Modem emulation over IP

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Jud Hardcastle, Aug 8, 2003.

  1. Some background: My parttime home is a houseboat. It has an analog cell
    phone with data adapter (dialup access about 7200 max) and, when in
    dock, a wired phone line (dialup access about 23000 max--nobody gets
    faster than that--too much old switching equipment). I would like to
    replace both phones with a single wireless solution--maybe a Verizon
    phone or aircard, a GSM phone with GPRS, Richochet if they ever restart

    Besides personal Internet stuff, I connect to the office WAN for network
    files and Notes by dialing into an ISP and connecting thru to a company
    VPN. I also dial into several devices that have modems only--no IP
    connection possible to those--using either a "dumb" terminal emulation
    program or a proprietary access program.

    I should be able to access the VPN thru a wireless highspeed data
    network BUT the dialup modems are the problem.

    Is there any (inexpensive) service similar to the VOIP services that
    allows you to connect to them via the Internet and then using a special
    dialer to allow legacy software to dial into a standard landline modem,
    I.e. software that looks like a modem to the terminal emulation
    accepting AT codes etc.

    Any ideas?
    Jud Hardcastle, Aug 8, 2003
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  2. Jud Hardcastle

    Kyler Laird Guest

    Since you mention "the office" it seems like the simple solution would
    be to hang a modem off of a machine there. I've used special-purpose
    "terminal servers" (which are littering some warehouses), but any simple
    box running Linux should suffice. (I still have an analog line but I'm
    just too lazy to maintain a modem at home.)

    Kyler Laird, Aug 8, 2003
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  3. If you use T-Mobile, you can use CSD to make data calls from your cell phone
    to any modem. CSD calls come out of your voice minutes bucket and almost
    allways max out at 9600Bps. This should solve the problem for legacy apps
    (if the data rate is high enough).

    For internet calls, T-Mobile now lets you add unlimited GPRS to your voice
    plan for $20/month. This is advertised to work at similar speeds to high
    speed dialup.

    Mike Schumann
    Mike Schumann, Sep 7, 2003
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