Discussion in 'MCSD' started by Guest, Sep 7, 2006.

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    I have a general question about the MCPD exams. When i was revieweing the
    details of the exams,I ntoiced that some exams like 70-536 can be applied to
    more than one certificates. Does that mean i can start of by giving a 70-536
    ,70-526 and 70-548 and getting a MCPD (Windows) and then later take only the
    70-528 and 70-547 and get the MCPD (web).If so is there a time limit within
    which I have can apply credits taken?
    Guest, Sep 7, 2006
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  2. Sept. 7, 2006

    Yup... you can take the exams in the way you described :).

    The only time limit you have, is to take them before the exams get too old
    and are discontinued... which since they are a new version... you've got
    years and years and years.... :)

    Let us know if you have more questions!

    Joseph Bittman
    Microsoft Certified Solution Developer
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional -- DPM

    Web Site/Blog: http://CactiDevelopers.ResDev.Net/
    Joseph Bittman MVP MCSD, Sep 7, 2006
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