MDL - A Site For Monitoring Domains Hosting Or Directing Users To Malware

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by John C, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. John C

    John C Guest

    Hello everybody,

    This message is being posted to and, if you're browsing these groups you more than likely
    have an interest in internet security. Whether it is by profession or
    something you do in your spare time. Malware is a large problem, it
    affects all kinds of users. There is now a website which tries to keep
    an updated list of domains which either host, or direct users to malware.

    Aimed generally at more of a technical audience than your average
    security website. The content is targeted to a specific area of security.
    With that said all users are welcome. Whether you are there to learn or
    there to share your knowledge you will be welcomed. So why not take a
    moment, and say hello to us on the forum.


    John C.
    John C, Sep 5, 2007
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  2. John C

    CJ24 Guest

    This is already taken care of if you do some research. Go to google and try
    "hosts list".
    You're a good few years behind already!
    CJ24, Sep 7, 2007
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  3. John C

    John C Guest

    Hi, it is a list of malicious domains/IP, but isn't intended for use as a
    host list. It is for use as a reference point on active malware, what
    sites are currently online and what they're serving. Plus it seems most
    host lists generally only add domains they don't remove dead ones, this
    could be good for if the domain comes back online. But if it doesn't
    which most of the time it wont, the list just keeps getting bigger and
    bigger. Some of them are huge, and contain a lot of genuine sites which
    may have been hacked and are now fixed.

    So I guess one of the major differences is that I am trying to keep this
    list as dynamic as possible. I am trying to give some useful information
    about the domain/ip such as what it is serving, irc bot/worm/exploits
    etc.. Would like to give as much information as possible, but it all
    comes down to what information people want from the list. It was
    originally intended to have the name of the registrar and the hosting
    company, but sadly I haven't had time to add this information. Also would
    be nice to put the registrants name. Of course we are limited by the size
    of the table, unless of course we just allow it to stretch, or wrap quite
    a lot. But trying to keep it tidy is an issue too.

    We could possibly offer extended information, meaning just keep basic
    information on the list, and then the domain name/ip would actually be a
    link to a page with additional information. This may be more useful to
    people I feel. At the moment the site is reasonably new, and all
    suggestions criticisms are welcome.

    John C, Sep 8, 2007
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