Microsoft to "retire" Windows XP in April 2014

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Donchano, Jul 12, 2012.

  1. Donchano

    Donchano Guest
    Microsoft announce retirement date for Windows XP

    By Pat Pilcher

    Microsoft has today unveiled a planned retirement date for one of its
    most successful products, Windows XP.

    The news was delivered by Microsoft chief operating officer Kevin
    Turner today at the Microsoft World Partner conference in Toronto.
    Amongst the many statistics he quoted around Microsoft's market share
    and comparisons with competitors' products (including a hilarious
    video of Apples iPhone Siri telling the audience of 16,000 attendees
    when asked "what is the best smartphone" that the best choice was the
    Nokia Lumina 800), Turner announced that April 8 2014 will not only be
    the 15th anniversary of windows XP , but it'll also be when "it'll be
    put to sleep".

    With over 400 million copies in use as of January 2006, XP was
    eventually succeeded by Windows Vista in 2007, making XP one of
    Microsoft's most successful versions of Windows ever. Windows XP
    still has a massive installed base in the notoriously conservative
    corporate sector, which also means there's some seriously big money up
    for grabs once Microsoft cease supplying XT security updates, and
    corporates are forced to remove it from their desktops and notebook

    It is also likely that Turner's announcement could see a flurry of
    competition from both the Linux camp and Apple. Both are likely to
    see the retirement of XP as a possible entry opportunity for their
    respective platforms into the lucrative enterprise market. Adding
    further spice into an already hot equation, Google's Chrome OS could
    also be sufficiently mature to enter the fray, even if at present it
    is still a rank outsider. Google do have a powerful story to tell
    around Google mail, Google apps and other cloud applications for
    investment wary enterprises, and 2014 is still at least 18 months away
    in the rapidly moving tech sector.

    This hasn't exactly escaped the attention of Microsoft either, with
    Turner saying that the fastest way to Windows 8 will be via Windows 7.
    Turner went on to cite one last push on Windows 7 as a US$12 billion
    plus opportunity for Microsoft. Either way, Windows 8 global launch
    is likely to be a bigger than huge deal, and it is probable that
    Microsoft will kick off a massive advertising campaign around Windows
    8 October launch time to build awareness of Windows 8, which should in
    theory span smartphones and tablets as well as PCs and other devices
    such as Microsoft's newly minted Surface slate computer.

    Turner didn't mince his words when it came to Apple either, showing a
    quote that said Apple's upcoming Mountain Lion OS " not the
    future but is a patched up genetic experiment anchored in Apple's past
    and present successes". Turner also discussed the irony of Apple's
    apparent fear of change and how similar Apple has become to the
    Microsoft of the past. Equally biting, he said that Apple has got it
    wrong talking about the post PC era. Turner instead talked up what he
    called "PC plus", saying that content creation and consumption can
    easily be done on the same platform, as Windows 8 will easily span

    Last but by no means least, Turner announced that Microsoft are
    building more self branded stores in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
    Whilst he made no mention of any non US store locations Turner did say
    that pop up stores were likely to happen around the Windows 8 launch.

    Here's hoping we see some in New Zealand.
    Donchano, Jul 12, 2012
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  2. Donchano

    Enkidu Guest

    Did they say that they were going to stop supplying patches or is that
    mere FUD from the writer of the piece?


    Enkidu, Jul 13, 2012
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  3. Donchano

    Enkidu Guest

    I asked if that really meant that security updates would stop. The
    answer is here:

    The answer is yes. They stopped selling it some time ago.


    Enkidu, Jul 13, 2012
  4. Donchano

    David Empson Guest

    "today unveiled"? Microsoft has had a date of 8 April 2014 listed on
    their Windows support lifecycle page as the end date for "extended
    support" of Windows XP for some time.

    I suppose they just didn't mention it anywhere public enough for the
    press to get wind of it until now.

    I expect it has said that since XP ended mainstream support in April
    2009, but haven't found a cache of the page to confirm.

    Wikipedia has statements which imply the April 2014 date was already
    known at least as far back as July 2010, and Microsoft publically
    mentioned it again in April 2012.
    David Empson, Jul 13, 2012
  5. Donchano

    Donchano Guest

    Actually, MS announced the end of MAINSTREAM support in 2009. I agree
    that this is hardly news and that the reporter was so lazy that I
    suspect she's simply regurgitating the usual MS bullshit. For example,
    she mentioned that XP was one of Windows' most successful OSs without
    adding that the POS known as Vista was a one of the least.

    However, I look on this as more as a reminder that MS will "retire
    EXTENDED support" for XP in around 20 months.

    Precise wording: Microsoft "will retire support for SP3 (released
    April 2008) two years after SP4 is released, or in April 2014,
    whichever comes first. ".
    Donchano, Jul 13, 2012
  6. Donchano

    Mike Dee Guest

    Donchano wrote:
    What I find perplexing/disturbing is the phrase used by Pat Pilcher in
    your OP: "...but it'll also be when "it'll be put to sleep".".

    Is this hinting that XP itself will somehow cease to run on a desktop
    after this so called support cut-off time?
    Mike Dee, Jul 13, 2012
  7. Donchano

    David Empson Guest

    It was an odd choice of phrase, but no, XP won't stop running.

    Past evidence: earlier versions of Windows still work, years to decades
    after Microsoft stopped updating them. Judging from web usage stats,
    there are still a moderate number of people running Windows 98, ME and
    2000 and using them to access the Internet, despite that being a rather
    risky prospect. Windows 95 also shows up from time to time.

    From April 2014, Microsoft will stop releasing new security updates for
    XP. That makes it increasingly risky to have the computer connected to
    the Internet in particular, but even having it networked to other
    computers will be risky. It will be essential to use anti-virus software
    and keep it up to date.

    The other factor is ongoing support for XP in new software, both from
    Microsoft and third party developers. There is already some software
    which requires a Windows version later than XP, and that process will
    accelerate, particularly after April 2014, but it won't be a clean
    cut-off. This will make it increasingly difficult to find new software
    that will run on XP, limiting you to using older versions (which also
    increases security risks, as you may not be able to install a new
    version of an application which fixes known security problems).
    David Empson, Jul 13, 2012
  8. Donchano

    David Empson Guest

    I said that, in my second to last paragraph.

    I'm curious whether the April 2014 date for ending extended support was
    documented in April 2009, or if it has changed after that point.
    (Pat Pilcher is a he, not a she.)
    That's probably what Microsoft intended, but it isn't clear from the

    I'll be interested to see if they actually go through with it this time.
    XP's support lifetime has already been stetched due to the Vista fiasco.

    At present, XP is still the most common version of Windows in most web
    stats, though Win7 will probably overtake XP this month or next.

    In figures from, XP has dropped from about 74%
    to 63% to 53% to 43% in Net Marketshare figures for April 2009, 2010,
    2011 and 2012; if that progression is linear it would be down to about
    23% by April 2014.

    (The corresponding figures for XP's share of all Windows versions are
    80%, 69%, 60% and 50%.)

    If XP is still being used for something in the order of 20% of all web
    accesses in April 2014, and probably more like 30% of all Windows
    systems in use, would Microsoft relent and stretch the extended support
    window further?
    That appears to be a modified form of the general statement Microsoft
    uses to explain how long they support a particular service pack. e.g.
    from my link above, next to SP3:

    "Support ends 24 months after the next service pack releases or at the
    end of the product's support lifecycle, whichever comes first. For more
    information, please see the service pack policy at ."

    The April 2014 date in your version of the statement comes from the
    documented date for ending extended support of XP as a whole (with the
    final service pack installed). MS's policy is to support each service
    pack for two years after the next one is released, e.g. XP with SP2 got
    security updates for a little over two years after the release of SP3.
    Beyond that you had to install SP3 to get security updates.

    MS could still change their mind and extend the end date for extended
    support of XP. They could even release an SP4. If they did both, then
    SP3 would still be supported for security updates until the new end date
    for XP extended support, or two years after the release of SP4,
    whichever came first.
    David Empson, Jul 13, 2012
  9. Donchano

    Ralph Fox Guest

    The press got wind of it back in 2007.

    From an an article in 2007

    | This morning, Microsoft extended Windows XP Home and Windows XP
    | Media Center Edition to match the Pro version. It's a good move.
    | Under the revised life-cycle guidelines, Windows XP Home and Media
    | Center support will end on the second Tuesday in April 2009, and
    | extended support will end five years later. The latter five years
    | is significant. Microsoft doesn't typically offer extended support
    | for consumer products.

    -- reference:

    From a discussion thread in 2007

    | Windows XP Home Edition
    | Generally Availability Date: 12/31/2001
    | Mainstream Support Retired: 4/14/2009
    | Extended Support Retired: 4/8/2014
    | Go here:
    | And read up on 'Extended support' --> which means you will still be getting
    | security updates at no charge. Which only makes sense and was really no
    | extra effort - since they will be providing the same for the business-class
    | Windows XP Professional - and most patches that apply to Windows XP
    | Professional apply to Windows XP Home Edition.

    -- reference:
    Ralph Fox, Jul 13, 2012
  10. Donchano

    David Empson Guest

    Thanks. That shows how poorly researched the Herald article was.
    "Microsoft has today unveilved...". Yeah, right.
    David Empson, Jul 13, 2012
  11. Bruce Sinclair, Jul 16, 2012
  12. Donchano

    Geopelia Guest

    I started with Windows ME. I think XP which I have now is a great

    Will they bring something else out to change to, or will we just have to
    choose from what is available now?
    But what is most foolproof?

    Fortunately we have over a year to decide.
    I expect the computer man will know when the time gets near.
    Geopelia, Aug 1, 2012
  13. You are reading it all Wrong.

    XP will be running Till year 200,000,000

    It has not gone out at all, just make sure you get all the Updates and
    SPxxx ie SP4 when it comes our..
    Frank Williams, Aug 1, 2012
  14. Donchano

    Enkidu Guest

    You don't have to upgrade, Geo. Like "Frank Williams" says, it will
    never stop working and the serious security holes will be filled by the
    time the updates stop coming. If you get a new computer, it will likely
    come with a later version of Windows.


    Enkidu, Aug 1, 2012
  15. MS will tell you you need to upgrade all the time. This is because their
    cookie jar gets empty every couple of years, and not because you do. Stick
    with what works. There's no compelling rason to switch from XP from what
    I've seen. :)
    But what the computer guy wants to work on is a pretty good reason too. :)
    Bruce Sinclair, Aug 2, 2012
  16. Donchano

    Gordon Guest

    Small point, once 8 is out, 7 will not be able to be purchased, so you get
    Gordon, Aug 2, 2012

  17. 8 is 100% Rubbish go on the Internet and read the News.

    Plus high system requirements, so how is it going to work on a 10 year
    old PC.

    Please think before you post again..
    Frank Williams, Aug 2, 2012
  18. Donchano

    Enkidu Guest

    Roger, I remember you rubbishing XP when it came out, and Vista, and
    Windows 7. Though you may be correct about Windows 8.


    Enkidu, Aug 2, 2012
  19. Donchano

    Enkidu Guest

    They have never done that before.


    Enkidu, Aug 4, 2012
  20. Donchano

    Geopelia Guest

    I expect Trend Micro will go on stopping the viruses etc.
    (Don't everybody tell me I should have something else!)

    I'd like to keep XP now I've got used to it.
    They say there will be some upgrade to 8 for people with XP.

    Why change something that works so well?

    It's like all these fancy mobile phones. If we ever get one I probably won't
    use it except when I have to leave Hubby for shopping. I certainly wouldn't
    keep answering it like some people seem to do. Often we don't even bother
    answering the landline phone. And I'm not going to learn text language.
    Some fool always phones about 6pm and has gone whenever we pick it up, so we
    don't answer around that time. If it's anyone we know they will phone again,
    or email us.

    And what is wrong with Yahoo? They used to send a daily digest from a pigeon
    group. That hasn't been around the last few days.
    Geopelia, Aug 4, 2012
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