Memory-Tech and Toshiba Unveil Dual-Format Disc That Supports Playback of Both HD DVD and DVD.

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Allan, Feb 11, 2005.

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    Memory-Tech and Toshiba Unveil Dual-Format Disc That Supports
    Playback of Both HD DVD and DVD
    date: February 11, 2005

    Memory-Tech Corporation and Toshiba announced that they have jointly
    developed a dual-layer ROM (read-only) disc that can store content in
    both the HD DVD and DVD formats.

    The newly developed ROM disc has a single-sided, dual-layer structure.
    The upper layer, closer to the optical head, stores data in the DVD
    format, and the lower layer stores HD DVD data. The DVD layer has a
    4.7GB capacity, satisfying the specification of current DVD discs,
    while the HD DVD layer can store 15GB. The DVD layer can be played
    back on currently available DVD players.

    The new disc makes it possible for consumers to view DVD content on
    standard DVD players and, after purchasing an HD DVD player, to enjoy
    high definition content on the HD DVD layer from the same disc. The
    new disc structure also increases options for content providers; they
    can provide the same content in two formats, or use the HD DVD layer
    for a feature movie and the DVD layer to store promotional videos or
    audio content, including the movie soundtrack.

    The new disc can be produced on Memory-Tech's existing manufacturing
    lines, which can manufacture both HD DVD and DVD discs. The disc's
    manufacturing cost is expected to be comparable with that of
    single-sided dual-layer DVD-ROM or HD DVD-ROM discs, as it has the
    same physical structure as those discs.

    HD DVD is the next generation DVD format being standardized at the DVD
    Forum, which represents over 230 consumer electronics, information
    technology, and content companies worldwide. HD DVD players and HD DVD
    video software are expected to come to market in late 2005, and will
    allow consumers to enjoy video content, including Hollywood movies,
    with crystal-clear, high-definition picture quality.

    The transition from DVD to HD DVD is expected to be smooth, as DVD
    enjoys wide popularity in the market. However, the move to digital
    broadcasting and demand for large screen HDTV, both of which will fuel
    demand for HD DVD, are expected to see strong demand growth in 2005
    and 2006. Noting these market characteristics, Memory-Tech and Toshiba
    anticipate demand for a disc compatible with both the DVD and HD DVD
    formats, and expect their newly developed disc to offer benefits to
    both consumers and content holders and providers in achieving a smooth

    For more information, please visit

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    Allan, Feb 11, 2005
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