Discussion in 'MCSD' started by N.Babu, Aug 10, 2003.

  1. N.Babu

    N.Babu Guest

    Hi All,

    May be a stupid question. I am basically an
    Exchange/Windows/Firewall person and have my MCSE W2K,
    CISSP, SEcurity+, MCNE, etc.. Obviously, I have good
    experience in the industry. I have done some Basic
    programming back in the early 90s. Long time. I have
    always been interested in getting a "Developer"
    cert...and I am very confident that I an do it. Problem
    is, I am not sure if I must pursue the MCSD VS6 path or
    the dot net path. Here's my thinking..."The DOTNET thing
    is going to be around for a while...I have been "told"
    that VS 6 is easier. So, I thought if I get an MCSD in
    VS6 (which expires in 2004 August I think), I should
    still be fine. I cna then start working (in 2004 April or
    May) on getting the MCSD DOTNET...THis way, I wont jump
    into something that is difficult and may put me off and
    dampen my confidence...

    What do you folks recommend?

    Thanks a lot in advance for all your valued comments
    N.Babu, Aug 10, 2003
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