MCTS: Windows Vista Configuration

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Pete Jones MCSE:Security, Apr 25, 2008.

  1. Why did they make this a required part of the MCITP: Enterprise Administrator
    when it is not necessary?

    If you have MCSE 2003, and upgrade with the 70-649, then you can do the 646
    to qualify as a 2008 Server Administrator.

    So I would expect the 647 Enterprise Administrator exam to be largely
    concerned with clustering, load balancing, and other Enterprise level
    questions. Maybe a few regular ones if people don't do 646 and go straight
    for this.

    If I am correct, why then is the 640/624 part compulsory on the Enterprise
    track only? The client part should be irrelevant to both, or necessary to
    both. And since most people who have MCSE and MCSA already have done the XP
    or 2000 client exam, aren't they just as valid? If not the 2000 one, then at
    least the XP one should count as the client exam.
    Pete Jones MCSE:Security, Apr 25, 2008
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  2. Pete Jones MCSE:Security

    Dude Guest

    How relevant are the MCSA and MCSE certifications? When I got my new MCITP
    Geek card, it didn't even mention that I was MCP, MCSA, MCSA/Messaging and
    MCSE certified. Microsoft is trying to do away with those. I heard that
    Microsoft was sued over using the word 'Engineer' for certifications in some
    countries like England. The 'New Generation' of MCTS and MCITP
    certifications seem kind of vague to me. You're still an MCTS if you are
    Vista certified or SQL server certified for example. I think lots of people
    will confuse MCITP with MCP too.
    Dude, May 2, 2008
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