Microsoft Certified Partnership / Gold Partnership Question

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by blastingfonda, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. This is a question for IT managers out there who work for a Microsoft
    Certified Partner or Gold Partner. According to MS's site, you get 25
    internal use licenses for your company and 25 demonstration licenses
    once you obtain the status of Certified Partner, and if you reach Gold
    status you get 100 internal use licenses and unlimited demo licenses
    for your company.

    What are these demo licenses? Are they time-trialed versions of
    software? Will they expire in a period of time? Can you not download
    updates? Are they crippled in any way or different than any other

    According to the language of MS's site:

    "Demonstration Software: These licenses may be used by Certified and
    Gold Certified Partners to run their businesses and for demonstration
    purposes only. These licenses must not be resold, used for personal
    use, or used for customer training. Licenses are provided for the
    latest released versions of Microsoft software only. "

    What constitutes a demonstration purpose and how on earth would
    Microsoft tell if I were to take those demo licenses (assuming they
    aren't time trialed or anything) and use them for full produciton?

    I'm not eager to just blatantly violate the Microsoft Certified
    Partner agreement but the wording on the site is vague and I can think
    of a ton of things I could use those licenses for that straddle the
    line between 'demo' and 'production'.

    Thanks in advance,

    blastingfonda, Jul 3, 2007
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  2. I means they are n ot time-trialed and you can use them internally or on a
    laptop you take to someone's business to do a presentation on. You cannot
    sell them you cannot give them away, they can only benifit your company and
    no one else.


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  3. blastingfonda

    catwalker63 Guest

    It doesn't look vague to me. You can't sell them. You can't give them
    away. You can't use them for your own personal stuff. You can't use
    them to train customers to use your stuff. You can only use them in
    demonstrations. That would probably include demonstrations to staff. It
    also says you can use it to run your business so you can use it for
    business "production" but not personal. I think there's probably a more
    convoluted and confusing version of the license agreement that you have
    to agree to before installing the software. It would probably spell
    things out less clearly for you.
    catwalker63, Jul 3, 2007
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