Microsoft probes Windows code leak

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Steve H., Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Steve H.

    Steve H. Guest

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  2. Steve H.

    Jim Watt Guest

    "The more (that) creators of viruses know about how antivirus
    mechanisms in Windows operating systems work, the easier it will be to
    create viruses or disable or destroy those mechanisms," Allchin
    testified during a May 2002 antitrust trial.

    What anti-virus features ?
    Jim Watt, Feb 13, 2004
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  3. Steve H.

    Jon Leirdal Guest

    Any executable file signed with the official M$ virus signature
    is denied access to run unless the user accepts the plugin
    installation in IE. :)

    Jon Leirdal, Feb 13, 2004
  4. Steve H.

    wrnewcombe3 Guest

    The code dates from circa 2000 and is not the full source. Since then
    MS have said that they've performed a code audit as part of their
    trustworthy computing initiative - guess it will be interesting to see
    if they've missed much...
    wrnewcombe3, Feb 13, 2004
  5. Steve H.

    Mick Guest

    Latest news on this here
    Mick, Feb 13, 2004
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