Memory-Tech / Ulead to rock HD-DVD tools

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. Allan

    Allan Guest

    Ulead Systems and Memory-Tech have announced an alliance to develop
    advanced authoring tools based for Toshiba's HD-DVD next-generation
    DVD format.

    Memory-Tech, Japan's largest independent disc replicator, will develop
    robust HD-DVD authoring solution that will integrate HD-DVD production
    software from Ulead.

    "We are extremely pleased to partner with Ulead in developing our HD
    DVD authoring system," said Shiroharu Kawasaki, President and CEO,
    Memory-Tech Corporation. "Ulead’s reliable and robust HD DVD mixing
    technology will be a key component in Memory-Tech high-end HD DVD
    authoring tool, the development of standard HD DVD testing discs and
    the playback tools used for HD DVD disc verification. Ulead is the
    most advanced vendor in this field. We see our cooperation as a
    long-term win-win relationship for the two companies."

    The authoring solution will be available to mid-sized Japanese
    companies to major Hollywood studios. Paramount Home Entertainment,
    Universal Studios Home Entertainment, Warner Home Video, New Line Home
    Entertainment, and HBO Home Video have announced official support for
    the HD-DVD format.

    Last week, the HD-DVD format suffered a blow when 20th Century Fox
    announced that it would support HD-DVD rival, Blu-Ray for the
    company's line of home video releases.

    Sony is including Blu-Ray format playback in the company's
    next-generation video game console, Playstation 3. Microsoft has said
    that future versions of the company's Xbox 360 may include HD-DVD in
    the future, following successful talks with Toshiba.

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    Allan, Aug 3, 2005
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