Microsoft, Cisco, Comptia, Oracle, Solaris -(Pay after check result) 100% Exam Pass Guaranteed

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by vinay, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. vinay

    vinay Guest

    We own several test centres worldwide and are able to offer you this
    fantastic service.
    If you would like a 100% guaranteed pass, then please read on

    We are able to offer a guaranteed pass for the following: Microsoft,
    Cisco, Comptia, Oracle, Solaris.
    Please send a request for any test that you require and these will be
    sat on your behalf at one of our officially approved testing centres.
    All of the following prices include exam fees and a small
    administration charge for the service.
    Any Microsoft Exam - $300
    Full MCSE - $1700
    CCNA Exan - $600
    CCNP Exam - $700
    As mentioned previously this is the TOTAL amount including exam fees
    with no hidden extras.
    NO payment will be required before getting exam results, so please do
    not worry. This is a genuine offer.

    We will sit the exams for you and then send login details for the
    official secure testing site.
    After confirmation of pass results you will be required to make payment
    via the Western Union website.
    This offer is open to anyone worldwide. Our friends from the USA and
    UK are always welcome!!

    If you are interested in this incredible offer we will need the
    following details in advance.
    1. Candidates full name
    2. Full postal address including country.
    3. A scanned image of either a current valid passport or driving
    4. Landline or cell phone number
    5. Correct exam numbers and names of exams required.

    The current turnaround for exams is around 1 week. Usually a little
    If any further questions need to be answered then please feel free to
    contact me on either of the following:

    You may also use the messenger chat facility if preferred.
    vinay, Apr 14, 2006
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  2. vinay

    Cerebrus Guest

    these will be sat on your behalf at one of our officially approved testing centres...

    Hmmm... It's a wonder this guy is offering something so illegal (or
    isn't it ?), so brashly and openly ! And "officially approved" mean
    approved by which office !!??

    Might as well ask someone to fill up a registration form before robbin
    a bank ! This guy has some cheek !

    Cerebrus, Apr 15, 2006
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  3. vinay

    Neil Guest

    very illegal, but not surprising after you've been here a while
    we have names for these people
    Neil, Apr 15, 2006
  4. **Cerebrus's** the one who fcukin said it
    There have been so many reports sent in about this guy. He really isn't
    offering anything...except a stolen identity. There is no possible way this
    guy could own testing centers worldwide and be able to pass 100% of his
    students. MS, Cisco, and the many other exams he purports to test for have
    certainly got to keep stats on stuff like that.

    There has *got* to be a worldwide average of passing students through any
    given testing center. Now, if this guy was passing 100% of his students,
    that right there should throw up a red flag.

    Anyways...fiancé is calling....
    Bigus Di©kus, Apr 15, 2006
  5. vinay

    Cerebrus Guest

    Bigus Di©kus wrote :

    My regards to her...

    Cerebrus, Apr 15, 2006
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