a Samsung 172t "digital" LCD
    using the Monaco Optix system and Windows XP.

    In "digital" mode (connected to an ATI Raedon 9700 video card) the
    Samsung LCD does not allow adjustments to contrast, but does allow
    brightness adjustment. So in the Monaco Optix software I select 6500
    for the white point in step 1, and then skip the "Measure Brightest
    White" step, as instructed because contrast can not be adjusted.

    I then do the "Measure Lightest and Darkest Black" steps, apparently
    OK. The next step is "Set Brightness" and here is where the mystery
    lies. The Monaco Software shows a red bar with a green segment near
    the middle. When you click "measure", a blue bar appears over the
    red/green bar and you are instructed to adjust the monitor brightness
    until the blue indicator bar "consistently falls in the middle of the
    Good range (green segment). No matter where I set brightness, that
    blue bar will grow until it passes the good green range.

    I have left the monitor brightness at 0 and the blue bar will reach
    the end of the range in about 200 measurement steps. I've set the
    brightness at 50%, which is factory standard, and the blue bar starts
    at the leftmost edge and grows at the same rate as with 0 brightness
    until it reaches the right edge. I've repeated the process many times
    and no matter where I set brightness, the Monaco software behaves the

    Any ideas? Anybody have experience calibrating LCDs that are connected
    digital, not analog?

    FYI, on my Samsung the "hardware" adjustments for brightness have a
    low range. The zero setting produces a very dim, but easily readable
    screen. The 100 setting produces a very bright but also easily
    readable screen. Nothing is washed out at the brightest setting. There
    is also a software adjustment via "Display
    Properties/Settings/Advanced/Color" that gives a slider bar to adjust
    brightness. That adjustment offers a much wider range, from very dim
    to washed out, barely readable white.

    Anybody know what the difference is (perhaps one is in the actual
    monitor and one is in the video card)? And which one should be used
    for calibration?
    RedCrown, Aug 16, 2003
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