MCSE for Server 2008?

Discussion in 'MCITP' started by Dude, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Dude

    Dude Guest

    I just wanted to repost this from the MCSE message board. This information
    is useful for MCSA's and MCSE's who want to upgrade to server 2008:

    From what I can tell, these new MCITP certifications are the equivalent of the
    MCSA and MCSE certifications.

    MCSA changes to MCITP Server Administrator
    MCSE changes to MCITP Enterprise Administrator

    If I'm wrong, somebody please post more info. By the way, the New
    Generations of certifications gives absolutely NO credit for previous exams.
    There are no Electives. The only credit you get for an MCSA or MCSE is being
    able to take the 70-648 or 70-649 Upgrade exams.

    I passed the 70-649 MCSE Upgrade and 70-620 Vista exams. Now I'm just
    waiting for 70-647 go become available, so I can earn the MCITP Enterprise
    Administrator certification.

    By the way, I think the new MCITP certifications will be confusing to some
    non Geeks, like HR secretaries who process job applications. How will they
    know the difference between the MCITP Enterprise Administrator, Server
    Administrator or Enterprise Support Technician? Heck, you can get an MCITP
    Enterprise Support Technician certification by only passing 2 exams:

    Maybe just seeing MCITP on the application will be enough to get your foot
    in the door. This happened to me when I became MCP certified. I put
    Microsoft Certified Professional on my resume. Many non geeks thought
    Microsoft Certified Professional meant MCSE. This could happen with an MCTS
    certification too. It got me passed the front line of HR weenies, but at the
    interview they realized that I had only passed 1 exam. My advise is to get
    both MCSE and MCITP certified if you're looking for a new job.


    MCP, MCSA, MCSA/Messaging, MCSE 2000/2003
    MCTS, MCITP (Ha, but for what?)
    Cisco CCNA
    CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, i-Net+
    Dude, Mar 25, 2008
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  2. Dude

    PedroAsani Guest

    Whilst I agree that the Inhuman Resources people, and more commonly, the
    Slave Traders will have no clue as to the difference between MCSA, MCSE, MCTS
    and MCITP, I'm hoping six months of them dealing with the differences will
    educate them enough to stop them sending under/overqualified people for jobs.

    As to the correlation between MCSA/MCITP Server Admin and MCSE/MCITP
    Enterprise Admin, its a little more complex.

    From an MCSA, you take one upgrade exam, and get MCTS: AD config, and MCTS:
    Net config
    From an MCSE, you take one upgrade exam, and get MCTS: AD config, and MCTS:
    Net config, and MCTS: Apps config

    From that point, it's pretty much equal. Both can do 70-646, and get MCITP:
    Server Admin
    And if they want the MCITP: Enterprise Admin, they both need to do 70-647,
    and either 70-620 or 70-624. But the MCSA also needs the MCTS: Apps config as

    So the MCSE and MCSA don't really translate to the two MCITP options, just
    the MCTS's that are provided in the upgrade paths.
    PedroAsani, Mar 28, 2008
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