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    Join MB5-858 test. Select the correct answer is the crux of to pass the examination. how to do it, you must understand the elements of MB5-858 before you pass the MB5-858 Certification. Unless you know the answer ,it was also cheat in the examination. We should also take account of difficulties. Study MB5-858 questions before to go into the examination room. Successful get MB5-858 certification. Reference two question such as Ex1&Ex2:
    1.You are planning a project and find that stakeholders often have varying objectives and requirements.This makes it difficult for you to summarize a plan in a way that all objectives will be identified or known inadvance. Your customer communicates that they expect their business priorities to change. You are certainthat this will be a single site implementation requiring specific features and complex customizations. Whichimplementation approach is suitable for the project?
    A. Standard Project Type
    B. Agile Project Project Type
    C. Enterprise Project Type
    D. Rapid Project Project Type
    Answer: B
    2.You are about to roll-out a new Microsoft Dynamics implementation with no customizations and verylimited data migration. Which activities should you plan for in the Deployment phase? Choose the 2 thatapply.
    A. Conduct User Training
    B. Finalize Configuration/Setup
    C. Transition to Support
    D. Go-live
    Answer: A D
    3.You selected the Standard Project Type as the most appropriate approach for successful implementation.
    Your team is engaged in the Analysis phase and they finished gathering the business requirements after conducting the Detailed Business Process Analysis. Which activity should the team perform next?
    A. Identify and document gaps between the business solution and the customer requirements based on a Fit Gap Analysis.
    B. Begin System Configuration and ISV Solution Setup.
    C. Educate the Customer's Core Implementation team by means of a Solution Overview training.
    D. Start making technical and functional designs in the correct Sure Step Design documents.
    Answer: A
    4. Your customer wants to ensure their business software does not contain undocumented code. What can you do to ensure your team will not deliver undocumented code?
    A. Explain that this demand complies with your company's strategy, and state that developers must produce
    documented code that is easily read and understood.
    B. Invite your customer to work with your development team to create code development standards.
    C. Share requirements and design documents from previous projects to demonstrate that documentation is a priority in your company.
    D. List this demand as a formal project requirement.
    Answer: B
    nowexam, Jul 16, 2010
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