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Discussion in 'MCSA' started by HC - Paul, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. HC - Paul

    HC - Paul Guest


    I recently started studying for my MCSA. I emailed my study provider to ask
    what exams I have to pass to gain my full MCSA. They messed this up & sent me
    info on MCSE! Whilst waiting my a reply I found the requirements on the
    Mircosoft website. It states that I have to complete the 70-270, 70-290,
    70-291 & one elective exam. Is the elective exam one of my choice from the
    list on the Mircosoft site? If it is, I recently passed my MCDST & that is on
    the elective list so could I use that towards my MCSA? If so I would just
    need to pass the 70-270, 70-290 & 70-291 & with my already passed MCDST those
    would get me my MCSA?

    The reason I ask is my study provider is trying to get me to do the 70-299
    which I think I don't have to do as I also found that in the elective section
    on the Mircosoft site along with the MCDST. It makes sense to me to elect the
    exam I have already passed rather than do a whole new course?

    I look forward to a response.

    Thank you in advance.


    HC - Paul, Apr 24, 2010
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  2. HC - Paul

    Chris M Guest

    Quick answer, yes you can do exactly as you describe - I did the same
    thing myself actually, in order to achieve the MCSA.

    If you've already passed the MCDST, you are correct in saying that you
    only now need 270, 290 and 291 to complete the MCSA.

    You definitely don't need to do 299.
    Chris M, Apr 24, 2010
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  3. HC - Paul

    John R Guest

    Just tell your study provider that you will do 270, 290, and 291 first to
    get them out of the way and then you will concentrate on 299. When you
    complete the first three, Microsoft will issue MCSA. At that time, you can
    say "Oh look, I already have MCSA, gee wiz". :)

    I used MCDST as well to get MCSA.

    299 does count towards the security specialization MCSA:S however, so if
    that is your goal, then you will need 299 (and I think one other security
    related elective).

    Also, MCDST will not work as an elective for MCSE. So if your plans are to
    move forward to MCSE, then you will have to fulfill another elective
    requirement at some point anyway.

    Good luck to you.

    John R.
    John R, Apr 26, 2010
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