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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ithream, May 3, 2012.

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    May 3, 2012
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    HI Good Day to all...

    this is my first time here...
    i'm having a frustrating hours, days and weeks now because of this problem in my office... network..

    to start with.... i just got hired for a month now, and this problem occured when our adsl got very slow, and when we ask the isp provider ...what happen,,? they told us,,, too many users, you need to upgrade your dsl speed,, so from 1.5mb we upgraded it to it should fix the problem...but the thing is....still very slow....when i simply ping yahoo or or three reply.. RTU 4

    so heres comes the repair man from isp provider.. they isolated the problem...they tell us that the dsl line had no problem, coz when they put it in to stand-alone.. the connection is fine.. no RTU.. so the problem is in our network...

    So what i deed is... i change all the cabling including router and switches but,,, no luck .. still very my frustration i requested another isp provider for a DEMO unit.. and this time it works fine....
    the problem of this new isp is that they only have max 4mbps internet speed ...but my boss wants 9mbps and he still want the old isp provider...

    So here's the scenario,,,,my old isp provider has given me 5 usable ip address...and they uses zyxel p-600 modem router using pppoe, with ip address starting 122.xx.xx.xxxconfigured us dhcp server for public ip address, so i still need a dhcp router for local ip d-link wireless router is configured also as dhcp server..starting
    here comes my problem...when they use ther modem router with one pc {stand-alone} its working fine...when i plug it to my dlink router.. it will be up for only one or 2 minutes then RTU ...

    i already used 3 routers.. linksys and netgear with the same result

    hope someone or somebody will bright up my day
    help is badly needed.
    ithream, May 3, 2012
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