MCDST Certification and Jobs

Discussion in 'MCDST' started by dpmj, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. dpmj

    dpmj Guest


    I am about to prepare to take MCDST certs. My ultimate is to get MCITP
    (Administrator) and all this through self study. Just learned that the
    Microsoft press is one of the best and it also contains the Virtual lab to

    My question however is that, i've been told that getting a job with MCITP
    with certs alone and without already working it IT sector is difficult. Thus
    the need to use online agents to help prepare for the exam, help with
    interview tips and also the job (though high fees applies).

    Just wondering if I can get an expert advice/suggestion on the best thing to
    do. i.e. do i self study and be able to get job without much difficulties or
    register with agents with the high fees.

    Many thanks.
    dpmj, Apr 23, 2009
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  2. True. So is getting a job *with* experience. :)
    Not really. There are two things you need to get a job in IT.

    [1] Solid technical skills.

    [2] Great interviewing skills.

    I'd do the self study to develop the knowledge, and *volunteer*
    (internships, church, non-profits) to get the experience.

    As for the interviewing skills, you get those through [a] experience
    interviewing and studying interviewing skills. There are plenty of
    available resources on the web to teach good interviewing skills that it's
    not necessary to rely on "high cost online agents".

    Lawrence Garvin, M.S., MCITP:EA, MCDBA
    Principal/CTO, Onsite Technology Solutions, Houston, Texas
    Microsoft MVP - Software Distribution (2005-2009)

    MS WSUS Website:
    My Websites:;
    My MVP Profile:
    Lawrence Garvin [MVP], Apr 23, 2009
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  3. dpmj

    dpmj Guest

    Many thanks and God bless.

    dpmj, Apr 24, 2009
  4. dpmj

    Johnathan Guest

    I agree wholeheartedly with Lawrence Garvin here. You have to also do a
    reality check on the type of job you expect to get in the beginning. The
    MCDST cert is meant for Help Desk and Level 1 support positions. So, don't
    be surprised if your first job in the undustry is on a Help Desk working the
    worst shift and long hours. Practically everyone in the industry has had to
    go through this "rite of passage".

    As for the self study idea that you have, way to go. But do realize that
    while self study will help you answer the questions hands on experience
    either through a job and/or a classroom (in person or virtual) adds an
    additional dimension to your learning. I can tell you that after all of the
    years I have had in this business I have hardly ever seen anything go by the
    book. I have been able to take the test through studying the Microsoft Press
    books, and pass. But it was my past experience that i used mainly in the
    tests. The self study I did was to simply round out some of the theory items
    and learn the "Microsoft Way" of completing the tasks.

    Good luck in your endeavours.
    Johnathan, Jun 8, 2009
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