Mixing Workgroup and Domain PC's

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Lee, Oct 27, 2004.

  1. Lee

    Lee Guest

    I have a small network with 2 desktop PC's (wired) and 1 laptop (wireless).
    The Desktops are on the standard "Workgroup" and the laptop is on my
    corporate domain. All 3 can surf the web and all 3 can ping each other by
    However, only the 2 desktops can share files but neither can see the laptop
    through explorer. The laptop can not see either desktop.
    All 3 are running XP pro SP-1

    Is this a wireless issue or is it the mixture of Domain and Workgroup
    Any info is appreciated.

    Lee, Oct 27, 2004
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  2. Lee

    Lee Guest

    If I connect my laptop via the built-in CAT5 connection, no problems. I can
    see the entire network.
    So it looks like my network pc visibility problem is limited to the
    wireless. But again, I can still ping the desktops and surf the web fine
    with the wireless...
    Lee, Oct 27, 2004
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  3. Hi Lee,

    I have a couple of ideas about what might be causing this problem.

    Your PCs will periodically send packets announcing themselves to other
    computers on the network. These packets are broadcast to every PC on your
    local network instead of being sent to each PC individually. So, from your
    messages it looks like the broadcast packets being sent by PCs on your
    wireless network are not being received by PCs on your wired network.

    A couple of different things could cause this problem:
    1. Your router has a firewall that is filtering out broadcast traffic
    from the wireless network. You would have to consult the documentation for
    your router to see if you could modify this setting.
    2. Some wireless encryption protocols (WPA, WPA-PSK) use different
    encryption keys for broadcast traffic. If you are using one of these
    protocols this might be the cause. This is probably unlikely.

    One thing you might try as a way to work around this problem is to
    connect to shared folders directly using the IP address of the PC that the
    share is on. Open up 'My Computer' and select 'Map Network Drive' from the
    Tools menu. For the Folder entry, use an IP address instead of the server
    name (i.e. \\\share instead of \\server\share). Since your PCs
    are on different domains and workgroups, you might also have to enter
    different user credentials, so click on 'Connect using a different user
    name' and enter the credentials you would normally use to log into the PC
    with the share on it).

    Best of luck,
    Chris Gual [MSFT]
    Chris Gual [MSFT], Nov 1, 2004
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