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  1. The Library DVD Shelf

    WALL-E Classroom Edition
    Disney Educational Productions
    114 Fifth Avenue, 14th floor, New York, NY 10011
    $49.95 www (dot) DisneyEducation (dot) com 1-800-759-0190

    WALL-E Classroom Edition is a special classroom edition of Disney/
    Pixar's latest computer-animated feature film, which includes public
    performance rights, a printable teacher's guide, and exclusive bonus
    features created to reinforce educational concepts. The movie itself
    stars the charming WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class),
    a humble robot with a powerful message about the importance of being a
    responsible steward of the environment. Educational themes present in
    the DVD include a look at the effects of gravity on the human body,
    both in earth and space, and an amazing examination of modern day
    robots. A delightful presentation that shows rather than tells its
    story, WALL-E Classroom Edition rated G for General Audiences, and is
    suitable for science and nature students from kindergarten on up. 98
    minutes, color.

    Which Fork Do I Use?
    Learning ZoneXPress
    PO Box 1022, Owatonna, MN 55060
    157175704X, $49.95 www (dot) learningzoneexpress (dot) com

    Which Fork Do I Use? is an educational DVD about formal etiquette,
    designed for viewers in sixth grade and up. An etiquette expert gives
    students basic advice about good manners suitable for use on a date, a
    job interview, or any special occasion. An excellent supplement for
    home economics classroom education, highly recommended for both school
    and public library collections. 22 minutes, closed captioned, teaching
    materials included.

    Naruto The Movie: Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom
    Viz Communications Inc.
    295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
    $29.98 www (dot) viz (dot) com 1-800-394-3042

    Presented in its original uncut version, Naruto the Movie: Guardians
    of the Crescent Moon Kingdom is the third full-length motion picture
    on DVD featuring characters from the smash hit shonen manga (high-
    action Japanese comics) and anime series Naruto. Set in a fantastic
    world without guns, where disciples of countless different (including
    many supernatural) forms of ninjitsu are the most elite scouts,
    fighters, mercenaries, and defenders, the Naruto series follows the
    adventures of the titular young man who, despite his cursed past as
    the living seal to a multi-tailed fox demon, remains bright and eager
    in his determined quest to become the greatest ninja of all. In
    Guardians of the Crescent Moon Kingdom, Naruto, the capable female
    ninja Sakura, and Kakashi ally with Rock Lee to carry out their latest
    assignment, the protection of Prince Michiru and his son Hikaru as
    they return home to the Crescent Moon Kingdom. Unfortunately, working
    for royalty is more of a headache than any of them guessed! Prince
    Michiru indulges his son shamelessly, even buying the young boy a
    circus, and Naruto can barely handle both the prince and his new saber-
    toothed tiger friend. But the action shifts into high gear once the
    Land of the Moon is reached; Naruto and his friends are thrust into
    the crucible of a villainous rebellion. The welfare of an entire
    kingdom is on the line, in this exciting saga of strength,
    supernatural powers, and heart! Special features include a movie
    booklet insert, audio commentary, and an interview with the Japanese
    producers. A "must-have" for Naruto fans, and a fine introduction to
    this high-impact series for anyone who's never read the manga or seen
    the anime before. 2 DVDs, 95 minutes, Japanese and English audio,
    widescreen, recommended for teen and older viewers due to violence.

    The Spirit Moves Part 1, 2, & 3
    Filmed by Mura Dehn
    Dancetime Publications
    70 West 87th St., Suite 1B, New York, NY 10024-3566
    $59.95 each /, $165.00 set www (dot) dancetimepublications (dot) com

    Produced, directed, edited, and narrated by European filmmaker Mura
    Dehn, The Spirit Moves: A History of Black Social Dance on Film,
    1900-1986 is a two-hour documentary, now available on a set of three
    DVDs. Part 1: Jazz Dance from the Turn of the Century to 1950 (45
    min.) was filmed at the Savoy Ballroom of Harlem in the 1950s, and
    features demonstrations of ragtime and jazz dances by well-known
    artists including James Berry, Pepsi Bethel, Teddy Brown, and more.
    Dances shown include the Cakewalk, Charleston, Black Bottom, Susie Q,
    Shake Blues, Gutbucket Blues, Trunky Doo, Big Apple, and aerial Lindy
    Hop. Part 2: Savoy Ballroom of Harlem, 1950s (30 min.) features
    footage of dancing by the general public, though the personalities of
    Al Minns and Leon James also make an appearance. Dances shown include
    Bebop, Lindy, Shim Sham, Charleston, and an aerial Lindy contest for
    the Harvest Moon Ball Championships. Part 3: Postwar Era (40 min. ) is
    filmed at P.S. 28 (Brooklyn) and the Palladium (New York) and focuses
    on dances from the "Bebop Era". Dance demonstrations include the
    Flying Home Harlem Style, Bebop improvisations, the Mombo, and an
    Applejack Challenge. Prominent dancers in Part 3 include Sugar
    Sullivan, Jack Asquiew, Leroy Appens, and more. A seminal appreciation
    of the evolution of African-American dance in urban America, The
    Spirit Moves Parts 1, 2, & 3 is a must-have for any serious American
    dance history DVD collection.

    The New Dance Group Gala Historical Concert Retrospective 1930s -
    Dancetime Publications
    70 West 87th St., Suite 1B, New York, NY 10024-3566
    $59.95 www (dot) dancetimepublications (dot) com

    The New Dance Group Gala Historical Concert Retrospective 1930s -
    1970s is a 2-disc DVD set of a special one-time concert, performed in
    1993, consisting of a historic retrospective of "The New Dance Group"
    from the 1930's to the 1970's. Eighteen recreated dances and excerpts
    displayed the diverse accomplishments of the New Dance Group across
    the span of forty years, including "Lynchtown" by Modern Dance founder
    Charles Weidman, "Folksay" by Sophie Maslow, "The Negro Speaks of
    Rivers" by Pearl Primus, and much more. Further enhancing the DVD are
    mini-interviews with the choreographers, and an educational nine-page
    brochure. A treasury of modern dance history, highly recommended
    especially for public library collections. 160 minutes.

    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 650, Silver Spring, MD 20910
    www (dot) AcaciaCatalog (dot) com

    Two new fitness DVDs from Acacia are sure to get one's blood pumping.
    "Cardio For Beginners" ($14.99, 60 minutes, widescreen) with ECA World
    Fitness Presenter of the Year Petra Kolber is a set of mix-and-match
    cardio workouts - two 10-minute and two 20-minute segments to choose
    from. A bonus booklet with suggestions for maximizing one's workout
    and eight bonus moves on take-along perforated cards round out this
    high-energy, easy-to-use workout. "Dance and Be Fit: Lower Body
    Burn" ($14.99, 50 minutes, widescreen) with world-class dance teacher
    Kimberly Miguel Mullen proffers two 20-minute dance-based workouts
    with especial emphasis on strengthening the physique of one's lower
    body (plus a 5 minute warm up and a 5 minute cool down). The total
    package is a solid cardiovascular workout perfect for slimming down
    hips and thighs, as well as increasing flexibility and shedding
    stress. Both DVDs are excellent additions to any exercise shelf,
    brimming with infectious enthusiasm for getting and staying fit.

    Best of Filipino Food, Volume 1
    DC Entertainment
    3807 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 335, Los Angeles, CA 90010
    Victory Multimedia (distribution)
    460 Hindry Ave., Unit D, Inglewood, CA 90301
    $14.95 www (dot) dcefilms (dot) com

    Best of Filipino Food, Volume 1 is a cooking instructional DVD that
    walks viewers through the creation of some of the most popular
    regional cuisine of the Philippines. From Kare-Kare to Shrimp in
    Coconut Milk, Pinkabet, Leche Flan, and more, Best of Filipino Food
    Volume 1 covers a wide array of meat and seafood dishes, as well as a
    few vegetable dishes, snacks, and desserts. Highly recommended for
    cooks of all skill and experience levels who are interested in making
    and sampling Philippine delicacies, and a welcome addition to public
    library DVD shelves. 150 minutes.


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