Misleading Symantec LiveUpdate Scheduler Error Events

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Dick K, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Dick K

    Dick K Guest

    I run XP Home SP2 with Norton Anti-Virus 2004 and Norton
    Personal Firewall 2004 (I know, but I'm used to them).
    I have an ADSL Internet connection and frequently work
    offline. Recently I had to install a new version of
    Symantec LiveUpdate (File Version Since then
    my System Log has been peppered with irritating error
    events generated by Symantec LiveUpdate Scheduler. They
    have Event IDs of 101 and Descriptions which read
    "Information Level: error Internet connection not

    There is, of course, no Internet connection when I'm
    working offline and its absence does not betoken an error
    condition. And I don't want to be told about it.

    One can set the Event Log Detail Level for Automatic
    LiveUpdate in Control Panel. The options are "Info",
    "Warning" "Success", "Error" and "Fatal". I've tried
    setting the level to "Warning", which I hoped would
    suppress "Information Level" messages, but to no effect.
    Setting the level to "Fatal" means that, except presumably
    when there is a catastrophe, nothing gets logged. Then
    one loses the reassurance provided by the the log that
    Automatic LiveUpdate is functioning correctly or, indeed,
    functioning at all.

    I realise that this is a harmless minor irritation but I'd
    still be grateful for a resolution. So, please can anyone
    suggest a way of stopping these "errors" from being
    reported while still allowing significant LiveUpdate
    events to be logged?
    Dick K, Apr 18, 2006
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