Modem then ATA (fritzbox) then wireless router - is this connection possible

Discussion in 'UK VOIP' started by dg, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. dg

    dg Guest

    I've just purchased a Fritxbox Fon ATA 1020 and want to connect this
    along with my wireless router (Buffalo G54 Airstation) to a cable
    modem. My main computer will be connected via a network patch lead

    The instructions say that the Fritzbox can be connected directly to
    the modem or to a router - in which case it will "work like a computer
    on the local network, and obtain its IP adress from the router". All
    that is needed is that the Fritzbox is set to whatever function it is

    But I thought it would be better to connect the Fritzbox directly to
    the modem so that I can use the firewall and QoS features, and then
    connect my wireless router to the fritzbox as a hub/access point

    I had it working in this set up - the Fritzbox was set up as a router
    and DHCP server, and assigned IP address to the Airstation and my PC
    connected to it via a cable. The Airstation was set not to act as a
    DHCP server.
    But other computers could not access the internet wirelessly via the

    Then, when I next turned on the PC, I had no internet access at all -
    but the Fritzbox must have been letting the VoIP through, as my phone
    was working.

    Can anyone advise if this set up is possible, and what settings do I
    need to st on the Fritzbox and the Airstation? Or should I just set it
    up as per the instructions?

    dg, Apr 1, 2007
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  2. dg

    dg Guest

    Replying to my own posts? OMG!

    Anyhow I think it is sorted.

    The fritzbox is the main router and gateway connected to the modem.

    The Airstation is acting as an 'access point' and has to have DHCP
    turned off. In addition, it can not be connected to the Fritzbox via
    the WAN socket (as I would expect) but one of the normal LAN sockets.

    So to sumarise - PC connected to Airstaion LAN socket. Lead from
    Airstation LAN socket to Fritzbox LAN socket. Lead from Fritzbox WAN
    socket to modem.

    The Fritzbox was dead easy to set up too, and I would recommend it.
    I heard nightmare talk of the vast amount of configuration setting s
    on a PAP2, so steered clear of that.

    dg, Apr 4, 2007
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