MCSA not on same track as MCSA-Exchange?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by James B, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. James B

    James B Guest

    MCSA list 70-620 (Vista) as a Core Client and Elective option however
    MCSA-Exchange does not list 70-620 as a Core Client nor does the MCSA -
    Security. Is Ms just lax on updating the website as I notice the
    Certification Tracker is way off as well?

    Surely if 70-620 counts in MCSA it counts in MCSA - X not to mention it's
    VISTA which surely MS wants to promote over XP?
    James B, Jun 29, 2007
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  2. James B

    John R Guest

    I would say you are probably 100% correct. I would email
    and ask them to be sure.

    John R
    John R, Jun 29, 2007
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  3. James B

    James B Guest

    The answer from MCPHelp makes no sense at all. I'm reposting it here along
    with my response back to them. If anyone has anything else to add, has spoke
    with somebody higher up the food chain, etc please post a response.

    Exam 70-620 has been listed on MCP Site as it counts towards MCSA 2003
    Certification, but as far as specialization is concerned there are only
    selected exams which counts towards a particular field, that's the reason it
    has not been specified in MCSA Messaging Certification. We would request you
    to please follow the path specified on the MCP Learning Site.

    My Reponse:
    If 70-620 can replace 70-270 for the MCSA then it makes zero sense that it
    cannot also replace 70-270 for the MCSA:Messaging. Is MS saying Vista is
    useless in a MS Messaging environment and we should be supporting and
    deploying only XP or Win2K as that's the exams you list for the Client

    Same goes for MCSA:Security as the client exams listed are only XP and Win2K
    so is Vista not secure?

    70-620 is also listed as an exam in the Client Core for MCSE. However
    MCSE:Messaging does not list 70-620, so again is MS saying don't deploy
    Vista as we are not going to certify professionals on Vista in a Messaging
    environment? MCSE:Security list Win2K as a Client exam but not Vista, so
    what is Vista not as "secure" as Win2k?

    There is a clear disconnect here...
    James B, Jun 30, 2007
  4. James B

    John R Guest

    I think you mean Longhorn (Server 2008), not Vista, there is no MCSA XP. At
    any rate...
    This part is true, there is no security or messaging specializations in the
    Longhorn environment, they are separate certifications.

    John R
    John R, Jun 30, 2007
  5. James B

    James B Guest

    No I mean exactly what I said. You can get MCSA/MCSE using Vista as a Client
    Core but if you want MCSA/MCSE-Messgaing MS doesn't seem to feel the Vista
    Client Core they accepted for MCSA/MCSE is worthy of being a qualified exam
    for MCSA/MCSE-Messaging or are they saying Vista shouldn't be used in a
    Messaging enviroment. It makes no sense and they totally ignore my response
    back to them by not answering my question and misquoting me to boot.

    I am very surprised this has not been more of a topic.
    James B, Jul 2, 2007
  6. James B

    Guest Guest

    Hi James

    I think you are confusing the point here...

    The layout of Qualifications has changed. What you are trying to imply is
    like saying that your MCSE 2003, would suffice if you have Windows NT
    Workstation as as the desktop OS.

    You must remember when passing 70-620, u no longer get the MCP certification
    but you are an MCTS. From what i can see they are breaking up the
    certifications further.

    I think there is more to than just adding the desktop client as an elective,
    the structure of qualifications has changed.
    Guest, Jul 25, 2007
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