MindCTI (Mind CTI) billing system / license available (for sale)

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Jussi P. Korkala, Jun 8, 2004.

  1. For those who may be interested:

    There exists a special interest group that currently owns and is
    looking to liquidate a 5 million minute per month Mind CTI license
    (Mind version 4.2, I believe.) This license has, in the past, been
    fully paid for to MindCTI and is a complete and bona-fide license
    originally obtained from MindCTI. The license includes the above
    mentioned amount of traffic, 2 or 3 Real Time Servers, CMS reporting
    system, the MindCTI Web Interface, MindCTI API and other miscellaneous
    but related additional cost software items.

    from MindCTI. Without the dongle, you are not running a legal copy of
    Mind 4.

    The price that the group is looking to sell the license at will be
    very lucrative for any company that would be in need of such a license
    - for example, a new telecommunications startup company, a company
    that is opening business in a new country and needs a second billing
    platform, or any company that has operated MindCTI without a license
    so far, and realizes that they should correct that mistake.

    It will be up to the potential buyer to deal with MindCTI on their
    policies regarding support services after any such relicensing
    transaction. (However, apparently many companies already choose to
    operate Mind without paying for their "support" any more due to
    various reasons.)

    As far as the resale of the software license itself and any legal
    ramifications, please bear in mind that there are localities in the
    world where the resale of a software license (especially one requiring
    an actual piece of hardware, the dongle, "a license key") will fall
    under the same jurisdiction and laws as the sale of any other used
    goods. Suffice to say that the actual transfer of ownership of the
    license will be handled in such a manner that the license will be
    legally, fully appropriately and completely validly by law belong to
    the new owner (i.e. the potential buyer)

    Please contact me by e-mail if interested. However, if you wish to buy
    pirated software, cracks etc., DO NOT CONTACT ME. I will report any
    such solicitations to the authorities and MindCTI themselves (as I
    have in the past, if it has pertained to them.)

    Any interest in support services for MindCTI products is also
    welcomed, as I can refer them to the appropriate professionals who do
    work with MindCTI clients in the U.S. and internationally. I
    personally am not affiliated with MindCTI and I do not offer
    consulting services nor support for any of their products. I will just
    simply act as the contact person between the license owners and any
    potential buyers.

    Best regards,

    Jussi Korkala <>
    Jussi P. Korkala, Jun 8, 2004
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  2. Jussi P. Korkala

    D. Jones Guest

    It depends what you have to bill for, CTI is a monster program. We mainly
    need reporting on imported CDR's (wholesale operations) and end-user
    invoicing, and use WireBill and its SQL/Crystal reports for those.

    Earl Reibel
    Net Consulting Assoc.
    D. Jones, Jul 7, 2004
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