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Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Guest, Mar 21, 2007.

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    I discovered that many of my very busy colleagues are having an extremely
    difficult time pulling themselves away to take vital training when it
    requires being away for consecutive days. I just completed training for .NET
    in Chicago through a mentored learning program that personally helped me to
    tackle that same issue. Though the mentored learning training allows
    complete interaction with classroom version labs and interaction with an on
    staff expert on the topic, it does require some discipline in that I was
    responsible for the pace I was moving. The benefit for me is that I did not
    have to commit myself to a set schedule of consecutive days being
    inaccessible. I had the flexibility to engage in the mentored learning
    program once a week until I completed the course. Plus the mentored learning
    lab was very comfortable and for some of my colleagues who would are able to
    travel, it is near O'Hare Airport and there is a hotel next door.

    Once I get more help in our data center, I do plan on spending some time,
    and some of our firm’s money on some instructor-led classes that will require
    me to be away for consecutive days and I can get done a lot quicker. This
    particular training centers line-up of classes and its personnel impressed
    me. I thought I would alert the rest of you to this attractive alternative
    and would be happy to provide you the details on a need to know basis either
    through this discussion group or you can send me an email to
    Guest, Mar 21, 2007
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