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Discussion in 'MCSA' started by Marko, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. Marko

    Marko Guest

    I personally cannot understand why it is so hard to see
    why braindumps are plain wrong.

    Do you like it when someone gets the job / promotion /
    raise that you should have got, because they:
    1/ Slept with the decision maker
    2/ Cheated on a selection test

    Do you enjoy seeing others get better breaks in life when
    they have neither studied, worked hard nor put in the
    solid hours that justifies getting ahead with honor?

    I could put together dozens more of these rhetorical
    questions, but let's see how you go with this:

    Would you be a calm passenger on a jet, if the braindumps
    pilot announced in a bollywood accent "Blimey! Wheredo
    brakes be pressin' so we can avoyed da big garage with
    other 747???" Learning on the job is not so good.

    Or the taxi driver who can't run the meter cause that was
    in the manual but not so clear in the braindumps for the
    test, so he makes up the charges at the end of the ride?

    Or the President who gets a copy of the braindumps on how
    to run the country but doesn't really know how so bulls*^!
    $ his way through office? No wait! That is
    happening....Bad example.

    The point is that I don't know ANYBODY except the CHEAT
    who would be happy to be passed over in favour of a
    cheater. I don't know ANYBODY who would hire somebody
    else KNOWING PRIOR that they cheated.

    If it was YOUR money and YOUR company: Would you hire a
    known CHEAT and let them learn on your time while you paid
    them top dollar???
    Marko, Aug 4, 2003
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  2. Marko

    SteveC Guest

    I agree with whats being said here. But what about this:

    Someone studies only the transcender questions until they are scoring 80 -
    90%. They are studying no other material. They have no real world
    experience, but they sit the exam and pass. To me, they are in exactly the
    same position as the brain dumper - but perhaps in a slightly more elevated
    position in terms of the law and from an ethical point of view, although
    admitedly, only slightly!

    Point is - neither can do the job can they?

    SteveC, Aug 4, 2003
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  3. Marko

    Marko Guest

    Sorry for another post, but I forgot even my best example
    of why braindumps are stupid.

    Bubab Braindumper goes to prospective employer and
    states: "You've got to be hiring me! I am dedicating
    myself to writing so many MCSE papers in so little time to
    show you how I can cut corners in all dat I do. Surely
    you will be wanting me to cut corners with you too?"

    Bubab (translated, it's Billy Bob) feels he needs to
    impress some more: "I study hard so dat I can write the
    paper next day and not have to do it again. But just
    don't be asking how any answer could be right! I just
    know dat it is! And when I come work for you, be sure to
    be paying me lots of money and providing me with time so
    that I can find right answers for you on google search

    Seriously - how can you respect someone who admits to
    being lazy (won't put in the effort for the desired
    result) and a stupid dumb-ass (if you were bright enough
    to learn it all legit, you wouldn't have to cheat, would

    And that lame arguement about "I'm cheating so I can get
    my credentials so I - don't lose my job / can get a better
    job - but I will find the time to study later and I will
    feel as though I did eventually earn the certification -
    Come ON! Who are you kidding? Having not found the time
    to this point you will be less motivated to find it in the
    future since the goal is to get your cert - which you
    already have?!? So why would YOU WASTE TIME?

    Oh - that's right. You intend to earn as you learn.

    Look: If all the posts haven't convinced you yet then do
    this: Confess to someone you respect and who has influence
    that it is your intention to be certified through
    cheating. Explain the process of certification through
    braindumps versus the hard yards of training and study.
    Tell them all the reasons why you think it is OK. Tell
    them how you intend to make up for it after you land a job
    that you are not qualified to do for a pay rate that
    exceeds your abilities. Whether or not this person says
    that it all sounds fine is unimportant, until you ask them
    to provide you with a reference so that you can attach
    their name to yours.

    You see? That's what you are doing: Attaching the good
    name and fine reputation of Microsoft and the
    certification program to you when it is undeserved. So you
    can understand (perhaps) why MS would not want anybody to
    do this and would be encouraging you as strongly as
    possible not to cheat.

    There are two ways to be the best. One is to actually be
    the best. The other is to bring the best down to your
    level. When you ask for a reference under these
    circumstances, you bring others down to your level and
    they will generally resist. Can you see how you are
    serving to bring down the value of certification and
    indeed to Microsoft? Any wonder they try hard to shut
    these sites down and stop this material getting out - it
    diminishes their worth and that of the programs they wish
    to protect. It makes their best look like you: worthless.

    It's past 3am. I'm going to bed now.
    Marko, Aug 4, 2003
  4. Hi,

    I support all who disagree on the use of braindumps. I personally
    disagree with the use of braindumps. As one of you has rightly quoted
    that what braindumps actually help you develop is memory and not
    understanding of the concepts, which is essential in the IT world. And
    also its use is unjust to those who relentlessly burn the midnight oil
    to become an MCP. I don't how legally its use can be stopped but we
    can definitely discourage their use around our localities by
    boycotting those who use braindumps.
    Lisa Duchovny, Aug 5, 2003
  5. Good point Steve! I think that the practice tests are only one tool in the
    arsenal and should not be entire learning process.
    Diana K Brown, Aug 7, 2003
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