McCain takes the lead!

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by richard, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. richard

    richard Guest

    As of now, McCain now has 1,195 delegates. 4 more than needed for the

    Obama is leading on the other side.

    Regardless of how you feel, McCain is highly more suitable for the
    office than Obama is. Please vote Republican.
    richard, Mar 5, 2008
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  2. richard

    MoiMoi Guest

    Obama has a better chance of living until the general election.

    MoiMoi, Mar 5, 2008
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  3. richard

    Lookout Guest

    Ya..if you want another liar in there. He's flip flopped more than
    Kerry did.
    Ya..and if you want your kids and grandkids fighting in the Middle
    East for the Saudi Royal Family.
    Lookout, Mar 5, 2008
  4. richard

    ellis_jay Guest

    Now just why would anyone want to vote for a party that has taken so much
    from the American people and from their wallets..and from wondering about
    all the empty seats at the family dinner table because of a lying assed CIC
    and VP involved in a war on the wrong people...just why would you beg folks
    for more of the same?

    Hold fast to Hillary. Obama in 8 years.

    He that cometh to seek after knowledge, with a mind to scorn, shall be
    sure to find matter for his humour, but no matter for his instruction.
    __Francis Bacon..Advancement of Learning, Book I(1605)

    ellis_jay, Mar 5, 2008
  5. richard

    HEMI-Powered Guest

    richard added these comments in the current discussion du jour
    Saw something interesting tonight on one of the cable news
    channels: if either Hillary or Barrack were to run ALL the
    remaining primaries, they still couldn't get to the minimum
    required for nomination. So, if you're rooting for either of them,
    it seems like it'll be a long spring and summer. As to who is or is
    not qualified or whom one should vote for, I prefer that be done by
    each voter in the privacy of their voting booth.
    HEMI-Powered, Mar 5, 2008
  6. richard

    John Smith Guest

    Precisely why the voting method needs to be changed.
    The primaries are a good thing, just not being done properly.
    Divide the country into 5 sections of 10 states each.
    Or maybe 8 sections of 6 states.
    With the new england states being the smallest in size and population,
    they go first.
    Now take the next smallest section and let them vote.
    Instead of the final tally determining who will be on the general
    election ballot, as it is now, put the top two or three names on the
    ballot and let the people decide.

    As independents don't have a primary, then why should the major two
    parties have one at all?
    John Smith, Mar 5, 2008
  7. richard

    DemoDisk Guest

    I'd trust your sig file sooner than your post
    DemoDisk, Mar 5, 2008
  8. richard

    philo Guest

    I'm a Democrat...
    however I do think McCain has a lot of positive aspects.
    philo, Mar 5, 2008
  9. richard

    Rôgêr Guest

    My admiration of McCain goes back a long way, before he even got started
    in politics. However, I have to admit, he's made some very worrisome
    Watch the first video.
    Rôgêr, Mar 5, 2008
  10. richard

    Rôgêr Guest

    Hint: if you look at his sig you get some idea of his location.
    Rôgêr, Mar 5, 2008
  11. His plan is to spend more $$$$ and keep the war going until he bankrupts
    the USA and send us into another depression.
    Si/\\/\\o|\\|, Mar 5, 2008
  12. richard

    Tony Guest

    Yes, he better drink his coconut milk and eat his watermelon while he still
    can. In South Africa a whiteman would refuse to wrestle a blackman. I
    remember a guy called Kernal DeBeers and he would not wrestle a blackman in
    the wrestling ring.
    Tony, Mar 5, 2008
  13. richard

    HEMI-Powered Guest

    philo added these comments in the current discussion du jour ...
    I've been voting since I reached the age of majority in 1968. I
    have to say that for at least 20 years, maybe longer, the true
    values and agenda of both the Democrats and Republicans has become
    more and more blurred. One can no longer tell what a candidate from
    either party might be expected to do if elected, they both are SSDD
    and nothing more than Washington insiders whose main goal is to be
    elected and relected as many times as the law allows. Representing
    their constituents and defending the Constitution seem the very
    last thing on their minds - and I mean both parties. To me in this
    election, as 2004, 2000, and maybe earlier, it isn't a question of
    whether I will be screwed personally or some bad things will happen
    to our great country - those are givens - it is the particular
    manner in which the damage will be done that is the differentiator.
    So, this time, a voter at this point has 3 bad candidates and can
    only choose which kind of "bad" they want, and NOT who is truly
    best for them or best for the country as a whole. I consider this
    to be the death of the traditional 2-party system but nobody seems
    the least bit interested in fixing it or even recognizing that it
    HEMI-Powered, Mar 5, 2008
  14. richard

    Mara Guest

    A good laugh always starts the day off right.

    Mara, Mar 5, 2008
  15. richard

    who'sthat Guest

    The reason neither will have enough delegates is because Michigan and
    Florida ignored the DNC and help their caucuses to early. The votes
    will eventually be counted or there will be a re-caucuses in ...I'm
    guessing June or July although the Florida governor will probably try
    to delay it until August to get the Dems to spend as much money prior
    to the general election as possible.
    who'sthat, Mar 5, 2008
  16. richard

    DemoDisk Guest

    That's how they destroyed the Soviet Union, the enemy of freedom. That's
    how they'll destroy Liberalism, the enemy of profit.

    Poverty makes people conservative. They don't want to talk about
    pie-in-the-sky stuff like universal healthcare and college educations
    when they are so close to failure they can't sleep at night.

    Poverty is a very good weapon to use against your enemies.

    DemoDisk, Mar 5, 2008
  17. richard

    Lookout Guest

    Theorem: Poverty makes people conservative.

    Argument: Blacks are more inclined to poverty than whites in America.

    Finding: Most blacks vote liberal.

    What's wrong with your math?

    Liberalism breeds free speech. Free speech and access to it is what
    brought down Russia and it will bring down China. Reagan had nothing
    to do with it...Russia rotted from within because the rich in Russia
    got a taste of America and wanted the same in Russia. In 20 years you
    will see a civil war in China that will split the world into pieces.
    If you read TIME and Newsweek you have been watching China falling
    apart before your eyes.
    Lookout, Mar 5, 2008
  18. richard

    DemoDisk Guest

    I agree w a lot of what you say, particularly the careerism of our
    "representatives". The last time the American public was able to vote
    people of their own interests into office in a major way was 1932, when
    Roosevelt and the Democrats swept out Hoover and the '20s Republicans.
    The choice then was so clear, with ~25% of working age males jobless. By
    the '90s, the Democrats probably should have lost, I think, but not so

    The public has been the audience to a rightwing theater of sham
    patriotism and false claims that brings us to the point of economic
    disaster. For nothing -- at least nothing for most of us. They've done a
    very good psyops job on the country. But if conditions turn out as bad
    as economists say they will, the public may really demand better people
    in office as they did in the 1930s. I hope we can collect our focus in
    time for the election, or we'll just have another four years of trouble.
    DemoDisk, Mar 5, 2008
  19. richard

    HEMI-Powered Guest

    DemoDisk added these comments in the current discussion du jour
    Gee, I thought poverty encourages liberalism, sometimes to the
    extent of Socialism or even Communism. The reason is that those
    are the political philosophies who say, basically, "it is the
    state and big business that is the cause of your misery - let us,
    the governement of the people - take care of you." It has
    happened time and time again. Luckily for the U.S., we've not
    fell prey to the really dangerous swings to the ultra far left,
    and quite a few people were behind FDR. Even LBJ's Great Society
    had a number of supporters even though it was doomed to failure.
    In a traditional conservative "regime", the tax breaks et al go
    to businesses and to those earning "the big bucks". Ordinary poor
    folk, and often even the middle class, do not see a lot of
    I agree with this, but what is important is how the "weapon" is
    used and who are really the "enemy". It isn't quite as simple as
    you're making it sound.
    HEMI-Powered, Mar 5, 2008
  20. richard

    Lookout Guest

    The economic crash won't happen till after November. Then the
    conservatives will conveniently forget the 6 years of republican
    control and blame it on the democrats. Don't forget bush had a federal
    surplus and a waning federal deficit when he entered office. The
    democrats will have just the opposite.

    Cut all international funding by 15% each year until the we are out of
    debt and our infrastructure is secure for the next 30 years. That
    means cut all military, economic, educational, humanitarian,... you
    name..any and all international funding cut by 15%. It's time we
    rebuild our own infrastructure before we build another damn bridge
    anywhere else. We need our water systems secure before we make sure
    Baghdad has water and we need every kid in a new school before we
    build a new school in Africa.
    Lookout, Mar 5, 2008
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