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    Here is the Q&A on the Longhorn Certification webcast, morning edition. (MCP
    Live Meeting: Your Next Step in Windows Server Certifications - Worldwide
    (Session 1))
    Undoubtedly it will answer some of the questions people will be posting here
    (or have posted).
    I may have missed a couple of questions because I joined the webcast late.
    If anyone can post the evening edition (5pm PDT) Q&A, or have the earlier
    questions [if any], I would appreciate it.

    One interesting announcement on the webcast was the announcement that the
    Windows 2000 Server exams will all retire on March 30, 2008. This includes
    exams 70-210, 214 to 223, 226, 232, 244, 292, and 296. If you don't upgrade
    your 2000 certification to 2003 by next March, you have to start over with
    the 2003 exams.

    Another announcement was that the Longhorn Beta exams will first be offered
    at TechEd in Orlando, after which, only if they need more beta takers, will
    it be offered to the public.

    Also listed were the latest cert numbers: MCSE2003: 68,668, MCSA2003:
    105,178; MCSE2000: 236,736; MCSA2000: 144,068.


    Question: Well I thought once I compelte 70-292 with a MCSE in 2000 makes me
    an MCSA in 2003 which would qualify for the upgrade me to Longhorn. Please
    correct me if I am wrong .
    Answer: IF you are MCSE 2000, you need 292 AND 296 to earn MCSE 2003. If you
    are MCSE and take only 292, you will not earn anything. MCSA 2000 can take
    292 to upgrade to 2003. Does that help?
    Question: Incorrect, If you are MCSE 2003 and take 70-292, you earn MCSA
    2003 credential.
    Answer: rob, thanks.
    Question: "sorry my english" My name is Jose armando from Colombia, I have
    MCP in XP but thinking of moving to 2003 in this year. i can obtain certified
    in 2003 only present and pass 70-290 and 70-291 exam ?
    Answer: That is correct.
    Question: If you have a MCSE nt 4.0 does this still replace the elective
    requirement for MCSE 2003
    Answer: Yes, that will not change.
    Question: beta at tech-ed, will it be credited to upgrade tracks?
    Answer: yes
    Question: beta test for longhorn is free ?
    Answer: yes
    Question: How to get on the Beta Exam list?
    Answer: next slide
    Question: If I am already an MCSE on 2000 & 2003, is test 70-620 going to
    count towards any new higher level certifications?
    Answer: Yes, that exam will count towards teh Vista MCITP credentials for
    Consumer or Enterprise
    Question: If I have an MCSE 2000 can I still take the specialization exams
    to get security aftter March, 2008?
    Answer: As long as those specialization exams are not yet retired, then yes
    you can still optain those specializations.
    Question: Will there be a Systems Management specialty similar to Messaging
    and Security?
    Answer: Yes, expect to hear more around a Management credential in the near
    Question: how to participate in betas?
    Question: the beta link does not work
    Question: I donot have any server certification? Should I go for Windows2003
    or Longhorn?
    Answer: It depends on what your cert goals are.. If you are going to deploy
    Longhorn right away when it ships then you may want to wait, but the 2003
    credentials and exams for 2003 will live for quite a while.
    Question: can the sql server 2005 exam count as an elective towards 2003
    Answer: Yes...the new SQL 2005 TS exam does count as a genreal elective for
    MCSA and MCSE on Windows Server 2003.
    Question: what are the requerments to get on the Beta exams list
    Answer: If you have a current MCP or MCSA/MCSE on 2000 or 2003 you will
    likely get an invitation to take a Longhorn beta exam.
    Question: Since clustering is changing so much in LH..any plan to offer a
    new clustering elective exam?
    Answer: We are considering this...will make an annoucement in the summer.
    Question: will there be a terminal server specific TS or ITP cert?
    Answer: There are no plans for a Terminal Server specific cert, but that
    technology will be represented in the new exams. More info about that will
    come out as we get closer to launch.
    Question: beta ONLY at TechEd?
    Answer: It is unlikely that we will gather all the required data at TechEd
    so we will open up the beta once the TechEd event is complete. We will make
    announcements through the various MSL Newsletters.
    Question: I have been in the field for 12 years and have only taken one test
    not studied for can there be credit from references applied as you know the
    Answer: no...
    Question: Is there nothing that will replace MCDST as a 'pre-MCP'
    Answer: MCDST has been replaced by the consumer, or enterprise desktop
    support. These MCITP exams will be available in mid may
    Question: Will there be a third pass for the Vista beta exams?
    Answer: hopefully not... very clever!
    Question: i've passed 4 core networking system exams for 2k3 mcse. should i
    continue pursuing this track or wait on MCITP to come out?
    Answer: You should continue so you can take advantage of teh upgrade exams
    when you need them.
    Question: How often will recertifcation be required?
    Answer: Every 3 years.
    Question: Will the Longhorn Beta exams ONLY be available at TechEd or will
    they be available in EU?
    Answer: They will be available worldwide
    Question: how many upgrade exam from ws2003 to longhorn
    Answer: 2
    Question: If I am an MCSA and an MCSE on 2003 will it be a recommendation to
    upgrade both in the new format?
    Answer: No, if you are an MCSE for 2003, you should only take the SE upgrade
    exam since they are supersets / subsets of each other.
    Question: 1 exam upgrade for MCSA and 1 for MCSE?
    Answer: yes
    Question: I am holding MCSA 2003 Messaging, can I wait for new track without
    completing MCSE 2003 Messaging
    Answer: Sure, you will be able to update your MCSA for 2003 to the
    corresponding TS credentials for Longhorn.
    Question: will the upgrade beta exam available to those who do not attend
    TechEd 2007?
    Answer: Yes, but it will be a targeted invite and as always "First come
    first serve" with the beta exams
    Question: When will the new electives for MCS_ (like 70-620) appear in the
    elective lists for MCS_ certifications?
    Answer: 2 wks
    Question: Does passing a beta exam certify you for the technology?
    Answer: passing a beta is the same as passing a live exam
    Question: Will the Upgrade exams go through the Beta process also?
    Answer: yes at teched in June
    Question: does everyone that goes to teched will have the chance to take the
    longhorn beta exams or only selectedpeople ?
    Answer: During TechEd we will not have a cap on the numbers so anyone can
    take the Upgrade exams as long as they are existing SE / SA for 2003
    Question: is MCSE on NT still valid as credit for MCSE2k3 cert? what about
    longhorn certification?
    Answer: no nt4 recognized for longhorn; still ok for 2003.
    Question: Is one of the "Longhorn" TS exams going to be focused on
    Answer: virtualization will be covered in the TS, but not a specific exam on
    Question: MCP session 2. Is it the same material?
    Answer: yes
    Question: For follow up?
    Question: When did you say the titles for the new job role certifications
    will be released?
    Answer: MCPs will be notified in early May.
    Question: Thank you! Great webcast!
    Answer: great! thanks
    Question: I'm new to MS certification and wear many hats for my company and
    have a variety of skills - is there a free comprehensive evaluation exam?
    Answer: Ryan, I dont think so. If you want to send an e-mail to me at
    i will find out for sure.
    Question: when the new generation certs expire, are they removed from the
    transcript or marked *retired* or something like that? Same question for the
    Answer: Hey, Bernard. I will be psoting a bunch of info about this process
    next week on my blog; good question. You can send me an e-mail adn I'll let
    you know when the info is posted. OK?
    Question: there is gonna be a job role for centro? the SBS specialist upgrade?
    Answer: Too early to tell but we are considering it. We will make an
    annoucement as we get closer to product release.
    Question: If we are MCSA 2000 and pass 70-292 to become MCSA 2003, how many
    tests are needed to become certified in Longhorn?
    Answer: 1 upgrade exam to earn credentials in MCTS series --then you can
    take the standard exams to earn MCITP series credentials.
    Question: Is there a MCP Webcast planned to present / discuss Certification
    around technologies and roles that are in the Orca's timeframe? Thanks,
    Answer: Hi, there. Yes, there will be, not planned yet. Check out Howard's
    blog he is the dev cert planner and has lots of good info:
    Question: You guys are gr8. Thanks for taking our questions so serioulsy.
    MSFT will rock world in near future. I am sure abou that
    Answer: Thanks for the nice note, we're glad you think so.
    Question: There are no schools in my area that offer 72-xxx academic tests.
    Is there any way to take one of these tests at a normal Vue testing center?
    Answer: not sure. can you send me this question to and
    i'll follow up foryou?
    Question: How much I have to pay for MSCE certification
    Answer: For the exams... there are 7 exams in the track, and average cost is
    $125 US per exam. Does that help give you an idea?
    Question: any softgrid certs?
    Answer: Not standalone. Cna you send me an e-mail and
    i'll follow up to see where it fits in to LH.
    Question: Thanks again Trika & gang, you are very helpfull!! For reference,
    in may MCP's are gonna be told the new titles for MCSA and MCSE?!
    Answer: great thank YOU., yes in may MCPs will know names and titles.
    Question: what is the best path from mcsa 2003 to mcse 2003?
    Answer: YOu need to finsih the requirements for MCSE 2003. If you have your
    MCSE 2000, however, that is a different story - then you'd need to take 292
    and 296.
    Question: regarding MCDST vs MCITP, the loss of MCDST means that the
    easier/beginners exam has gone. Is there any plans for a 'pre-MCTS'
    qualification to replace MCDST on Vista?
    Answer: hey paul. the equivalent to MCDST today is MCTS: Vista/MCITP:
    Enterprise Support Technician... i'm not sure i'd say any of those were
    'beginner', just focused on a different job role. for XP, MCDST, for Vista,
    MCTS/MCITP -- shoud be pretty good mapping. Does that help?
    Question: Something special for MVP (Invitation to beta exam Upgrade)
    Answer: not sure if we have that planned; good idea.
    Question: Is there a session 2? What will be cover and when is it?
    Answer: yes, at 5pm PST today - same content but different Q&A..>!
    Question: will there be any beta exam during TechEd Asia 2007?
    Answer: I dotn believe so, no.
    Question: Will there be any changes to the MCT requirements coming up at all?
    Answer: Hey, Darlene. I dont know - recommend you check with the MCT team
    and there should be a lot of info coming up soon with renewals...
    Question: How do choose candidates for betas?
    Answer: we pull customers from our database with the right background; AND
    collect good caniddates in 1:1 interactions at events, etc.
    Question: what happens if recertification is not completed within 3 years?
    Will you have to start over?
    Answer: No...just pass the recertification exam (likely to be a TS exam) and
    you will be reinstated.
    Question: will I get certification if I pass the beta exam
    Answer: passing a beta = passing the live exam. if that exam earns a
    credential, you will get teh credential if you apss the beta
    Question: Do you have the numbers for the two upgrade exams
    Answer: We will release the numbers to the MCP Community in May.
    Question: mcse + 2 upgrade exams = mcitp? What = Architect track
    Answer: mcse + 2 upgrade exams = mcitp? NO. There will be 1 upgrade exam
    from MCSE to the MCTS series certs. More info in May.
    Question: How can I be included and contacted in the future to provide
    opinons and feedback on certifications?
    Answer: send me an e-mail
    Question: can i know the exams number to upgrade from MCSE 2003 to MCITP
    Answer: we will announce upgrade exams in May to MCPs
    Question: Will the new MCTS exam for Vista count as a general electives for
    the MCSE 2003? I've already passed the 70-270 exam for Windows XP.
    Answer: Yes...counts as either a client elective or a general elective.
    Question: Window Server 2003 credential mean mcsa/mcse for $40% discount for
    Answer: yes. more info here
    Question: Can have access to the elearning in april as well the portal for
    Answer: yes, they are not live yet.
    Question: Has there been a renewed effort made to ensure information
    presented in MS Press books will be relevant in terms of what one needs to
    pass exams as opposed to having to buy Mark Manasi's 200 lb books.
    Answer: great question. send me a mail and i'll point
    you to the right peopel to respond.
    Question: how many upgrade exams form MCSE to MCTIP? 1?
    Answer: We will not Upgrade folks from MCSE 2003 to MCITP Longhorn. The
    Longhorn Upgrade exams will take MCSAs and MCSEs only through the TS
    Question: Outside of the elearning resources that will be come availible
    next month are additional Whitepapers for changes and updates on the lates
    builds of Longhorn that we can study for the beta exams?
    Answer: check out the longhorn pages on MSCOM (the product group); i'm sure
    they are posting tons of informatino as we lead up to beta 3.
    Question: Do you plan to do anything with the MCSE track to make techs more
    business savy. The SBSC track is training for business readiness as well as
    technical readiness. Some of us who have an MBA would like to see a
    consulting track for business and technology MCSE speciality such as MCSE
    Consulting rather than MCSE Exchange
    Answer: can you send me a mail and i'll followup.
    Question: how can i work with you guys
    Answer: Man! good question. Check out the career portal on as
    the best place to start!
    Question: Which paper would be the better one?
    Answer: what is your specific situation?
    Question: Does the three year period start when you pass the last exam, or
    when you are notified by MS that you have the certification? [a 12 day
    difference for me.]
    Answer: When it posts to your transcript. You will also have a 30-day grace
    period after expiration to take the re-cert exam.
    Question: Great presentation and awesome QnA!! Thanks.
    Answer: thanks dude
    Question: Iam a fresher, now Iam working in Sutherland Global Services in
    India for MICROSOFT WINDOWS VISTA project as a technical support
    executive.Please tell me which paper I can take up to brighten my career?
    Answer: i think the right certiifcation for you, based on my understanding,
    is MCTS: Vista (exam 70-620). Then, if you'd like, you can also earn MCITP:
    Enterprise Support with exam 70-622. Here is more information:
    Question: Where and whom I have to contact regarding this certification. I
    am in India now. Is there any offers for employees who give support to
    Microsoft products?
    Answer: you can look on to learn about the exam
    process. Good luck!
    Guest, Mar 28, 2007
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  2. Thanks Larry. I am about to sit the second session...

    Michael D. Alligood
    Network+, i-Net+, CIW Assoc.,
    CIW Certified Instructor

    Michael D. Alligood, Mar 29, 2007
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