Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by Robert Baer, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    For some of my hard drives,when i copy then using GhostPE 2000, i get
    an error message "Could not read used MFT record".
    What exactly does that mean and how can i fix it?
    Yes, it also says to use CHKDSK - but that finds no problems and does
    not fix it.
    Any clues?
    Robert Baer, Feb 8, 2013
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  2. Robert Baer

    TeeJay1952 Guest

    TeeJay1952, Feb 9, 2013
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  3. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Robert Baer, Feb 11, 2013
  4. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    DAMN good thing i made a COPY / clone and used that for trial.
    The "RegistryBooster.exe" will not work, requires Windows NT, and who
    the (@#&$%##*$!#*%#$ uses _that_??
    The "PCHealthBoost.exe" presumedly did not run, as "could not find
    mscoree.dll" in its own folder.
    Add/Remove in the control panel did NOT list the program.
    However, _hidden_, there was an uninstall which worked.
    It royally screwed icons on the desktop, and i have not the foggiest
    idea as to what other damage it caused.
    Am treating the drive contents as trash and am going to use DOD
    diskwipe before i use it again.

    So much for "help".
    Robert Baer, Feb 11, 2013
  5. Robert Baer

    TeeJay1952 Guest

    So sorry for your continued problems. I just pointed to the Google
    search term results. It was like asking the Pharmacist what is good for
    a cold and he points to the Cold Remedy section. The majority of what we
    do in the "Computer Science" world is trial and error. Don't be
    frustrated. I have fought missing dlls and registry problems in the
    past. I have found both satisfaction and frustration. It is a puzzle and
    knowledge is the reward.

    Good Luck
    Tee Jay
    TeeJay1952, Feb 11, 2013
  6. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    Check..Alice in Wonderland running up the hill and getting nowhere.
    Now found that the hard drive now is so bad that the computer freezes
    at BIOS scan - computer freezes so badly that i have to do a power off
    This is SHIT!!!!!!
    A program that ROYALLY f*cks a drive!
    Different HD:
    When i installed Win7, I purposely left some space on the HD for
    another formatted partition for my customized data.
    Ain't Win7 wonderful? It refused to let me format or assign a drive
    letter to it.
    A number of the (page-worth) errors that Partinfo.exe (from Partition
    Magic) listed were of the type CHS location did not agree with LBA
    location; DriveCopy fixed them.
    But DriveCopy refuses to run it, tags it as BAD.
    But Win7 blithely runs with no burps and it is impossible (naturally)
    to run CHKSDK /F.
    Not Administrator, was impossible to initialize Win7 in that mode,
    and (naturally) impossible to get into or use administrator mode.
    Ain't Win7 wonderful?
    Robert Baer, Feb 11, 2013
  7. Robert Baer

    Paul Guest

    A complaint about MSCOREE means you need some version of .NET installed.

    As for things like RegistryBooster.exe and PCHealthBoost.exe, these are
    meant to harm users, not help them.

    Not everything returned in a Google search, is the honest goods. From
    an odds perspective, you're more likely to download an unhelpful
    program, than one that would actually help.

    Good thing you at least understand how to do backups, as you
    could have been "very unhappy" at this point otherwise.


    MFT stands for Master File Table, amongst other things. It's a
    part of the file system. CHKDSK is the thing most likely to
    do something good. Few other free programs, are going to
    do you a favor with respect to this error.


    In terms of the Google query, it should have had double quotes
    around it, like this. This will return fewer results. And
    what I notice, is the program "Ghost" is involved in each
    case of this error report. Implying a bug in an ancient
    version of Ghost.

    "Could not read used MFT record"

    First example.

    A helpful poster here suggest...

    "I had this same trouble with some mahines but i don't know if this
    will help. Yes this version of ghost does have problems with
    inherented NTFS fragmentations with it cannot replicate.

    So defrag your source partition and try again."

    Your order of execution, would be CHKDSK first, as you
    should not defragment a partition if it has errors in it.
    If CHKDSK is clean, then defragment, then try the operation
    again. And see if that person's theory holds water or not.

    If your drive is unhealthy (SMART statistics are bad), then
    defragmenting as a repair procedure is not a good idea. In
    that case, you should make a sector by sector copy, which
    can be used for emergency recovery. A sector by sector copy
    works, even when the file system on the disk is damaged, and
    is suitable for forensic recovery (recovery when nothing else
    will work, and you need to get user data files back).

    A sector by sector copy can be made via a Linux LiveCD and
    the "dd" program. You would need a good working hard drive to
    hold the backup. Then, back to Windows and try your usual
    approach on the bad drive. The sector by sector backup image,
    is in case the drive dies while you're defragging or otherwise
    bashing the disk.

    Paul, Feb 21, 2013
  8. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    I have done almost all possible combinations of defrag and chkdsk /f
    to no avail.
    Chkdsk /f finds no errors, so nothing is fixed; chkdsk says there is
    an orphan MFT file but naturally cannot fix it because it is in
    read-only mode.
    Have CloneZilla and i see what you mean - a destination drive with
    any sector errors causes it to abort further copying of that given
    That is very irritating, as Spinrite finds no unfixable errors (only
    a few sectors where the circle grows/shrinks for less than a second).
    GhostPE does not burp on them, and DriveCopy does not burp either.

    Methinks more work needs to be done on CloneZilla.
    Robert Baer, Feb 23, 2013
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