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  1. The Library DVD Shelf

    Frozen Planet
    David Attenborough, narrator
    BBC Earth
    0780685180, $39.98, www.bbcearth.com.

    FROZEN PLANET features the original UK series narrated by David
    Attenborough and provides the series on 3 discs: the original 7-part
    BBC series in its entirety. FROZEN PLANET offers stunning images above
    and below the ice at the Arctic and Antarctic, and offers a lovely
    narrative that will fascinate any science fan. It comes to life on
    home TV sets and having the complete series in one DVD package assures
    that audiences can view it in its entirety time and again.

    BBC America

    TORCHWOOD: MIRACLE DAY (0780696883, $49.98) was a sensational and
    revolutionary Torchwood series: revolutionary because unlike the other
    Torchwood seasons of years past, it took a single premise and expanded
    it. MIRACLE DAY is a day when suddenly death is halted on the planet -
    bringing with it all kinds of ethical and practical issues for any
    alive on that day, now endowed with immortality. For the members of
    Torchwood it involves an ingoing investigation into the causes of
    Miracle Day - and the ultimate changes in the human psyche that it
    brings. It's simply an outstanding show, highly recommended for any
    prior fan or newcomer to the Torchwood world. Torchwood had its
    origins in Dr. Who and two new DVDs cover the John Pertwee years from
    1970-74, offering episodes in 2-disc sets. DR WHO: THE DAEMONS
    (0780691946, $34.98) tells of a professor who opens a burial mound and
    a local white witch who foresees disaster, while black magic is
    involved in conjuring up an ancient devil. It's up to The Doctor, Jo
    and UNIT to intervene. The special DVD edition of DR WHO: CARNIVAL OF
    MONSTERS (0780671023, $34.98) includes audio commentary, early edits,
    behind the scenes accounts, and much more and tells of the Doctor's
    test flight in the TARDIS, landing on a cargo ship in 1926. A
    traveling showman from another world involves The Doctor and his
    companion in a dangerous game in this tense thriller. All are top
    recommendations for any science fiction DVD collection.

    Project Happiness
    Spring Communications
    c/o Beyond Words
    20827 NW Cornell Rd. Suite 500, Hillsboro OR 97124-9808
    No ISBN, $19.95, www.beyondword.com

    PROJECT HAPPINESS focuses on four teens from Santa Cruz, California.
    Each faces personal obstacles to happiness and daily challenges, but
    through Project Happiness they are introduced to peers in Nigeria and
    India and become involved in conversations with all kinds of cultural
    notables, from actor Richard Gere to activist director George Lucas.
    Project Happiness offered them keys to a happier life, and is
    presented here as an inspirational choice for any DVD collection.

    Titanoboa: Monster Snake
    Smithsonian Channel
    c/o Inception Media Group
    11620 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 900
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    No ISBN DVD, $14.98, www.smithsonianchannel.com

    Titanoboa: Monster Snake tells of a snake that is longer than a bus
    and eats crocs for breakfast! Titanoboa, a snake that some 60 million
    years ago rules the world with an iron squeeze. Scientists provide
    inviting questions and facts about the truth of Titanoboa, presenting
    lab research and an expedition that reconstructed the snake's
    discovery, reconstruction, and life. Any natural history collection,
    especially those strong in prehistoric life, will find this a winner!

    Money & Medicine
    a film by Roger Weisberg
    Bullfrog Films, Inc.
    PO Box 149
    Oley, PA 19547
    $295.00 www.bullfrogfilms.com

    Winner of the Remi Award in the WorldFest at Houston, Money & Medicine
    is a documentary that scrutinizes one of the reasons American health
    care costs are skyrocketing out of control - overtreatment. The health
    care field is rife with moral, ethical, and financial dilemmas, that
    manifest as radically different rates in which certain expensive
    treatments (that just might be unnecessary!) are performed across the
    country. For example, some states have a much higher incidence of
    elective Cesarean Section deliveries than others, even though the
    procedure is a major surgery with significant risks. Money & Medicine
    also examines heartbreaking end-of-life choices, including the modern
    tendency to prolong the deaths of people whose severe organ failure
    means that it is almost impossible for them to recover. Other
    controversies arise over cancer screenings; should women start getting
    mammograms at age 40 or 50, given that the procedure has a small
    amount of risk? How aggressively should men screen for and treat
    prostate cancer, especially when surgically removing an anomaly that
    is statistically likely to be nonfatal can have lifelong negative side
    effects such as impotence or incontinence? There is no one-size-fits-
    all answer, but as health care costs continue to soar, these crucial
    questions and related problems concerning the phenomenon of
    overtreatment need to be faced head-on. Perhaps Money & Medicine's
    most important lesson lies in its emphasis on the importance of peer
    review and the group pooling of information among medical
    professionals; when doctors share what they know among themselves and
    collect aggregate data, they are better empowered to help their
    patients make difficult, life-changing decisions. Highly recommended.
    83 min.

    This is Civilization
    Matthew Collings, host
    c/o Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620
    Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    9781598288162 $39.99 www.acornonline.com

    A modern update of BBC's notable 1969 series "Civilization", This is
    Civilization is a four-part documentary on two DVDs that explores what
    art has to say about humanity throughout the centuries. Spotlighting
    on masterpieces ranging from ancient Greek sculpture and the temples
    of Egypt to the geometric patterns of mosques, the fiery art of the
    French Revolution, pioneers of modern art such as Picasso and Pollack,
    and even the stinging indictments of commercialized pop culture
    crafted by Chinese artist and photographer Wang Qingsong. A grand
    showcase of artistic masterpieces, This is Civilization is the next
    best thing to attending museums in person, further enriched by host
    Matthew Collings extensive commentary on the rich interplay between
    art and human culture. Bonus features include a 12-page viewer's guide
    peppered with articles, and biographies of profiled artists, This is
    Civilization is an absolute must-see for art lovers, and highly
    recommended for public library DVD collections. 2 DVDs, 192 min.,
    widescreen, SDH subtitles.

    Programmed To Be Fat?
    A documentary from Dreamfilm
    Bullfrog Films, Inc.
    PO Box 149
    Oley, PA 19547
    1937772160 $250.00 www.bullfrogfilms.com

    Licensed for public performance, Programmed To Be Fat? observes that
    first-world nations with a modern American lifestyle have populations
    that are heavier than ever. Is this entirely due to unhealthy diet and
    exercise habits? Programmed To Be Fat? explores the research that
    multiple scientists have done implying that man-made chemicals might
    have compounded the obesity epidemic. Could exposure to certain
    chemicals in the womb result in children who are genetically
    programmed to be fatter? Experiments with lab mice seem to indicate as
    much. The chemical BPA, which can be absorbed through the skin simply
    from handling printed receipts or ingested by drinking/eating from
    certain plastic containers, has been linked to weight gain, and is
    extraordinarily prevalent in our modern culture. Programmed To Be Fat?
    raises disturbing but vital questions about whether our current
    procedures for testing the safety of chemicals are comprehensive
    enough (especially when new chemicals seem to be "innocent until
    proven guilty"), and is highly recommended. 45 min., SDH captions.

    Monroe Series 1
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620
    Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    9781598287868 $39.99 www.acornonline.com

    Monroe Series 1 is a collection on DVD of the British drama following
    Dr. Gabriel Monroe (played by James Nesbitt, known for his work in
    "Murphy's Law"), a witty neurosurgical genius with a strong sense of
    right and wrong, and a maverick penchant for arrogantly defying the
    rules. An outrage to his colleagues, a terror to his interns, and yet
    a savior to his patients, Monroe and the rest of his surgical team
    must navigate thorny challenges in their personal lives as well as
    challenging life-or-death cases in their professional work. The extra
    twists of tight plotting and dry, unforgettable British humor cement
    "Monroe" as an absolute "must-see" for fans of medical drama! 6
    episodes on 2 DVDs, 274 min., 16:9 widescreen, SDH subtitles.

    Biophilic Design
    a documentary by Stephen R. Kellert & Bill Finnegan
    Bullfrog Films, Inc.
    PO Box 149
    Oley, PA 19547
    1937772101 $250.00 www.bullfrogfilms.com

    Licensed for public performance, Biophilic Design: The Architecture of
    Life is a documentary that explores the intrinsic value of
    incorporating elements of nature and natural life into human living,
    working, and educational environments. "Green" architecture, which
    often allows spaces for living trees or even ecosystems, is not only
    environmentally friendly but also refreshing to the body and soul.
    Patients in hospitals with biophilic design recover more quickly and
    have less stress; workers in environments with biophilic design enjoy
    themselves more and find it easier to concentrate; and students in
    schools with biophilic design can benefit from whole new ways of
    learning that teach them about the value of nature. A thought-
    provoking study brimming with invaluable ideas especially for
    architects, policy makers, and interior designers, Biophilic Design is
    highly recommended. 60 min., SDH captioned.

    Take Me Home
    Monterey Media Inc.
    566 St. Charles Drive
    Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3901
    9781569943656 $26.95 www.montereymedia.com

    Take Me Home: A Comedy About The Road Less Traveled is a multiple
    award-winning independent film about two people who stumble into one
    another just as they are at the end of their respective ropes. Thom
    Colvin (played by Sam Jaeger) is desperately struggling to pursue his
    dream of being a professional photographer, but cannot scrape together
    enough money to avoid being evicted, and moonlights as an unlicensed
    cab driver to barely survive. Claire Barrow (played by Amber Jaeger)
    is struggling with a troubled marriage, and two terrible events in one
    day push her over the edge - an unexpected discovery of her husband on
    too-friendly terms with his attractive secretary, and the news that
    the emotionally distant father she hasn't seen in years has suffered a
    heart attack. When Claire randomly happens into Thom's cab and demands
    that he "just drive", it begins a cross-country odyssey that will
    ultimately lead each of them to learn from one another, and find the
    strength to confront their respective personal demons. A thoughtful
    film, Take Me Home balances light romantic comedy with soulful
    emotion, and is a journey that will entrance the viewer from beginning
    to end. Highly recommended. Bonus features include a "behind the
    scenes" segment and brief cast interviews. 97 min., closed captioned,
    16:9 anamorphic, rated PG-13.

    Rails to the Twin Ports
    2652 East Walnut St.
    Pasadena, CA 91107
    1563423022 $29.95 www.pentrex.com

    Rails to the Twin Ports is a spectacular DVD tour of the railroad
    facilities of the Twin Ports of Duluth, Minnesota and Superior,
    Wisconsin, as recorded in the late 1990s by Pentrex, the
    quintessential creators of entertainment for railroad aficionados.
    Featuring gorgeous camerawork of the major railroads that served the
    Twin Ports (Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Canadian
    Pacific, Canadian national, Wisconsin Central, and ore-haulers Duluth,
    Missabe, & Iron Range), Rails to the Twin Ports is shows operations of
    these hardy industrial trains across all four seasons. Informative
    narration enhances this immersive documentary for railroad
    aficionados! 1 hour 54 min., standard definition, 4x3 format. Also a
    choice pick for railroad fans is the Pentrex documentary "UP 844 New
    Mexico-Arizona Centennial Special" (1563423294, $29.95, 1 hour 42
    min.), which follows an extraordinary, history-marking tour of a
    veteran steam-powered train decades after the retirement of its model.


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