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    Printmaking: Basic Techniques
    Peggy Flores
    Crystal Productions
    PO Box 2159, Glenview, IL 60025-6159
    www (dot) crystalproductions (dot) com
    9781562906061, $29.95, 1-800-255-8629

    At its best, creating printed fabrics combines good craftsmanship with
    an artist's imaginative skills. While artistic originality and
    expression might be considered an individualized and inherent talent,
    the skills of craftsmanship can be learned by anyone. This is
    especially true as evidenced by printmaking expert Peggy Flores' new
    DVD instructional guide "Printmaking: Basic Techniques" in which she
    explains and demonstrates relief printing by using such commonplace
    materials as flat cardboard, styrofoam, and string, which are glued
    onto cardboard, painted, and inked. "Printmaking: Basic Techniques"
    shows the step-by-step process of caving on vinyl blocks to create
    images which can then be used to make prints. Also covered are simple
    but useful tools in the printmaking process such as brayers, carving
    instruments, and bench hooks. Nicely illustrated with student prints,
    "Printmaking: Basic Techniques" is comprehensive, 'user friendly', and
    a highly recommended addition to personal, school, and community
    library Art Studies reference collections and curriculum

    Reality Press
    PO Box 91, Forest Hill, CA 95631
    [email protected] (dot) com
    www (dot) reality-entertainment (dot) com

    Along with an excellent publication list, Reality Press is also the
    distributor of equally interesting DVDs in a variety of subjects.
    Three of their newest DVD titles are particularly recommended for
    students of the paranormal, the metaphysical, and the occult.
    "Archetype of the UFO" (RYE 1044, $19.95) produced by O. H. Krill
    offers a one hour exploration focused upon the subject of unidentified
    flying objects and speculations regarding possible alien contact. Of
    special note is the attention given to historical archetypes and
    theories about the possible origins of the UFO and Alien phenomena.
    "Tarot Stripped Bare" (RYE 1046, $19.95) is a ninety minute visual
    introduction and guide to the reading of Tarot cards as a method of
    divination and as a means of uncovering personal knowledge. Of special
    note is the commentary respecting the choosing of a Tarot deck and
    performing a Tarot reading. "Gardiner's World" (RYE 1046, $29.95) is a
    one hour, forty minute compilation drawn from an alternative TV show
    and covering such complex subjects as history, religion, ancient
    mysteries, the esoteric and the occult. All three of these outstanding
    DVDs are as informed and informative as they are flawlessly recorded,
    making each of them an outstanding acquisition selection for personal,
    academic, and community library DVD collections.

    Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody
    Viz Communications Inc.
    295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
    1421522942, $29.98 www (dot) viz (dot) com 1-800-394-3042

    The first full-length movie on DVD starring characters from the
    popular shonen manga (high-action Japanese comics) and anime series
    Bleach, Bleach The Movie: Memories of Nobody is filled to the brim
    with supernatural sword-wielding action and intrigue, with the
    survival of two worlds at stake! In a world where Soul Reapers are
    responsible for maintaining the delicate balance between the realms of
    life and death, mysterious unidentified beings called "blanks"
    suddenly appear to cause trouble, and are just as swiftly dispatched
    by a young female Soul Reaper named Senna. Ichigo and Rukia decide to
    learn more about Senna, and become inextricably involved in a dire
    plot when a shadowy clan attempts to kidnap her. The clan's leader, a
    formerly banished member of the Soul Society, is intent on taking his
    revenge by engineering the deadly collision of the World of the Living
    and the Soul Society. Ichigo and the Soul Reapers must act fast or see
    all they know annihilated! The action comes fast and furious in this
    exciting thrill ride; special features include original trailers,
    Japanese production interviews, storyboards and line art, a behind the
    scenes featurette, and an English actor audio commentary. Bleach The
    Movie: Memories of Nobody is not only a "must-have" for Bleach fans,
    but also a great introduction to the world and characters of Bleach
    for those who have never enjoyed the manga or anime before. 2 DVDs, 90
    minutes, Japanese and English audio, widescreen, recommended for teen
    or older viewers due to violence.

    She Stoops To Conquer
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    AMP-8166, $39.99, www (dot) acornmedia (dot) com

    A five-episode television mini-series, "She Stoops To Conquer" is a
    2008 production of an Oliver Goldsmith play. Superbly costumed with
    scrupulous attention to set design (it was shot in an impressive 17th
    century Jacobean manor house), this whimsical, farcical, delightfully
    humorous and highly entertaining production is the story of Kate, a
    well-bred, intelligent young lady who poses as a barmaid in order to
    win the affections of Charles Marlow. A play rife with mistaken
    identities, multiple deceptions, and the convolutions of English
    societal expectations, "She Stoops To Conquer" is a brilliantly acted
    play that originally debuted in 1773 and a welcome, enthusiastically
    recommended addition to personal and community library DVD

    c/o MVD Entertainment Group
    PO Box 280, Oaks, PA 19456
    www (dot) MVDb2b (dot) com
    BDVD0803, $19.95, www (dot) brink (dot) com

    Post-apocalyptic themes have been a popular staple of science fiction
    in both literature and films. BriknDVD's "Gunheavy" is a riveting
    movie of this genre where after the collapse of civilization a
    totalitarian new world order is emerging calling itself 'The
    Founders'. In opposition is the 'Republican Commonwealth' a desperate
    group who has developed a secret weapon in the form of a robotic gun.
    The problem is that this weapon has a mind of its own. A small group
    of Special Force soldiers rebel and seek to gain control of this
    weapon. To complicate matters there are groups of unaligned and
    heavily armed gangs with their own private agendas. The action is non-
    stop and the body counts constantly rising. Hugely entertaining and
    highly recommended for fans of the post-holocaust general of military
    science fiction, the 65 minute full color digitally mastered
    "Gunheavy" DVD (feature both English and Spanish subtitling) includes
    such special features as a 13 minute 'Behind the Gun Featurette';
    'Jack of Bullets' (a 13 minute short film); an official trailer, and a
    director's commentary.


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