Microsoft Too Cheap to Issue Paper Certs For Our Training, Speak O

Discussion in 'MCSA' started by pstallone, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. pstallone

    pstallone Guest

    The following is a copy of an email I submitted to the Cert Center at
    , I urge you to send your own email and let them know
    what you think:

    Dear sirs:

    In reference to why Microsoft does not provide paper certificates, quoting
    from your website:

    Q. I just became certified, why do I have to spend more time and money to
    print my certificate?

    A. To help reduce waste in the landfills, reduce carbon dioxide emissions
    and raw materials, along with lower energy consumption overall helps create a
    more sustainable global environment.

    Has Microsoft become so cheap that certificates for exams are not being
    issued on paper? You claim that it’s “to reduce waste in the landfills,
    reduce carbon dioxide emissions and raw materials, lower energy consumption
    overall to help create a more sustainable global environment.†Frankly, that
    is a load of crap. Who is going to send their certificate to a landfill? I
    toss more paper from junk mail every DAY than all the certificates I will
    ever possess.

    You couldn’t even make the downloadable certificate include the name of the
    exam passed, or the date it was taken?

    I note that “being green†isn’t worth more than $9.95 to you, a person can
    order a paper certificate for that amount. I’ll buy paper and print my own.

    How dare you deprive students who have worked very hard studying to become
    proficient in Microsoft technologies, which furthers your product penetration
    and therefore increases your profits, from the certificates we deserve. How
    cheap you are to not only deprive us of a certificate we have earned, only to
    provide us with a very generic-looking downloadable certificate, while
    insulting us with the bogus reason of “being greenâ€.


    Peter M. Stallone, CCNA, MCP
    pstallone, Jan 20, 2010
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