Mera Pro 1.5.3 – class 4 softswitch with SBS functionality

Discussion in 'VOIP' started by Pro Solutions, Apr 16, 2011.

  1. Mera Pro – class 4 softswitch with SBS functionality

    MVTS Pro is a carrier-grade VoIP switch for efficient policy routing
    and management of VoIP traffic.
    MVTS Pro is designed to efficiently handle big amounts of simultaneous
    call sessions through application of adaptive call authorization and
    routing policies. MVTS Pro assures network security, QoS control and
    provides a single point of user authorization, statistics and billing.

    MVTS Pro specifications

    • SIP/H.323 proxy
    • SIP/H.323 interworking
    • Conversion of media codecs (G.729, G.729A, G.723.1, G711A-Law, G.
    711mU-Law, GSM FR, Speex, iLBC)
    • T.38 fax pass-through
    • Protocol normalization to ensure seamless interoperability

    The MVTS Pro intrinsic routing mechanism allows a variety of traffic
    direction policies based on a diversity of parameters (ASR, gateway/
    route load, day of week, time of day, etc.)

    MVTS Pro provides carriers with elaborate analysis tools enabling real-
    time call dynamics monitoring (ASR, ACD, disconnect codes etc.) and
    resolution of QoS problems. MVTS Pro allows the system operator to
    view call statistics by originators, dialpeers, destinations, gateways
    or terminating equipment.

    MVTS Pro acts as a single point for CDR collection and provides
    exhaustive information for detailed call analysis and preliminary
    debugging (Call ID, Disconnect Codes, Connect Time, Elapsed Time, and
    more). MVTS Pro can be integrated with external billing systems via
    RADIUS API interface.

    If you are looking for reliable and flexible softswitch that can be
    easily integrated into your network, MVTS Pro is a the one you need.

    * Software Upgrade, capacity upgrades , database problems , technical
    support , Training , available *

    We provide full installation, at some extra fee you can order tech
    support, configuration of your system per your requirements.
    We can do updates for you after Mera releases the new version with
    some few update fees Affordable prices,
    quick problem resolving, professional attitude!

    You email or msn on to ask any questions.
    Pro Solutions, Apr 16, 2011
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