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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Media Purveyor, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. I am the author of Media Purveyor (, a new
    software package with some unique features. Here is a brief list of the
    novel functionality:
    1) Portable Descriptions for ALL file formats. Media Purveyor can store
    information inside files such as JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, BMP, MPG,
    MP3, and WMV. For other files it stores descriptive information in an
    XML file that can be shared in the community.
    2) Descriptive techniques include Keywords, Custom Entry Screens
    (decide exactly what you and your peers wish to store), and Description
    3) Lossless Image Editing for ALL file formats. 30 different lossless
    editing effects can be layered together to produce some nice results.
    This feature will be vastly improved in the very next version to
    feature a stencil system.
    4) In addition to using its own proprietary technology, MP will also
    read and allow you to search using EXIF information, JPEG Comments, PNG
    Key/Values, File Information (from OS), and Image Metrics.

    Media Purveyor also includes many features you would expect of a strong
    image viewer/media management package including:
    1) Browser, Full Screen, and Slideshow modes
    2) Image Histogram
    3) Batch Image Conversion
    4) Batch Renaming
    5) Thumbnail Generation/Image Resizing
    6) Contact Sheet Generation
    7) TWAIN Support
    8) Print Images or Attach them to an e-mail
    9) Background music player
    10) Collections provide a virtual folder organization technique.

    Image Support: 50 formats including JPEG, JPEG2000, Camera RAW, PNG,
    TIFF, TGA, GIF, PCX, and more.

    Support for many audio/video formats including: MPEG, WMV, MP3, WMA and

    System Requirements: Windows ME/XP/2K/NT

    I do not mean to clutter this board with an advertisement but I seek
    feedback from the community.

    Media Purveyor is free.

    Media Purveyor, Nov 3, 2005
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  2. Media Purveyor wrote:

    What about DNG? Many people hold their raws only as DNG, perhaps
    converting straight from the memory card, and therefore won't use
    products that don't support it.

    (Being a variant of TIFF, I suspect it wouldn't be hard to add it).
    Barry Pearson, Nov 5, 2005
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  3. What about DNG? Many people hold their raws only as DNG, perhaps
    Version 2.0 does not. Version 2.1 will support DNG. Expect 2.1 to
    release by November 16th with:
    *Expanded Camera RAW Support
    *DNG Support
    *Stencils in the lossles and conventional image editor.
    *Quicktime Support (Windows Media Player formats already support ex.
    MPG, WMV, WMA, MP3, etc)
    *3 additional editing effects
    *Tooltips and more User Inteface improvements

    Thank you so much for calling my attention to this gross oversight!
    Media Purveyor, Nov 6, 2005
  4. Media Purveyor v2.1 features the following:
    * Feature Gallery - Quicktime support added; Quicktime 4 or better
    * Feature File Support - Extended Camera RAW support including DNG
    * Feature File Support - Save images as PCX, PPM, and TGA files.
    * Feature Media Browser - Customize Tasks panel by clicking tools icon.
    * Feature Media Browser - Thumbnail Report mode.
    * Feature File Renaming - Description based renaming.
    * Feature Image Editing - Effect Stencil Engine
    * Feature Image Editing - Rectangle Stencil
    * Feature Image Editing - Rounded Rectangle Stencil
    * Feature Image Editing - Ellipse Stencil
    * Feature Image Editing - Star Stencil
    * Feature JPEG - JPEG Specific Lossless Rotation and Flipping.
    * Feature Video - Single frame extraction using Views.
    * Feature Metadata - Count Keywords; displays count of each keyword.
    * Feature Media Browser - Large Image Preview (F6 to show/hide).
    * Feature Media Browser - Copy/Paste View - Clone edits with single
    * Feature Window Capture - Capture any single visible window.
    * Feature Set As Wallpaper - Set an image to be the Desktop background.
    * Feature Many Wizards now feature Quick Preview to speed process.
    * Feature Image Conversion Wizard for ease of use.
    * Feature Check For Updates - Check for, download and install updates.
    * Feature Help - Added Startup Tooltips (option to disable).
    * Enhancement Media Browser - Drag/Drop Thumbnails to re-order.
    * Enhancement Media Browser - Drag/Drop Thumbnails to Folders.
    * Enhancement Media Browser - Image Previews support Views.
    * Enhancement Gallery - Many Media Browser features now available from
    * Enhancement Gallery Slideshow - Movie controls auto-hide after five
    * Enhancement Mail - Option to resize images directly from Mail dialog.
    * Many bug fixes and user interface improvements!
    Media Purveyor, Nov 30, 2005
  5. Barry Pearson, Nov 30, 2005
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