Mcad Exam Preparation time span???

Discussion in 'MCSD' started by gana, Apr 21, 2004.

  1. gana

    gana Guest

    Hi I am planning to do mcad with C# language. I am working
    as a developer for last 3 years with good knowledge of
    programming and have worked with dot net for 6 months with and my knowledge of c# is beginner but I have
    knowledge of the VS studio dot net tool , frame work &
    concepts. I am planning to do the exams in fast track
    (Take off time from work and concentrate on exams for all
    time). So if I spend around 10-12 hours a day , please
    could any one who have done the exams successfully let me
    know within how many days I could able to the mcad exams
    (3 exams) or your suggestions & tips for the fast track
    preparation as I find difficult to work full time & to
    concentrate on my exams as I planned to do these exams
    long while ago & never got around it!!!

    Thanks you ver much & appreciate your feed backs in


    gana, Apr 21, 2004
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  2. I studied for each test using only the blue Kalani book, about 40 hours per
    test, doing 3 or 4 labs per book. My reviews of those books are on amazon.
    Even though unemployed at the time I couldn't really get 10 hours of study
    per day (except the day before the test!), I think that is asking too much
    from your brain. I usually read 100-150 pages per day, making many notes in
    the margins and underlining things, and the books average 1000 pages.
    Luckily, there are a couple hundred pages of repeat between the books
    (however don't be deceived by the "mere" 800 pages of the 70-320 book, there
    is a lot to know in that one). The night before each exam I would go
    through the entire book looking only at my marginalia. Anyway this study
    style worked for me, I never came close to failing, and probably could have
    gone faster and learned less and still passed. Based on your description of
    your experience I'd guess if you really push it you could do one test per
    week, but it would probably be very difficult to go any faster. After 3
    days of studying for 10+ hours per day, the (healthy) urge to do anything
    besides study becomes overwhelming.

    Brad Williams
    Brad Williams, Apr 21, 2004
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