McBook Pro is too slow

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by hounslow3, Oct 12, 2013.

  1. hounslow3

    hounslow3 Guest


    My 15" MacBook Pro, which I bought in mid-2009, is running way too slow.
    The computer displays many a time the beachball for even simple tasks.
    It has now reached a point as of late that it will basically freeze for
    5-6 minutes, and show the beachball spinning.

    I checked the memory, and it tells me that I have 58.19 gB of free RAM,
    from 249.2 gB. That should still be enough space to normally run, AIUI.

    Any advice or assistance?

    Thanks in advance.
    hounslow3, Oct 12, 2013
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  2. hounslow3

    Paul Guest

    Open a Terminal and run "top".

    In that example, the machine has 2GB of RAM,
    "1366M used" and "681M free". The machine is
    78.67% idle, so about one quarter of CPU cycles
    are in usage at the moment.

    As for reconciling the numbers, the 32.6% used by WebKitPlugin
    is measured with respect to a single core. While the 16.11%
    noted at the top, tells me the machine uses a dual core processor.
    The number at the top, tells how much usage of the entire CPU,
    while the chart at the bottom is scaled per core. It's possible,
    with multithreading, for a number in the bottom section to
    go over 100%. It just means "more than a core's worth" is
    being used.

    I understand, the latest MacOSX attempts to bury the
    OS which is underneath, so I have no way now of knowing
    how many Unix commands can be used any more. I hope your
    version still allows opening a Terminal. Once the OS becomes
    a "phone OS", MacOSX will effectively be dead to me, and

    Paul, Oct 12, 2013
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  3. hounslow3

    VanguardLH Guest

    hounslow3 wrote:
    (don't post your true e-mail address in Usenet where spambots roam to
    harvest them -- don't even use a valid domain in your published e-mail
    address here)
    (wow, what a ridiculously high price)

    Has an Intel i7 processor. That will throttle its duty cycle if it gets
    overly hot. Have you yet dusted it out to make sure the CPU is getting
    sufficiently cooled? It some overly small vent slots so lint and dust
    could easily accumulate.

    Alas, blowing into the vents means pushing the dust accumulation back
    inside the case. You might want to unscrew and remove the bottom plate
    to blow OUT the dust. See:

    (only up to the 00:55 time mark to get inside to blow out)

    (use a pressurized air duster can to ensure enough force to move dust)

    (this one was much more dusty than in the other videos plus it also
    notes replacing the cheap thermal paste with better stuff -- however,
    this guy puts on about 5 times too much paste as you want metal-metal
    contact as much as possible, not metal-paste-metal)

    Press a finger on the fan to keep it from spinning when blowing it out.
    If there is dust that is stuck onto the blades, use an ear swab (if you
    can get in between the blades) to brush the blades on top and bottom

    If you are putting this atop your lap, your clothes will block the
    vents. Consider getting a laptop stand.
    That would free space on your hard disk, NOT from memory. You certainly
    don't have room in that little case for 300GB of RAM modules. However,
    you might consider what you can remove from your hard disk since you are
    approaching consuming it all. You've obviously stored a bunch of non-OS
    files on your drive that could be moved elsewhere. If most of the drive
    is consumed by programs then consider what you really don't use or which
    duplicate each other and uninstall them.
    With Windows, you can boot it into its safe mode which loads only basic
    services and none of the startup programs. This can be used to find out
    if something you installed or loads on normal startup is causing the
    slowdown. See
    VanguardLH, Oct 12, 2013
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