"Microsoft Certification - It's how they know you know"

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by MatrixVic, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. MatrixVic

    MatrixVic Guest

    Dear Microsoft IT Professional:

    Are you, anyone on your staff, or a peer interested in Certification?
    The quote referenced in the subject line above is from a page on
    Microsoft's Learning Website.

    Additionally, the same Microsoft website, when discussing their 2006
    focus on certifications, goes on to state.

    "Microsoft certifications represent a rich and varied spectrum of job
    roles and responsibilities. And earning a specific credential provides
    objective validation of the ability to successfully perform critical IT
    functions. Embraced by industry professionals worldwide, Microsoft
    certification remains one of the most effective ways to reach long-term
    career goals, and is a surefire way for companies to develop and retain
    valuable IT staff"

    We agree - but unlike others - we focus on true training and
    retention of material versus simply "studying to an exam".

    Who are we? We are an innovator in learning science. We offer:

    MCAD & MCSD training "boot camps" and certification exams
    A focus on you and your needs - YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR ONLY FOCUS
    Interactive learning techniques, which are fresh and stimulate your
    mind - versus "PowerPoint jail"
    Custom course ware developed using the latest techniques in learning
    theory & cognitive science - learning the way your brain is designed
    to learn.
    A professional experience - partnering with New Horizon Computer
    Learning Centers to ensure you "state of the art" facilities
    Local training from a company based here in Western NY
    We are MATRIX Learning Solutions and would be honored if your join us.

    Please visit us at http://www.matrixlearningsolutions.com/ to learn
    more. Or, jump directly to our boot camp informational page at

    We look forward to fielding your questions.


    David Wetzel
    Chief Operating Officer
    MATRIX Learning Solutions

    'it's not about us, it's about YOU"
    MatrixVic, Feb 3, 2006
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