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Discussion in 'MCITP' started by MileHighWelch, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. I've taken 5105, 5118, & 5119.
    I would like an a exam prep but the MCITP Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam
    70-622) is not going to be available until late September. I would like a
    hard copy so I can read during my commute rather than an online version.
    Anyone have some insight on how to best prepare for this exam?
    MileHighWelch, Jun 19, 2007
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  2. Mike:
    I too am studying for the 70-622 exam while riding the bus to and from work
    (about 75 minutes each way).
    I noted that most of the items in the "Skills being measured" in 70-622 is
    also in other exams, so I was studying for 70-622 while I was studying for
    70-620 (you were too, if you took that exam, and you didn't even know it!).

    My suggestion is to search the web (especially,, and for each of these
    items, print off relevant articles, and then study the print-outs. That's
    what I'm doing to cover the items that I am not familiar with yet.

    Don't worry that you don't have the books to study from. Remember that the
    exam developers didn't have the books either. All they had was msdn and
    technet (and the <F1> key). If they developed their exams from these
    resources, then you should be able to take the exams using the same resources.

    Remember that where's there's overlap between exams, you can use books
    originally meant for the other exam.
    Here's the combination of the "Skills being measured" for exams 620 through

    V1. Installing and Upgrading Windows Vista. [Exam 70-620 only]
    Installing Windows Vista. [Exam 70-621 only] Deploying Windows Vista.
    [Exam 70-622 only] Install and Upgrade Windows Vista [Exam 70-623 only]
    V1.1. Identify hardware requirements. [Exam 70-620 only] Identify
    requirements. [Exam 70-621 only] Evaluate potential upgrade environments.
    [Exam 70-623 only]
    V1.2. Analyze the business environment and select an appropriate deployment
    method. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V1.3. Perform a clean installation. [Exam 70-620 only] Prepare a system
    for clean installation or upgrade. [Exam 70-622 only] Prepare to install
    Windows Vista. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V1.4. Upgrade to Windows Vista from previous versions of Windows. [Exam
    70-620 only] Upgrade from earlier version of Windows. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V1.5. Upgrade from one edition of Windows Vista to another edition. [Exam
    70-620 only]
    V1.6. Deploy from a custom Image. [Exam 70-621 only] Deploy Windows Vista
    from a custom image. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V1.7. Perform post-installation tasks. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V1.8. Troubleshoot Windows Vista installation issues. [Exam 70-620
    only] Troubleshoot Installation Issues. [Exam 70-621 only] Troubleshoot
    deployment issues. [Exam 70-622 only] Troubleshoot and resolve installation
    issues. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V1.9. Troubleshoot and resolve post-installation issues. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V1.10. Install and configure Windows Vista drivers. [Exam 70-620 only]

    V2. Configuring and Troubleshooting Post-Installation System Settings.
    [Exam 70-620 only] Configuring and troubleshooting post-installation
    system settings. [Exam 70-621 only] Post-Installation: Customize and
    Configure Settings [Exam 70-623 only]
    V2.1. Troubleshoot post-installation configuration issues. [Exam 70-620
    and 70-621 only]
    V2.2. Configure Sidebar. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V2.3. Configure and troubleshoot Windows Aero. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621
    only] Configure Windows Aero. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V2.4. Configure and troubleshoot parental controls. [Exam 70-620 and
    70-621 only]
    V2.5. Configure Windows Internet Explorer. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V2.6. Restore user state. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V2.7. Customize and configure user accounts. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V2.8. Evaluate user requirements and recommend, set up, and configure
    appropriate applications. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V2.9. Evaluate user's system and recommend appropriate settings to optimize
    performance. [Exam 70-623 only]

    V3. Configuring Windows Security Features. [Exam 70-620 only] Manage
    Windows Vista security. [Exam 70-621 and 70-622 only] Configure Windows
    Vista Security [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.1. Configure and troubleshoot User Account Control. [Exam 70-620 and
    70-621 only]
    V3.2. Configure Windows Defender. [Exam 70-620 only] Configure and
    troubleshoot Windows Defender. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V3.3. Configure Dynamic Security for Internet Explorer 7. [Exam 70-620 and
    70-621 only] Configure and troubleshoot security for Windows Internet
    Explorer 7+. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V3.4. Configure BitLocker. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V3.5. Troubleshoot security configuration issues . [Exam 70-621 and 70-622
    V3.6. Configure Windows Security Center. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.7. Configure security settings in Windows Firewall. [Exam 70-620 and
    70-621 only] Troubleshoot Windows Firewall issues. [Exam 70-622
    only] Configure Firewalls. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.8. Configure Windows Updates. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.9. Troubleshoot Windows Defender issues. [Exam 70-622 only] Configure
    Windows Defender. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.10. Apply security patches and updates. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V3.11. Configure and troubleshoot access to resources. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V3.12. Troubleshoot authentication issues. [Exam 70-621 and 70-622 only]
    V3.13. Configure Parental controls. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.14. Configure Internet Explorer 7+. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.15. Configure and troubleshoot User Account Control. [Exam 70-622
    only] Configure User Account Control. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V3.16. Protect data. [Exam 70-623 only]

    V4. Managing and Maintaining Systems That Run Windows Vista. [Exam 70-622
    V4.1. Troubleshoot policy settings. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V4.2. Configure and manage the Task Scheduler. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V4.3. Configure and troubleshoot Event Forwarding. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V4.4. Apply and troubleshoot updates. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V4.5. Troubleshoot performance and reliability issues. [Exam 70-622 only]

    V5. Configuring Network Connectivity. [Exam 70-620 only] Configure and
    troubleshoot networking. [Exam 70-621 only] Configuring and Troubleshooting
    Networking. [Exam 70-622 only] Configure, Troubleshoot, and Repair
    Networking [Exam 70-623 only]
    V5.1. Configuring networking by using the Network and Sharing Center.
    [Exam 70-620 only]
    V5.2. Configure and troubleshoot network protocols and services. [Exam
    70-621 only] Configure and troubleshoot network protocols. [Exam 70-622 and
    70-623 only]
    V5.3. Configure and troubleshoot network services at the client level.
    [Exam 70-622 only] Configure and troubleshoot network services at the client.
    [Exam 70-623 only]
    V5.4. Configure and troubleshoot remote access. [Exam 70-621 and 70-622
    V5.5. Troubleshoot connectivity issues. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 and 70-622
    V5.6. Configure Remote Access. [Exam 70-620 only]
    V5.7. Configure and troubleshoot Windows Vista by using the Network and
    Sharing Center. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V5.8. Configure and troubleshoot wireless networking. [Exam 70-621 and
    70-622 and 70-623 only]
    V5.9. Configure network security. [Exam 70-621 and 70-622 only]
    V5.10. Troubleshoot access to network resources. [Exam 70-621 and 70-622
    V5.11. Use the Network and Sharing Center to configure networking. [Exam
    70-621 only]
    V5.12. Troubleshoot file and print sharing. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V5.13. Configure Media Center. [Exam 70-623 only]

    V6. Configuring Applications Included with Windows Vista. [Exam 70-620
    only] Configuring and troubleshooting applications that are included with
    Windows Vista. [Exam 70-621 only] Supporting and Maintaining Desktop
    Applications. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V6.1. Configure and troubleshoot media applications. [Exam 70-620 and
    70-621 only]
    V6.2. Configure Windows Mail. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V6.3. Configure Windows Meeting Space. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V6.4. Configure Windows Calendar. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V6.5. Configure Windows Fax and Scan. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V6.6. Configure Windows Sidebar. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V6.7. Support deployed applications. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V6.8. Troubleshoot software restrictions. [Exam 70-622 only]
    V6.9. Maintain desktop applications. [Exam 70-622 only]

    V7. Maintaining and Optimizing Systems That Run Windows Vista. [Exam
    70-620 only] Manage and maintain systems that are running Windows Vista.
    [Exam 70-621 only]
    V7.1. Troubleshoot policy settings. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V7.2. Configure and manage the Task Scheduler. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V7.3. Configure and troubleshoot Event Forwarding. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V7.4. Troubleshoot performance issues. [Exam 70-620 only] Troubleshoot
    performance and reliability issues. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V7.5. Troubleshoot reliability issues by using built-in diagnostic tools.
    [Exam 70-620 only]
    V7.6. Configure Windows Update. [Exam 70-620 only]
    V7.7. Apply and troubleshoot updates. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V7.8. Configure Data Protection. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]

    V8. Configuring and Troubleshooting Mobile Computing. [Exam 70-620
    only] Configuring and troubleshooting mobile computing. [Exam 70-621 only]
    V8.1. Configure Mobile Display Settings. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V8.2. Configure Mobile Devices. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V8.3. Configure Tablet PC software. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]
    V8.4. Configure Power Options. [Exam 70-620 and 70-621 only]

    V9. Install, Configure, and Troubleshoot Devices [Exam 70-623 only]
    V9.1. Connect peripherals to Windows Vista. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V9.2. Install, configure, and troubleshoot mobile devices. [Exam 70-623
    V9.3. Install, configure, and troubleshoot digital cameras and camcorders.
    [Exam 70-623 only]
    V9.4. Install, configure, and troubleshoot media devices. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V9.5. Install, configure, and troubleshoot printers, fax machines, and copy
    devices. [Exam 70-623 only]

    V10. Troubleshoot and Repair Windows Vista [Exam 70-623 only]
    V10.1. Diagnose a specified issue. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V10.2. Repair a corrupted operating system. [Exam 70-623 only]
    V10.3. Remove malware from a client system. [Exam 70-623 only]

    Best luck in your certification studies.
    LarryWestMCSD, Jun 19, 2007
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