Minimum Passing Score for 70-215

Discussion in 'MCSA' started by Paul Hanlon, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Paul Hanlon

    Paul Hanlon Guest


    From what I have been told the minimum passing score
    before the change was around 675, as was said earlier this
    and the 210 are fairly similar - once you've passed one
    you will be much better prepared for the other.

    As a side note I took 215 first.....

    Paul Hanlon CCNA, MCSA, MCSE
    Paul Hanlon, Aug 12, 2003
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  2. Paul Hanlon

    Andy Guest


    I've taken 215 and passed first time, have been studying for 216 and
    noticed the bar raised on the material covered, am aware now from this group
    it's known as the beast and understand it's rep, did you leave it until
    last? I'm in two minds, take it next and pass, what a confidence boost, or
    leave it until last and knock the others off first, what was your approach?

    Regards, Andy
    Andy, Aug 16, 2003
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