Microsoft Owes 64 Bit users a Spell Checker

Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Ted, Aug 9, 2005.

  1. Ted

    Guest Guest

    microsoft doesnt *owe* you anything and you dont *have* to purchase anything.
    i downloaded open office in about 15 minutes...

    who promised you *smooth migration*? everywhere i read anything x64 there
    was a disclaimer telling you to verify drivers, hardware, software before
    swithing over. incidentally, my notebook works like a charm.
    Guest, Aug 9, 2005
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  2. Ted

    DKI Guest


    Why Reading what has been Said it is from what i can see that you did not do
    your research throughly enough into Windows XP Professional X64 and from my
    point of view it looks like you looked into a few features like the ability
    to run 32bit code and also assumed all would work as it should.

    There were early betas that you could of tested out but as you said in other
    posts you don't like testing betas but like the news groups you could of
    easly looked on here for any issues with X64 as part of your research and
    looked on other site forums like

    There was a downloadable trial of the final version and fully working (with
    a time bomb) that you could of easly tested your software on by dual booting
    to see if you liked it or not so you don't waist your money. that was the
    point of the trial and it is not a beta version.

    Microsoft staff members and others have stated many times to check for
    compatability and there was no promise of a smooth migration from XP Pro to

    This is some advice look more throughly with more research into things and
    let this be a lesson not to jump straigt into assuming things.
    DKI, Aug 9, 2005
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  3. Ted

    Ted Guest

    I am not so stupid to dual boot, I use Mobile racks.
    I can teach twenty guys like you.
    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  4. Ted

    Ted Guest

    add him to your twit filter

    Here comes the twity guy.
    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  5. Ted

    Ted Guest

    my notebook works like a charm.

    My computers run better than a charm.
    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  6. But that would require that he actually do research and take responsibility
    for his own actions, neither of which is likely to happen.
    Charlie Russel - MVP, Aug 9, 2005
  7. Ted

    NoNoBadDog! Guest

    ....what, how to be an idiot like you? Pass....

    NoNoBadDog!, Aug 9, 2005
  8. Ted

    Ted Guest

    I didn't say anything about hardware.
    But if the transition from 32 to 64 is not smooth, then
    the OS is a looser.
    I don't care a less about the $156.
    I am not going and get forced and spend $2000 on my
    six computers in the future to purchase Office so I write
    few letters, get a spell checker, and be able to read excel
    or a document once in a great while.

    I downloaded Openoffice few years ago, and it corrupted
    my computer.
    Maybe World Perfect would be a better alternative.
    I still think that MS spell checker is the most powerful
    spell checker, why should I spend that much money to get
    a spell checker.
    Why doesn't MS sells it as an add-on ? That is not much to ask.
    I don't save any of my documents in .doc, I save
    them all in .rtf.
    Excel for some is a great tool, for me its nothing
    but a piece of worthless unreliable junk.

    Why the dummies at Richmond have to confuse users,
    use the System32 for 64 bit, and make a Syswow64
    the 32 bit system folder ?
    Why didn't they mark the 64 bit DLLs with 64 ?
    example: User64.dll
    Why didn't they keep the System32 for 32 bit DLLs
    and made a System64 for 64 bit DLLs ?
    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  9. Ted

    DKI Guest

    XP X64 works well and i had better luck with the majority of 32bit apps and
    games and they seemed smoother and some were faster. None of the Apps Limp.

    MS never promised applictaions with full functional features only that the
    32bit apps would work at near full speed even if they were featureless or
    not. The only applictaions that failed to work are the ones that require
    drivers (Splinter Cell Chaos Theory with starforce) or have 16bit installers
    or 16bit code.

    Remember that this is a brandnew OS and not many companies support it fully
    only drivers are most commen for this OS and there are few 64bit apps to
    give the features to outlook express like the spell checker but if i can't
    spell a word i cut and paste it into word and spell check it. untill more
    people support it its a risk to move to a better OS with some limitations
    but i am one that finds so far its been worth it since i lost very few
    features like the spell checker for OE but i use outlook for email so it
    ain't bothering me.

    As far as i am concerned MS did what they set out to do and do a good job
    of X64 and not lied to anyone. The 32bit applications work as promised and
    features was not promised to work only the main app would and if features
    worked thats fine if not thats tough not luck not been promised and speed is
    fast and the OS is more smoother running.
    DKI, Aug 9, 2005
  10. Ted

    Ted Guest

    I am not posting my message because I am sorry that I spent
    $156, the $156 is no worry at all.
    I will probably be using it to check things out, but I will not use
    it to replace the 32 bit version.
    What I am saying is the OS is very disappointing that 32 bit
    applications don't run fully as promised, and I am disappointed
    that I have to put the 64 bit XP on the side and not use it for
    about four years, by then Vista will be out.
    It is very disappointing that 32 Bit applications run in a limping mode,
    rather than fully operational.
    There was no reason to make the System32 folder so wholly, that it
    can't be accessed by 32 bit applications.
    Re-direction and blocking 32 bit applications is a dirty trick,
    fooling the user, and unnecessary.

    I hope MS will rethink their tactics and correct it in Vista.
    Billions were spent on 32 bit applications, a smooth transition
    is not much to ask.
    I expect that Microsoft respect their customers, and make a better
    operating system.
    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  11. Ted;
    With what you seem to want, there are a few things to keep in mind before
    you acquire any new operating system.
    1. Research in advance paying particular attention to your necessary
    software and hardware.
    Only the manufacturers and not Microsoft can guarantee any level of
    Microsoft or any other OS manufacturer can attempt backwards compatibility,
    but it can not ever be 100% and no one other than possibly you would expect
    2. Do not install a new operating system in the first year or two after
    This allows the hardware and software manufacturers time to update drivers
    and patches as they determine necessary. What the manufacturers decide not
    to support will help you determine if or when you should upgrade.
    3. Never upgrade, buy an OEM computer preconfigured to suit your needs, you
    are guaranteed compatibility by the manufacturer with all installed
    Perhaps you should have taken this route, you still can.
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Aug 9, 2005
  12. Ted

    Ted Guest

    ...what, how to be an idiot like you? Pass....

    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  13. Ted

    DKI Guest

    I think now i have to start to agree with that statment.
    DKI, Aug 9, 2005
  14. Ted

    DKI Guest

    Ted some people have offered you help and tried to give the right advice and
    have stated a fact. The issues you talked of have been talked about in this
    news group many times and simply searching or researching is a good idea
    before buying.

    Saying MS should of done better and they should of been fired or there
    customers are dummies is out of line and would not get you any help from
    anyone even if you failed to get the right information on what works or not
    which you can't blame on MS or anyone but yourself.

    Jupiter Jones has given some good advice on what to look at for future
    referance to any operating system.

    Please be more courtisy to others and if some ain't don't respond and cause
    more hassle
    DKI, Aug 9, 2005
  15. Ted

    Ted Guest

    I think the opposite of what you think, Microsoft
    could have done better.
    Microsoft software engineers should have been fired
    long time ago.
    Unfortunately to Microsoft, customers are nothing but a bunch of dummies.
    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  16. Ted

    DKI Guest

    To Clarify
    Since Outlook Express is 64bit and not 32bit which is why Spell Check does
    not work untill a 64bit spellcheck from a third party or microsoft is
    avilable and searching the net is the best place to start looking for one
    from a third party vendor.
    By Limping what you mean running very slow and not near full speed the same
    speed at which they ran at on XP 32bit.
    And Apps that don't work you need to contact the manufucture of the software
    to see if there is an update or if they plan to update to support X64.
    DKI, Aug 9, 2005
  17. I am much more ahead of the game as you think.

    I'm split.

    On one hand, you ask semi-valid questions, but on the other, if you're as
    "ahead of the game" as you claim, then you should be able to answer those
    questions yourself (and realize that the answer to most so far is simply
    "well, duh").

    You just don't get it, and your persistence in this newsgroup serves only to
    re-inforce the perception that you're simply out on your own little crusade.
    You're the overpriced Dilbert consultant who may be able to blind his
    customer (or, more likely, his 84-year old neighbor) with his technical
    prowess, but ultimately it's *very* obvious you still have very little clue.

    PS - The number of machines you own does not impress anyone nor does it
    further any argument you think you might have. The only thing missing after
    your "I've got 4 Win98 CDs" is "l00k @ m3, im teh l33t!!1!STFU n00b!!"
    Homer J. Simpson, Aug 9, 2005
  18. Ted

    Ted Guest

    Like I mentioned, the $156 is no worry for me at all.
    I was very much expecting finding hardware drivers would be
    a problem.
    I built my 64 bit computer with no problems at all with the
    installation or hardware. Except one modem, I was mislead
    by USR pre-sales support.
    The installation of software and hardware went flawless.

    I am just very disappointed that many 32 bit applications don't
    run as promised or expected.
    I was hoping the MS would have put more energy in making
    most 32 bit applications run as they were in a 32 bit OS.
    That would make the transition to 64 bit much less costly,
    and smoothly.
    If they did, then anybody can use the 64 bit OS, and upgrade
    their to 64 bit software as time goes.
    Unfortunately this can't be done. 64 bit OS is going to limp
    its way up.
    I am very disappointed that I discontinued the use of 64
    bit XP, and I had to set it aside because some 32 applications
    don't run. And mainly the spell check in Outlook doesn't

    I have more then 6 hard drives in mobile racks, that has OSs installed
    in them from Win 95 and NT to present.
    I have every operating system MS released from 1993, except
    Windows 2003 which solely made for very large businesses.
    I have two laptops and 5 computers.
    5 have Win XP legitimately installed in them, the other two has
    Win 98 and Win 98 SE.
    I have 4 Win 98 CDs, and I have Win Me which I never used.
    I upgrade my computers every three years.
    I am much more ahead of the game as you think.
    I am very disappointed that I will be running 32 bit operating
    systems for at least another four or six years. I wished
    I could be running 64 Bit instead, if MS made more effort
    to make 32 applications to run as they where in a 32 bit
    Ted, Aug 9, 2005
  19. Ted

    DKI Guest

    Have you contacted the manufuctures of the software for Casper XP and the
    manufucture for the app that has the context menus for an update that is
    compatable with X64 to see if they intend to provide an update.

    Since no matter how much microsoft try they can't make it work for you only
    the software manufuctures can.
    DKI, Aug 9, 2005
  20. Ted

    DKI Guest

    The system 32 directory is where all the 64bit software access lies and the
    syswow64 is where all the 32bit software access lies.

    What app is it that you need the context menu for.
    DKI, Aug 10, 2005
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