migrating OE AddressBook with Sub-Folders ?

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by frankg, Oct 22, 2004.

  1. frankg

    frankg Guest

    Seems that it's not possible - anyone know of a workaround they can outline
    or a little program dedicated to the task ?

    I have an OE AddressBook on my old hard drive running Win98 (fat file
    system) - and I want it on my new Hard drive running XP (ntfs file system).
    The usual Import or Export function just brings the whole dang thing in - a
    list of 700 names instead of maintaining all the sub-folders.

    From the drive with XP, I can see and navigate the old drive, but not the
    other way around.

    The books are different too - in Win98 its called a .wab file and in XP it's
    an .exe file
    frankg, Oct 22, 2004
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  2. frankg

    Toolman Tim Guest

    | Seems that it's not possible - anyone know of a workaround they can
    In XP it's still a .wab file - Windows Address Book. The .exe is the actual
    executable program, not the data file. You will find it in a different
    location in XP than in Win98...the typical location is C:\Documents and
    Settings\(your_user_name_here)\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book.
    Since Application Data is a hidden folder, you will probably need to turn on
    the option to view hidden files. (I always do anyway - and I set Windows to
    always show file extensions too.)

    As for your import/export problem, try copying the WAB file from the Win98
    computer to your XP computer, then opening it. It may (if your W98 version
    is up-to-date) retain the folder structure for you.
    Toolman Tim, Oct 22, 2004
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