MCTS 70-536 Application Development Foundation, 2.0

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by Ashwin Gupta, May 28, 2008.

  1. Ashwin Gupta

    Ashwin Gupta Guest

    Could pls any one can guide about this exam-
    1.what is pattern?
    2.How many questions and timing. etc.
    Ashwin Gupta, May 28, 2008
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  2. Ashwin Gupta

    Pete Jones Guest

    A model or original used as an archetype.
    A person or thing considered worthy of imitation.
    A plan, diagram, or model to be followed in making things: a dress pattern.
    See synonyms at ideal.
    A representative sample; a specimen.

    An artistic or decorative design: a paisley pattern. See synonyms at figure.
    A design of natural or accidental origin: patterns of bird formations.
    A consistent, characteristic form, style, or method, as:
    A composite of traits or features characteristic of an individual or a
    group: one's pattern of behavior.
    Form and style in an artistic work or body of artistic works.

    The configuration of gunshots upon a target that is used as an indication of
    skill in shooting.
    The distribution and spread, around a targeted region, of spent shrapnel,
    bomb fragments, or shot from a shotgun.
    Enough material to make a complete garment.
    A test pattern.
    The flight path of an aircraft about to land: a flight pattern.
    Football. A pass pattern.

    2. Twice as many as half. Is everything.
    Pete Jones, May 28, 2008
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