MCST 70-260 vs MCP 70-270

Discussion in 'MCTS' started by mark p, May 20, 2007.

  1. mark p

    mark p Guest

    I am halfway through working towards my first MCP 70-270, do people think I
    should continue with this or should I do the MCTS 70-260 instead, and work
    towards server 2008 instead of server 2003 MCSE? This is a long term plan, as
    I am currently working full-time and trying to complete this in my own time.
    mark p, May 20, 2007
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  2. mark p

    Lukas Beeler Guest

    Microsoft changed several with the new generation of
    certifications. If you're currently learning for 70-270, continue
    to do that and complete the exam. XP will still be used for the
    next few years.

    If you want to continue your certification, the easiest path
    would be to complete MCSA on 2003 by doing 70-270, 70-620 (the
    Vista Exam), 70-290 (Server 2003), 70-291 (Server 2003 Network).

    With this, you can upgrade to TWO WS2008 MCTS credential with a single
    exam, but not an MCITP credential. With an MCSE you can gain
    three MCTS credentials, but you will need three more exams, but
    only get one more MCTS credential.

    So in the end it depends on what you want to achieve. If you have
    a lot of experience with WS2003, XP and some with Vista, MCSA2003
    with 70-620 as an elective should be pretty easy for you, without
    much learning.

    If you've done that and still think you want to make it toward
    MCSE - you can. You need two more core exams (70-293, 70-294) and
    a design elective (70-297 or 70-298).
    Lukas Beeler, May 21, 2007
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  3. mark p

    mark p Guest

    I am not currently working for an IT company but am look to retrain myself
    using Microsoft self placed training kits, So do you still think I should be
    trying to pass exams that will have news version out soon?

    Mark p
    mark p, May 21, 2007
  4. mark p

    Lukas Beeler Guest

    Then you're not exactly the target group for a Microsoft
    certification anyway.


    | An MCSE candidate should have at least one year of experience
    | implementing and administering a network operating system in
    | environments with the following characteristics:
    | 200 to 26,000 supported users
    | Five to 150 physical locations
    | Typical network services and applications including file and
    | print, database, messaging, proxy server or firewall, dial-in
    | server, desktop management, and Web hosting
    | Connectivity needs including connecting individual offices and
    | users at remote locations to the corporate network and connecting
    | corporate networks to the Internet
    | In addition, an MCSE candidate should have at least one year of
    | experience in the following areas:
    | Implementing and administering a desktop operating system
    | Designing a network infrastructure

    But if you still feel like doing at least some exams, try to get
    through 70-270 and 70-620.
    Lukas Beeler, May 21, 2007
  5. mark p

    mark p Guest

    thanks for your help
    mark p, May 21, 2007
  6. Mark, I have to agree with Lukas and the information he's provided you.

    In addition to the information Lukas presented, the following articles are good
    reading for someone in your position.

    Ask yourself, Why Certify:

    Ask yourself if you have the experience to Earn your certifications:

    If you STILL feel the need to certify:
    Robert Williams [CertGuard], May 21, 2007
  7. mark p

    mark p Guest

    Thanks guys
    Maybe it is a bit of a dream for me.

    I only have a 5pc LAN running XP-pro and a evaluation copy windows server
    2003r2 on and old dell server in the shed and the bottom on the garden.

    Have fun
    mark p, May 21, 2007
  8. I sense a bit of sarcasm there Mark.

    Please, don't take this the wrong way, we're not saying you shouldn't be in IT,
    all we're saying is that the MCSA and MCSE requirements call for much more than
    you are currently capable of working with. 5 is far from 200.

    Get the experience, before you attempt those certifications. Believe me, it will
    make a world of difference when you do actually attain those certifications.

    In the meantime, maybe you would be better off to complete the MCDST. By doing
    so, you will be continuing on your path to certification as well as building
    your foundation of knowledge.
    Robert Williams [CertGuard], May 21, 2007
  9. mark p

    mark p Guest

    Thank you very much for your time

    all the best mark
    mark p, May 21, 2007
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