Miami vs Houston vs Dallas vs Chicago

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. From

    Air pollution index:

    Chicago: 110

    Dallas: 102

    Houston: 88

    Miami: 49
    Miami Beach: 37
    *Miami Average:43*

    Housing (Home price gain 2-5 years):

    Houston: 6.44% (Lol, it's probably lower than inflation)

    Dallas: 8.08%

    Chicago: 12.16%

    Miami: 19.81%
    Miami Beach: 21.47%
    *Miami Average: 20.64%*

    Also, Museums:

    Houston: 5 (ROTFL)

    Dallas: 9

    Chicago: 17

    Miami Beach: 13
    Miami: 14
    *Miami Total: 27*

    Miami is indeed "Heaven" compared to the above cities.

    Now, who was the one saying that Houston come second only after NYC in terms
    of museums, culture, etc?!?? You meant second after El Paso probably! LOL

    Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 6, 2006
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  2. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    StuGotts Guest

    The number of museums is irrelevant. It's the quality of the art that they
    contain that matters.

    btw: Many knowledgeable folks believe that Fort Worth actually has the best
    art collections in Texas.

    StuGotts, Mar 6, 2006
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  3. Ok, but I also would think that if a city (Miami) has 27 museums and
    attracts every year much more tourists than another (which only has 5
    museums and attracts no tourists), it's easily said that the first one wins
    hands down in culture.
    Texas is close to nothing as far as "culture".
    Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 6, 2006
  4. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    Hank Guest

    Rumor has it that Berlusconi's #1 Fan put forth the following:
    How does one define "museum"? I'm guessing the definition is being used broadly
    in the case of Miami and narrowly in the case of Dallas et al. (Can't speak for

    For example, there's a "Dr. Pepper Bottling Plant" museum, a "Texas Rangers"
    museum, "Sixth Floor Book Depository" museum, a "Texas Air Force" museum, a
    "Museum of Model Railroads" museum, "Age of Steam Railroads" museum, "Dallas
    Firefighter's Museum", etc, that I'm guessing don't make the list, but Miami's
    "Museum of Plastic Pink Flamingo Yard Decorations" museum gets included in the

    Hell, a simple Google search yields this link:

    ....which alone lists about 14 Dallas museums, not to mention Ft Worth's list of
    about 11 museums (from the same site).

    The 25 listed above, moreover, are strictly non-fine art *museums*, not art
    galleries/museums. Using the same site, the list of art galleries in Ft Worth is
    4 (Kimbal, Amon Carter, Modern, Richardson) and Dallas is 6.

    And none of this, furthermore, includes museums and galleries in surrounding
    suburbs of Plano, Irving, Arlington, etc (each with pops in excess of 200,000;
    not exactly tiny little cities devoid of any cultural offerings at all).

    So we add all of these up and I get a total of 35 museums in DFW. Since you seem
    to be judging culture by shear numbers, I guessed the DFW area outshines the
    Miami area, huh?

    Tell that to the folks at the Kimball Art Museum and Amon Carter Museum in Fort
    Worth, as well as the Nasher Sculpture center in Dallas.

    I can't believe I'm defending TX, but c'mon. Try not to make such
    over-generalized blanket statements condemning an entire state, especially a
    state who's main cities are now comprised of people from other states, not
    native Texans.
    Hank, Mar 6, 2006
  5. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    JP Guest

    You're totally right -- I've never liked that source.

    The same is true for Houston too -- it has way more than 5 museums.
    Plus, when its museums are like 10x the size of those in Miami,
    obviously it holds more art. Which is why it ranks #3 in the country in
    terms of fine arts museum space.
    It's these idiots equating Texas with old western movies and rubbish
    stereotypes. Total crap. Houston and Dallas have top-notch culture,
    arts, shopping, etc... and San Antonio and Austin aren't exactly
    backwater towns either. Anyone who knows anything or who bothers to do
    the research from legit sources will find that out.
    JP, Mar 6, 2006
  6. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    JP Guest

    Exactly.... after all, the Louvre is just one museum, but it's the
    JP, Mar 6, 2006
  7. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    JP Guest

    Like I said, Houston has way more than 5 museums (I listed several in
    another post), and those museums are all probably 10x the size of
    Miami's, meaning they hold more art.

    And do you think the NASA Space Center is set up for locals? No, it's
    for tourists. So is much of the Galleria, and downtown Aquarium.
    No tourists? You're a total idiot...
    JP, Mar 6, 2006
  8. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    effi Guest

    museums? we don't need no stinking museums!

    we have home on the range, where the deer and the antelope get run off by
    foreign developers looking to enslave property owners to school districts
    etc. operating at a cost that no real business could ever justify (where
    else could molesting teachers find work???)

    yippee aye oh, cow pattie! jim stafford
    effi, Mar 6, 2006
  9. ROTFL!!!
    Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 6, 2006
  10. I trust much more than your bias word ;-)
    You want to tell me that Houston gets more tourists than Miami?!?!

    Go ahead, make us laugh!

    Never heard one person from Europe traveling to Houston or Texas for that
    matter for leisure...Anybody who has been there agreed on one thing though:
    it sucks! BIG TIME
    Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 6, 2006
  11. Let's cut the bullshit. It's based on the same exact criteria.
    How many tourists does Dallas attract evey year? How many does Miami?
    Let me add Ft. Lauderdale to the math though to be fair. It has the same
    relationship that Dallas has with Fort Worth.

    Ft. Lauderdale: 15

    27+15 = 42

    Miami/Ft.Lauderdale wins hands down
    Never heard of them
    The US is not known around the world for history and culture. Texas seems to
    have much less of it than the average state. That says everything.
    Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 6, 2006
  12. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    eüphemism Guest

    Please note huge cross-posting set in motion by an idiot troll.... You
    score no points here... nothing to see... move along folks...
    eüphemism, Mar 6, 2006
  13. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    Bobby Galvez Guest

    Houston is a major medical center and is a major destination from abroad for
    medical care.

    That counts as "culture."

    Not the stuff that can be done walking down the street in a thong and
    flip-flops, but it is culture.

    Bobby Galvez, Mar 7, 2006
  14. So is University of Miami
    No, it doesn't.
    Culture is art and history. Texas has none.
    Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 7, 2006
  15. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    Bobby Galvez Guest


    University of Texas has produced more Rhodes scholars than University of Miami.

    That's culture.

    Bobby Galvez, Mar 7, 2006
  16. Lol, UT-Austin is my Alma Mater. I don't doubt it! ;-)

    But University of Texas doesn't have a medical school as prominent as U of

    And the whole thing started as Houston vs Miami.
    Berlusconi's #1 Fan, Mar 7, 2006
  17. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    StuGotts Guest

    But the MD Anderson Medical Center... in Houston, and...
    the Baylor College of Medicine, where Michael Debakey practices... also in
    are even more prestigious than UM's.

    Jeez... I thought it started with Miami vs Chicago.

    Stu - also a UT grad ;-)
    StuGotts, Mar 7, 2006
  18. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    Bobby Galvez Guest

    I don't much care where it started.

    This is where you brought it:

    "Culture is art and history. Texas has none."

    I went from there.

    I understood what you were saying. That's culture.


    Bobby Galvez, Mar 7, 2006
  19. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    Ron Hunter Guest

    You should check out such factors as crime rates, before you get too
    enthusiastic about Miami. BTW, anyone who thinks Houston has a lower
    pollution rate than Dallas hasn't lived near either!
    Ron Hunter, Mar 7, 2006
  20. Berlusconi's #1 Fan

    Ron Hunter Guest

    Qualitywise, yes, but it is not as extensive as that in Houston. Note
    that counting the number of museums is rather stupid unless one compares
    the SIZE of the collections at each.
    Ron Hunter, Mar 7, 2006
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