[Media] Quebec Engineer Win Court Battle Against Microsoft

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Brian, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    The software giant is penalized for the first time over its use of the word
    "engineer" in its professional certification program. Just when you thought
    it was over, an old debate is reignited.


    Okay, instead how's about "Microsoft Certified Systems
    Brian, Apr 8, 2004
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  2. Brian

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    i do agree with the ruling. but what's the point? why target microsoft?

    below a brief listing of certs with the word engineer in them. what are
    they going to do? sue all the vendors one by one?

    man, i hope my tax payer dollars didn't go towards paying for this bull
    $hit? i would much rather the money go to unemployed east coast fishermen's
    families or the aboriginals. :-(


    Matching Certifications:
    1. Accredited Systems Engineer (ASE)

    2. Aprisma Certified Engineer (ACE)

    3. Authorized Crystal Engineer (ACE)

    4. Business Analysis for Software Engineering Certified Professional

    5. Caldera Advanced Certified Engineer (ACE)

    6. Caldera Master Advanced Certified Engineer (Master ACE)

    7. Certified Linux Engineer (CLE)

    8. Certified Novell Engineer (CNE)

    9. Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE)

    10. Certified Software Test Engineer (CSTE)

    11. Certified Systems Engineer

    12. Certified Unicenter Specialist/Engineer (CA-CUSE)

    13. Enterasys Security Systems Engineer (ESSE)

    14. Enterasys Systems Engineer (ESE)

    15. Extreme Networks Expert Engineer

    16. Field Certified Hardware Engineer (FCHE)

    17. Field Certified Systems Engineer (FCSE)

    18. Foundry Networks Certified Network Engineer

    19. Global Knowledge ATM Engineer

    20. Global Knowledge Broadband Engineer

    21. Global Knowledge Data Communications Engineer

    22. Global Knowledge VoIP Engineer

    23. Marimba Certified Engineer (MCE)

    24. Master Accredited Systems Engineer (Master ASE)

    25. Master Certified Novell Engineer (MCNE)

    26. Master Sair Linux/GNU Certified Engineer (MLCE)

    27. NACSE Network Consultant/Engineer (NNC, NNCE)

    28. NACSE NOS InterOp Associate/Engineer (NNIA, NNIAE)

    29. NACSE NOS InterOp Specialist/Engineer (NNIS, NNISE)

    30. NACSE Senior Network Designer/Engineer (NSND/ NSNE)

    31. NARTE Certified Engineer (NCE) - Wireless Systems Installer

    32. Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE)

    33. RSA Certified Systems Engineer (RSA/CSE)

    34. SAIR, Linux/GNU Certified Engineer (LCE)

    35. Software Engineering Management Certified Professional

    36. Software Engineering Process Certified Professional

    37. Spectrum Engineer (SE)

    38. Spectrum Solutions Engineer (SSE)

    39. Sun Certified Backup and Recovery Engineer

    40. Sun Certified Data Management Engineer

    41. Sun Certified Engineer for Sun ONE Application Server

    42. Symantec Certified Security Engineer (SCSE)

    43. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

    44. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Messaging (MCSE:Messaging)

    45. Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer: Security (MCSE:Security)
    Rowdy Yates, Apr 8, 2004
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  3. Brian

    JaR Guest

    Rowdy Yates opined, On 4/8/04 7:53 AM:
    Oooh, oooh! Mr. Kotter!

    What about them guys that drive trains? Ain't they Engineers, too?

    A. Horshack
    JaR, Apr 8, 2004
  4. Sanitation engineers (i.e. trashmen)?
    Politician Spock, Apr 8, 2004
  5. Brian

    Neil Guest

    of course it did, your Canadian...(duh)
    Neil, Apr 8, 2004
  6. Brian

    Ron Guest

    If all these high falutin' Canadian "engineers" with
    their college degrees can sit down and pass the 17 exams
    that I have taken over the past 7 years, they'll KNOW
    that it's probably equivalent to a MASTER'S program at
    the college level in terms of study, application, and
    testing. I'm an IS manager who has designed, installed,
    and configured systems that were just as complex as
    someone who has to figure out how to get an empty corn
    flakes box from one end of the assembly line to the
    other!!!! I, for one, resent their holier than thou
    attitude about my credentials (given the fact that there
    are SOME MSCE's out there who don't have a clue as to
    where the on/off switch is on the server).
    Ron, Apr 8, 2004
  7. Brian

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    Rowdy Yates, Apr 8, 2004
  8. Brian

    Neil Guest

    Neil, Apr 8, 2004
  9. Brian

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    LOL... party....!!!!!!!

    Rowdy Yates
    Rowdy Yates, Apr 8, 2004
  10. Brian

    Neil Guest

    not until JaR does his countdown. I wonder if he will be counting it on the
    Thursday as opposed to the Friday. I would assume so.

    Hey, I just remembered I get the Monday off too. (I love government
    work...) And It's my Birthday this Sunday...wadjagemme?
    Neil, Apr 8, 2004
  11. Brian

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    i think their argument is, if you didn't get it from an accreddited
    university, it shouldn't have the word "engineer" in the title.

    which is fine by me, as i stated on another post. i think we are really
    "administrators". we don't "engineer" the systems, pre se. we buy them from
    vendors that have looked after the "engineering" process of the systems.

    Rowdy Yates
    Rowdy Yates, Apr 8, 2004
  12. Brian

    Ken Briscoe Guest

    I dunno, ask JaR. My beer-thirty is still Friday this week, though. <insert
    "Same thing I got you last year"
    Ken Briscoe, Apr 8, 2004
  13. Brian

    Rowdy Yates Guest

    i stared drinkin last night..

    btw - happy b-day. what are you now, 82? :)

    Rowdy Yates
    Rowdy Yates, Apr 8, 2004
  14. Brian

    Ken Briscoe Guest


    if you didn't get it from an accreddited
    oh. what does being an engineer have to do with an accredited university?
    usually one follows the other, but that's technically up to the employer. I
    might have crazy mad drafting skillz, but no diploma, and get hired to build
    bridges. Probably not, but not out of the realm of possibilities.
    True enough. Even those who design and implement networks aren't really
    engineers, I guess. But lots of titles don't make much sense, yet remain
    because of custom. Are these canadian engineers (oxymoron? *runs*) so
    insecure that they can't handle a few computer geeks calling themselves
    engineers? Ijuts.
    Ken Briscoe, Apr 8, 2004
  15. Brian

    Neil Guest

    we did this already and you called it a boring thread...

    (but thanks for the thought <grin>)
    Neil, Apr 8, 2004
  16. Brian

    Ken Briscoe Guest

    but the question is: did you stop?
    Ken Briscoe, Apr 8, 2004
  17. Brian

    JaR Guest

    Ken Briscoe opined, On 4/8/04 9:39 AM:
    Yes, beer-thirty is still slated for Friday, as usual. Unlike gummint
    employees, the rest of us peons must toil on.
    Oh, crap! Now he's gonna get two of them. Well, he can share one with Rowdy.

    Generous Thug
    JaR, Apr 8, 2004
  18. Brian

    Neil Guest

    and it shows in your spelling...
    oh, to be that young again....
    Neil, Apr 8, 2004
  19. Brian

    Neil Guest

    Speak for yourself. A lot of us have designed this from the ground up and
    although I might get input from various vendors, it’s my design. Do I
    have the nice little ring for my finger, no. Do I have a problem with Mr.
    Engineer thinking my title should be changed? Not really. Call me what
    ever you want, but the ring and a sheet of paper don't mean a tinkers
    damn if you are good enough to do the job. And I would not want Mr.
    Engineer to be within 1000 feet of my network...

    Cripes, we've already decided that the paper is only worth the paper it's
    written on. Why would someone else’s paper be worth anymore than mine
    unless it was made of more expensive paper? There are good engineers and
    bad ones...this is the "a rose by any other name" argument...
    Neil, Apr 8, 2004
  20. Brian

    Spyke Guest

    Domestic Engineers (i.e. housewives) :)

    Spyke, Apr 8, 2004
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