Messed up HP notebook 2000

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by bigrog318, Feb 28, 2014.

  1. bigrog318

    bigrog318 Guest

    I was fooling around with msconfig in windows 7.

    I cannot access system restore or internet any more and probably other programs.

    The cost of getting someone to fix it is about 2/3 of the value of computer.

    The computer came with no discs, it is only two years old.
    Can someone outline simply the steps to take in computer to make it work again.


    Computer illiterate
    bigrog318, Feb 28, 2014
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  2. bigrog318

    Paul Guest

    Well, you knew enough to reach for the msconfig :)
    I know some people who don't know what that is.


    When I read the advert on Best Buy for your machine, initially I was worried.
    But the HP page looks a little more promising. I thought it might be
    one of those stripped-down netbooks, and it's not.

    It has an optical drive. And at the bottom of that page it says:

    "HP Recovery Manager: Recover, restore, and create
    recovery media for, your PC."

    That's how you were supposed to make your recovery DVDs.

    There are different versions of the model 2000, and I just selected
    that variant at random. The model number on that one is HP 2000-2d69NR.


    It's got a 500GB hard drive. There's plenty of room in there
    for a recovery partition. (Again, not like a netbook.)

    Now given the specs I've seen so far, there should have been
    more than a double-sided sheet of typing paper in there. Some
    netbooks (which would be a step down from your machine), they
    don't even have a manual. I bet yours had a manual.

    And in that manual, it tells you a function key to press,
    to recover the computer.

    The manual will also describe "flavors" of recovery.
    Things like "refresh" and "reset". The manual
    will tell you which one keeps your data files, and
    which one does a lot more damage.

    Now, when it comes to the function key thing, some
    keyboards have a "FLock" or "Function Lock" key, as
    well as keys like F1 through F12. If the manual told
    you to press F12 early on, you try it and nothing
    happens, inspect for an FLock key, and toggle the
    state of FLock (one press turns it on, another press
    turns it off, and so on). It could be, that more
    than one key is involved in getting to recovery.
    So if you press just F12 say, and it doesn't work,
    then start looking for a "modifier" key, such as FLock
    or Fn (it's like a shift key).

    While the OS also has a repair procedure built into it,
    you've probably already watched it try to
    repair what it thinks is wrong. I had my
    Windows 7 laptop do that three times, do a
    different repair procedure each time, and none
    of the procedures worked. And I had to restore
    from my backup hard drive. Piece of cake. I was
    back up and running about 20 minutes later. The repair
    procedure attempts to fix boot-related issues, not
    damage done by disabling services or otherwise
    messing around in msconfig. It repairs the things
    most likely to be broken, and doesn't attempt
    to repair everything, on its own.


    And if you can think of any other details you should
    have thrown in, to focus the effort in a particular
    direction, post back with the details. Like, what
    exactly did you attack with msconfig ? The services
    one, messing with that could be pretty deadly. And some
    of the others, the damage would be minimal. You don't
    say exactly how the machine behaves when it comes up,
    whether it invokes a repair, whether it actually
    boots into the OS, but is messed up there. Sometimes,
    the smallest hint you give, will tweak an idea that
    does less damage, or is easier to do.


    The options mentioned in your user manual, are no
    accident. They were put there by Microsoft, rather
    than HP. While HP can add other options if they want,
    it's just easier for them to use the same features
    as are provided by Microsoft.

    Reset Windows 8

    Refresh Windows 8

    Read those first, and write down a summary of what they do on
    a piece of paper. Even if you don't have the manual,
    don't know whether its F12 or some other key, you can
    try function keys until something happens :) Then,
    with notes in hand, you'll know the difference between
    what a refresh needs and what a reset needs.

    Paul, Feb 28, 2014
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  3. bigrog318

    bigrog318 Guest

    I ordered recovery discs by phone after several months of trying to order from web page, which showed erroneous info that they were not available.
    bigrog318, Feb 28, 2014
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