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  1. The Library DVD Shelf

    Chris Isaak Christmas
    Koch Vision
    www (dot) kochvision (dot) com
    1417230991, $19.99, [email protected] (dot) com

    Chris Isaak is joined by Michael Buble, Brian McKnight and Stevie
    Nicks in this Christmas celebration featuring such classics as White
    Christmas, Let It Snow, Christmas on TV and more. It's mixed in
    surround sound for the finest of listening experiences, is captured in
    high-definition, recorded live in Chicago and provides five of Isaak's
    own holiday originals as well as the complete performance as original
    broadcast on PBS. An outstanding presentation.

    Dog the Bounty Hunter: Best of Season 4
    A&E Home Video
    c/o A&E Television Networks
    235 East 45th Street New York , NY 10017
    1422906418, $19.95, www (dot) aetv (dot) com

    The fourth season of DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER finds him tracking down
    more criminals then handing more tough love after capture. Baby Lyssa
    joins Dog's family team in this set of Dog adventures: a series of
    more gripping action-packed - and spiritual-packed - true crime
    stories to attract both prior Dog fans and newcomers to his bounty
    hunting business.

    Yoga With Your Baby
    Jackie Long
    Yoga With Love
    www (dot) yogawithyourbaby (dot) com
    DVD, $19.95 [email protected] (dot) com

    New parents can connect with their baby and toddler even in a busy
    world with the help of a special DVD that melds teachings from
    Buddhism, yoga, and neuroscience to offer an interactive format
    perfect for newcomers as well as yoga practitioners of all types. Kids
    ages 3 months to 4 years are the perfect age range to benefit from
    this DVD of some 20 yoga practices for adults, 15 baby yoga poses, and
    songs to sing.

    Cardiokickboxing DVDs
    Lynn Hahn
    Bayview Films
    107 Pink Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601
    DVD, $19.99 Each www (dot) getrealfit (dot) org www (dot) amazon (dot)

    Cardio kickboxing uses different martial arts stances and forms to
    strengthen the body, offering agility moves and workouts lending to
    weight control and body toning alike. KICK and PUNCH AND FIRM by Lynn
    Hall offers user-friendly workouts that require no prior knowledge to
    prove useful. The fun, lively workouts are outstanding exercise and
    martial arts routines and offering maximum kickboxing benefits to all
    levels of users - and to libraries catering to them.

    Children of the Stones
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    $24.99 www (dot) acornmedia (dot) com

    Children of the Stones is the DVD collection of all seven episodes of
    a British science fiction thriller, filmed on location at the Avebury
    stone circle (which is older than the nearby Stonehenge). When
    astrophysicist Adam Blake (whose other credits include "Blake's 7")
    and his teenage son Matthew come to research the standing stones, they
    discover fascinating and harrowing mysteries hidden in the stones'
    past. The seemingly druidic Rafael Hendrick holds an inexplicable sway
    over the entranced "happy ones" of the local village - and why is it
    said that "nobody ever leaves the circle"? The menace gradually builds
    up to the suspenseful climax, in this exciting and dramatic saga
    enhanced with interviews, production notes, series trivia, and a photo
    gallery. Highly recommended. Approximately 174 min., full screen,

    Makeup Assignment - Brow Abilities
    Monique Powers
    Empowers Beauty, Inc.
    PO Box 16245, Beverly Hills, CA 90209
    $24.99 www (dot) MakeupAssignment (dot) com www (dot) MoniquePowers
    (dot) com

    Licensed esthetician Monique Powers, who has over 15 years of
    experience as a makeup artist and eyebrow specialist, presents Makeup
    Assignment - Brow Abilities, a how-to DVD teaching teenagers and women
    of all ages how to create, groom, and enhance one's eyebrow shape,
    regardless of one's natural eyebrow structure. Step-by-step
    instructions walk the viewer through the composition of an
    aesthetically pleasing eyebrow shape, how to fake a full eyebrow, how
    to efficiently and effectively use inexpensive eyebrow tools and
    makeup, and more. An easy-to-follow, professional-quality
    instructional highly recommended to not only prospective and
    professional makeup artists, but also to any woman determined to look
    her best. 20 minutes, color.

    Dance Off The Inches: Dance It Off Ballroom
    Kristina Milova, host
    Anchor Bay Entertainment
    1699 Stutz Drive, Troy, MI 48084
    $14.98 www (dot) anchorbayentertainment (dot) com

    Part of the energetic Dance Off the Inches series, Dance Off The
    Inches: Dance It Off Ballroom is a fun exercise DVD featuring cardio
    ballroom routines perfect for burning calories and getting into shape.
    Ballroom dancer Kristina Milova guides the viewer through mini dance
    routines that draw upon three of the most popular styles of ballroom
    dance. No partner is needed for these samba, cha cha, and jive
    routines that make working out as fun as it is tummy-flattening. A
    Dance Off The Inches Step Guide teaching the viewer ten basic dance
    steps in ten minutes rounds out this welcome addition to DVD fitness
    libraries. 61 minutes, closed captioned.

    The Romance of a Vanishing Race
    Rich-Heape Films, Inc.
    5952 Royal Lane, Suite 254, Dallas, Texas 75230
    $29.95 www (dot) richheape (dot) com 214-696-6916

    The Romance of a Vanishing Race collects three vintage motion pictures
    of Native Americans and their daily culture, originally filmed in the
    early 1900s and featuring tribal chiefs who participated in the last
    Great Indian Council, including some who fought at the Battle of
    Little Big Horn. The first, "The Romance of the Vanishing
    Race" (released 1916, 29 min.) features Navajo, Pueblo, Crow, and Hopi
    tribes and re-enactments of Indian battles on the plains as well as
    tribal ceremonies and medicine men. "Rodman Wanamaker Expedition of
    Citizenship to the North American Indian" (released 1913, 26 min.) has
    Dr. Joseph Dixon explain the important symbolism of the flag to
    different Indian tribes and their dedication ceremonies. "Winter Farm
    Life on a Crow Reservation" (released 1921, 8 min.) features World War
    I French hero General Ferdinand Foch, and shows scenes from
    reservation life including the butchering of a cow, erecting a teepee,
    and the ceremonies to welcome General Foch. Suitable for viewers of
    all ages, The Romance of a Vanishing Race preserves invaluable
    evidence of Native American culture and is an enthusiastically
    recommended addition to public and college library DVD collections. 63
    minutes, captioned, black-and-white.

    Kathy Smith: Total Body Lift
    Kathy Smith
    2700 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404
    411 Video Information (publicity)
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $14.98 www (dot) lionsgatedvd (dot) com www (dot) 411videoinfo (dot)

    Kathy Smith: Total Body Lift is a fitness DVD featuring energetic,
    dance-inspired exercises as demonstrated by host Kathy Smith.
    Expensive equipment is not required, though a simple mat, towel, chair
    for support, and light weights are recommended. The workout itself
    consists of a five-minute warm-up, upper body lift, leg lift, butt
    lift and tummy lift, and can be customized to a degree; a music only
    option is also available for the audio track. A user-friendly DVD
    suitable for all ages and experience levels, Kathy Smith: Total Body
    Lift is a welcome addition to any exercise DVD collection.
    Approximately 69 minutes, full screen, color.

    Rules of the Road
    Vat 19
    11783 Borman Drive, St. Louis, MO 63146
    $34.95 www (dot) Vat19 (dot) com

    Rules of the Road is an interactive driver's educational course on two
    DVDs, ideal for teenagers but also useful for adults seeking to
    refresh their driving knowledge and awareness. Disc 1 is specifically
    prepared to help the viewer pass the written driving test with flying
    colors, as well as sample the Virtual Driver experience to heighten
    awareness of one's surroundings. From parallel parking to highway
    merging, night driving, right-of-way rules, and more, the viewer is
    guided through everything he or she absolutely must know before
    getting behind the wheel. Disc 2 includes a complete behind-the-wheel
    curriculum ideal for assisting parents and teachers, enhanced with
    tips on auto safety, car maintenance, preventing road rage, and what
    to do in case of an emergency. A bonus of nine printable drive packets
    spanning ninety-five pages, as well as eight interactive practice DMV
    written tests round out this enthusiastically recommended addition to
    school and community library collections. Rules of the Road is also
    the perfect gift for any teen who has just turned old enough to start
    learning how to drive! 192 minutes, English and Spanish subtitles.

    Cook's Country Season One
    Chris Kimball
    WGBH Boston Video
    c/o SSA Public Relations
    15260 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1730, Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    9781593758431, $34.95 www (dot) ssapr (dot) com

    Cook's Country Season One is the DVD collection of all thirteen
    episodes from season one of the public television show "Cook's
    Country", featuring Chris Kimball and America's Test Kitchen Chefs. A
    distinctly American cooking show that demonstrates how to create great
    recipes like Chocolate Blackout Cake, Cincinnati Chili, Raspberry
    Chiffon Pie and much more, Cook's Country Season One also broadens its
    informative repertoire with general food shopping and preparation
    tips, tricks, and techniques, such as which cookware, kitchen tools,
    and supermarket foods are most worth buying. Printable versions of 26
    selected recipes round out this highly enjoyable presentation of tasty
    delights, highly recommended for viewers of all levels of skill and
    experience in the kitchen. Approximately 5.5 hours, closed-captioned.

    Lionel Nation 2
    A McComas/Stachler Production
    TM Books & Video
    PO Box 279, New Buffalo, MI 49117
    9781932291735, $19.95 www (dot) tmbv (dot) com 1-800-892-2822

    Kindred spirit to the first Lionel Nation DVD yet featuring all-new
    footage, Lionel Nation 2 is a DVD tour of a prewar layout and
    collection of amazing model railroad trains. Laid out by expert
    craftsman, and hobbyist Norm Charbonneau, the made-to-scale trains are
    stunningly realistic, sure to delight and inspire model railroad
    enthusiasts. Additional material includes a behind-the-scenes look at
    a toy train auction, a tour of the engines and cars that inspired the
    Lionel brand's new series of Conventional Classics, and model railroad
    operating tips. Lionel Nation 2 is a treat for anyone with an interest
    in model railroading. 60 minutes, color.

    Composing the Beatles Songbook
    MVD Entertainment Group
    PO Box 280, Oaks, PA 19456
    $19.95 www (dot) MVDb2b (dot) com 1-800-888-0486

    Composing the Beatles Songbook: Lennon and McCartney 1966-1970 is an
    independent DVD documentary examining the partnership and music of
    Lennon and McCartney, widely beloved creator of some of the most
    popular songs by the classic 60's rock band "The Beatles". Filled with
    rare footage including classic Beatles performances, and also
    testimony from friends of the pair, Composing the Beatles Songbook is
    sure to prove as inspirational as it is educational to songwriters
    today. Extras include extended interviews and biographies, in this
    superb gift for dyed-in-the-wool Beatles fans. 112 minutes, black-and-

    Encounters With John Wesley
    Vision Video
    PO Box 540, Worcester, PA 19490-0540
    #501297D, $19.95, www (dot) visionvideo (dot) com

    Few itinerant preachers in 18th Century England would equal the
    accomplishments of John Wesley as he went around the country spreading
    the Protestant gospel and founding Methodist societies. As with all
    Christian reformers, Wesley faced unrelenting persecution, endured
    tremendous hardships, and was both fearless and dedicated in his
    Christian labors. Now a thirty-minute story of his life has been
    produced in a DVD format starring Mark Topping as John Wesley in an
    action-packed docudrama filmed on location in New Room, Bristol (the
    oldest Methodist chapel in England), and the Charles Wesley house. The
    DVD format is enhanced with the inclusion of an interview with Mark
    Topping. Of special note are the dramatized versions of four sermons
    by John Wesley. Superbly produced and thoroughly engaging from
    beginning to end, "Encounters With John Wesley" is very highly
    recommended for personal, church, and community library Christian
    Studies and Christian DVD collections.

    Language Partners: Building a Strong Foundation
    Boys Town Press
    14100 Crawford Street, Boys Town, NE 68010
    0974788961, $24.95 www (dot) boystownpress (dot) org 1-800-282-6657

    The third DVD in the Early Intervention Illustrated Series, Language
    Partners: Building a Strong Foundation teaches parents of deaf or hard
    of hearing children how to create a language-rich environment that
    gives children the tools they need to develop thinking, communication,
    and learning skills. Simple techniques ideal for use early in child's
    life when their language-learning ability is amazingly malleable make
    Language Partners: Building a Strong Foundation easy to follow and
    utterly invaluable. Especially recommended for public library
    collections and parents or caretakers of young, hearing-impaired
    children. 20 minutes.

    Blue Dragon Volume 1
    Viz Communications Inc.
    295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
    DVD, $14.98 www (dot) viz (dot) com 1-800-394-3042

    Based on the hit role-playing game for the Xbox 360, Blue Dragon
    Volume 1 collects the first five episodes of the Japanese animated
    fantasy-adventure television series. Featuring the main characters
    from the game (all of whom were designed by Dragonball Z creator Akira
    Toriyama), Blue Dragon follows the plucky young hero Shu and his
    friends - his cool-headed rival Jiro, the sensitive girl Kluke, the
    boisterous Devee Marumaro, and the icy warrior woman Zola in their
    quest to combat the spreading evil of Nene and the Grankingdom. The
    titular Blue Dragon itself is Shu's shadow come to fierce life, the
    better to fight for courage and justice! The plot of the animated Blue
    Dragon series differs significantly from that of the Xbox 360 game, to
    the extent that it could be considered an alternate universe; anyone
    who has played the game is sure to enjoy the surprises in this new
    story. Blue Dragon Volume 1 is a family-friendly DVD, particularly
    recommended for fans of fantasy, anime, and dragons! English, 100
    minutes, color.

    Blue Dragon, Volume 2
    Viz Communications Inc.
    295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
    1421522640, $14.98 www (dot) viz (dot) com 1-800-394-3042

    Containing episodes 6-8, volume 2 of Blue Dragon continues the family-
    friendly anime (Japanese animated) DVD series loosely based on the
    popular Xbox 360 role-playing game about a group of young people who
    can bring their animal-like shadows to life to fight for what's right
    in a fantasy world threatened by war. Though the personalities of Blue
    Dragon's characters (and their nemesis, the villainous Nene) will be
    familiar to game players, as well as much of the musical score, the
    storyline is completely different from that of the game, to the extent
    of being set on a parallel world. Led by the mysterious Zola, wielder
    of Killer Bat shadow that never speaks, Shu (Dragon shadow), Jiro
    (Minotaur shadow), Kluke (no shadow yet), and Marumaro (Sabertooth
    Tiger shadow) must defend themselves against not only invading
    Grankingdom spies and attacks at sea, but also the gushing gratitude
    of a young girl with the power to turn invisible or change shapes!
    Trouble is, their klutzy newest admirer has a tendency to accidentally
    hurt as easily as help - and she just might have a crush on Shu, much
    to Kluke's dismay! A saga of fantastic action, rivalry, and a dash of
    intrigue, Blue Dragon Volume 2 is highly recommended to viewers of all
    ages. 100 minutes, color.

    A&E Home Video
    c/o A&E Television Networks
    235 East 45th Street New York , NY 10017
    www (dot) aetv (dot) com

    $12.95) tells of Criss Angel, part Cirque du Soliel, part magician,
    who has taken magic to new realms in his series of hit shows featuring
    his death-defying stunts. These stunts are performed live and never
    with camera trick, and this collection captures a powerful magician's
    best episodes from his first two seasons. Fans of British comedy will
    relish THE BEST OF MR. BEAN VOLUME 2 (1422919501, $9.95), a collection
    starting Rowan Atkinson as the amazing Mr. Bean. Mr. Bean is always in
    trouble and funny - and this collection offers up some of the ongoing
    bests of his world in a hilarious set of outrageous circumstances and
    mishaps. Both will appeal to a wide audience.


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    "But you can't love me, no, you can't love me
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    Oh, I still wanna be there,
    But I've got more enough in reasons "--dancing in the drak, solange
    marika, Dec 27, 2008
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