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  1. The Library DVD Shelf

    Four Minutes
    Wolfe Video LLC
    PO Box 64, New Almaden, Ca 95042
    WOL4478D, $24.95, www (dot) WolfeVideo (dot) com

    Traude Kruger taught piano at a women's prison for more than sixty
    years. But her inmate Jenny, a convicted killer with a history of
    beating people for simple amusement, is unique. Once a great musical
    talent she could be trained to participate in and wine a prestigious
    piano contest -- despite her prison sentence. Traude's problem is how
    to inspire Jenny to act out with her music rather than her fists.
    "Four Minutes" is a riveting story, superbly performed, and the
    conclusion is truly memorable. The German with subtitles DVD format is
    enhanced with such bonus features as the Theatrical Trailer, a
    Widescreen Presentation, Dolby 2.0 Audio sound. Total Running Time:
    112 minutes; full color. Also highly recommended from Wolfe Video is
    "Shelter Me" (WOL4531D, $24.95), the story of Anna and Mara, a lesbian
    couple who inadvertently smuggle a young Moroccan boy across the
    border into Italy.

    First Run Features
    630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1213, New York, NY 10036
    www (dot) firstrunfeatures (dot) com

    First Run Features is a premier source for foreign movies,
    documentaries, and independent film productions. Six of their newest
    releases underscores the diversity of genres and subject matter that
    have made First Run Features a unique source for personal, academic,
    and community library DVD collections. "The Trials Of Henry Kissinger"
    is an 80 minute documentary on Kissinger's role as part of the Johnson
    administration during the Viet Nam conflict. "The Sacred Family (La
    Sagrada Familia) is a 99 minute Spanish comedy combining sex, black
    humor, and emotional candor. "Television Under The Swastika" is a
    Michael Kloft's 52 minute documentary telling the story of Germany's
    pioneer work in television that began in March 1935 and whose
    broadcasts continued through September 1944. "Please Vote For Me" is a
    58 minute documentary by Weijun Chen on an elementary school election
    for class president held in the city of Wuhan in central China.
    "Enough! (Barakat!)" is a 94 minute full color film set in the
    Algerian civil war during the 1990s. The DVD format allows for each of
    these titles to be enhanced with bonus materials that include such
    items as Director Notes, Filmographies, Photo Galleries, Audio
    Commentaries, and Theatrical Trailers. Film enthusiasts, academic and
    community librarians are encouraged to visit the First Run Features
    website at www (dot) firstrunfeatures (dot) com for a complete listing
    of the massive film library.

    Ranma 1/2 Season 7: Ranma Forever
    Viz Communications Inc.
    295 Bay Street, San Francisco, CA 94133
    DVD, $119.98 www (dot) viz (dot) com 1-800-394-3042

    The thinpack boxed set of the seventh and final season of the wildly
    popular Ranma 1/2 anime television series, based on the equally
    beloved Japanese manga by Rumiko Takahashi (whose other works include
    Inu-Yasha and Maison Ikkoku), is an absolute must-have for every self-
    professed anime fan. A lighthearted, episodic martial arts comedy with
    extra emphasis on the comedy, Ranma 1/2 follows the (mis)adventurous
    daily life of Ranma, gifted with the extraordinary ability to
    assimilate new martial arts techniques but afflicted with a curse that
    makes him transform into a girl whenever he is splashed with cold
    water, until he can find hot water and change back into a guy! Ranma's
    friends, enemies, and rivals range from his short-tempered fiancee
    Akane (who genuinely cares for him underneath the bluster, but whose
    cooking is potentially toxic to human life), to his diminutive yet
    lecherous master Happosai, to the fiercely antagonistic Ryoga (whose
    curse periodically transforms him into a small black pig) and many
    more. Like the series as a whole, Ranma 1/2 Season 7 includes episodes
    that directly adapt Takahashi's work, episodes that add extra nuance
    and depth to the original manga, and even some episodes created just
    for television. Though suggested for "older teen" audiences, Ranma 1/2
    merely has comedy violence mixed with a hint of mature innuendo (and
    perhaps some nudity), and is certainly far more family-friendly than
    any number of modern PG-13 movies. Highly recommended for anyone who
    enjoys animated comedy; since the series does not have an arc-style
    plot or excessive emphasis on continuity, Season 7 is just as good a
    jumping-on point to the wonderful world of Ranma 1/2 as Season 1.
    Japanese & English with English subtitles, 625 minutes, color.

    Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History
    c/o 411 Video Information
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $29.99 www (dot) 411videoinfo (dot) com www (dot)
    hollywoodsinginganddancing (dot) com

    Hosted by Academy Award winning stage, screen, and TV star Shirley
    Jones, Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History is a
    celebration of Hollywood musicals throughout history up to the present
    day. From the exciting choreography that brought cheer to the darkest
    times of the Great Depression, to wartime showtunes that fired up
    America's fighting spirit, to modern smash hits such as "Chicago" and
    "Dreamgirls", Hollywood Singing and Dancing is an amazing tour. Worthy
    to be the centerpiece of any Hollywood history DVD shelf, Hollywood
    Singing and Dancing: A Musical History comes highly recommend. 108
    minutes, with 120 minutes of bonus footage.

    Our Spirits Don't Speak English
    Rich-Heape Films, Inc.
    c/o 411 Video Information (publicity)
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $29.95 www (dot) 411videoinfo (dot) com www (dot) richheape (dot) com

    Our Spirits Don't Speak English: Indian Boarding School is a DVD
    documentary of the true-life stories of Native American children who
    were forcibly taken from their homes and families and educated in
    boarding schools, as part of a governmental policy to "kill the Indian
    and spare the man". From 1869 through the late 1960's, more than
    100,000 Native Americans had been compelled to attend Indian Boarding
    School. Our Spirits Don't Speak English tells of growing up in a harsh
    world of strict rules, where speaking tribal languages was severely
    punished. A vivid reminder that America, land of the free, was not so
    free for some of its citizens until relatively recently in its
    history. 80 minutes, closed captioned.

    Adventures in Voice Acting Volume One
    Bang Zoom! Entertainment
    1100 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505
    1576406478, $29.95 www (dot) AdventuresInVoiceActing (dot) com

    Adventures in Voice Acting Volume One is an exciting behind-the-scenes
    DVD tour of the voice acting industry, a vital part of both games and
    animated television shows. Featuring professional voice actors such as
    Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants), Michelle Rodriguez (Halo 2), Lance
    Henricksen (Mass Effect), Wendee Lee, Steve Blum, and more, Adventures
    in Voice Acting Volume One teaches aspiring voice actors how to break
    into the industry. Among the tips and discussed include techniques to
    use while in the booth, how to prepare for an audition, what to expect
    on one's first day in the studio, and more. An absolute "must-see" for
    anyone curious about voice acting as a career. 130 minutes plus 32
    minutes of extras, color.

    John Deere Country Part 1: How a Combine is Made
    TM Books & Video
    PO Box 279, New Buffalo, MI 49117
    9781932291216, $14.95 www (dot) tmbv (dot) com 1-800-892-2822

    John Deere Country Part 1: How a Combine is Made is a DVD that lives
    up to its title, bringing the viewer on a step-by-step tour of
    precisely how a John Deere combine is crafted. From how lasers cut
    sheets of metal into the thousands of parts needed, to the process of
    bending, punching, and welding together the pieces, and adding
    internal working such as cylinder, cleaning shoe, and grain bend. A
    truly amazing look at the efficiency of modern technology,
    supplemented with the human ingenuity and hard work, John Deere
    Country Part 1 is a treat for young and old alike with an interest in
    the inner workings of farm equipment. 1 hour 20 minutes, color.

    The Dhamma Brothers
    Produced by Jenny Phillips & Anne Marie Stein
    Bullfrog Films, Inc.
    PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547
    1594587752, $275.00 www (dot) bullfrogfilms (dot) com 1-800-543-3764

    Intended for viewers in grades ten to adult, The Dhamma Brothers: East
    Meets West in the Deep South is a true-life documentary set behind the
    walls of an Alabama maximum-security prison, which became the first
    correctional institution of its kind to hold an extended Vipassana
    retreat. The participants engaged in an emotionally and physically
    taxing course of silent meditation for ten days, a process that yields
    dramatic results. The Dhamma Brothers is not just the story of a
    prison program, but also the human ability to accept responsibility
    for the most terrible of offenses. Ultimately an inspirational
    chronicle of hope, The Dhamma Brothers is highly recommended as an
    example of how meditative discipline can harness the positive side of
    the human spirit even in the most unlikely of places. 76 minutes,
    subtitles, color.

    Ripple Effect
    a film by Philippe Caland
    Monterey Media Inc.
    566 St. Charles Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-3901
    9781569946589, $24.95 www (dot) montereymedia (dot) com 1-800-424-2593

    Ripple Effect is the DVD presentation of an award-winning film
    starring Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker, Academy Award nominee
    Virginia Madsen and Academy award nominee Minnie Driver. Weaving the
    tale of African-American cutting-edge clothing designer Amer Atrash,
    Ripple Effect explores a burgeoning crisis that threatens to destroy
    Atrash's business and his marriage. Re-examining himself, Atrash
    reasons that the source of his ills comes from a detrimental deed he
    committed fifteen years earlier, and sets out to atone for his wrong.
    In the process he undergoes a revitalization of the spirit, awakening
    to the value of compassion. An enduring and positive tale of human
    redemption, highly recommended. 83 minutes, 16:9 aspect ratio, color.

    Al Foster Quintet
    MVD Entertainment Group
    H-840 North Circle Drive, Oaks, PA 19456
    $19.95 www (dot) MVDb2b (dot) com

    Al Foster Quintet is a DVD capturing a 2007 performance of drummer Al
    Foster, along with his musical quintet of pianists Aron Goldberg and
    George Callaghan, sax player Eli Degibri, bassist Doug Weiss, and
    trumpet player Dr. Eddie Henderson. Together, the team exults in
    musical styles ranging from bebop to jazz to rock and more. The songs
    played are "So What", "So Near So Far", "Shed", "Missing Miles",
    "Cantaloupe Island", "Aloysius", "Peter's Mood", "The Chief", "Tune
    Up", and "Jean-Pierre". Recorded live, Al Foster Quintet is
    enthusiastically recommended as the perfect gift for modern music
    lovers who enjoy rhythm & groove. 97 minutes, 16:9 aspect ratio,

    The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout
    Gabrielle Reece
    Anchor Bay Entertainment
    1699 Stutz Drive, Troy, MI 48084
    $19.98 www (dot) anchorbayentertainment (dot) com

    Created by Gabrielle Reece during and after her pregnancy with the
    help of certified personal trainer Mike Monroe, and approved by OBGYN
    Vivian Dickerson, The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout is a
    DVD of twelve fifteen-minute workouts, three for each trimester of
    pregnancy and three to help trim down after giving birth. A few pieces
    of inexpensive exercise equipment are recommended to tap the full
    potential of The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy Workout: no more
    than an exercise ball, fitness band, and small hand weights. The
    primary focus is on strengthening and stretching moves, ideal keeping
    one's muscles strong and ready to reclaim one's figure. With the
    caveat that any expectant mother should consult her doctor before
    undertaking an exercise regimen, The Complete Fit & Healthy Pregnancy
    Workout is an excellent choice for expectant or aspiring mothers, and
    also highly recommended as a baby shower gift! 258 minutes, color.

    Yoga with Your Baby
    c/o 411 Video Information
    PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
    $19.95 www (dot) yogawithyourbaby (dot) com www (dot) 411videoinfo
    (dot) com

    Yoga with Your Baby is a DVD for parents of children age 3 months to 4
    years. Together, parents and baby can engage in yoga postures, sing
    songs, and explore the joy of moving and stretching one's body. The
    DVD features 20 yoga practices designed for the parent, 15 for the
    baby, soothing songs ideal to sing, mindfulness-based parenting
    practices, meditation and relaxation exercises, and more. A wonderful,
    easy-to-use method to work fitness into one's busy lifestyle even when
    taking care of small children. 100 minutes, color.

    Rain Shadow Series 1
    Acorn Media Group
    8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
    $39.99 www (dot) acornmedia (dot) com

    Rain Shadow Series 1 collects the first six episodes of a dramatic
    series following the small Australian farming town of Paringa.
    Battered first by drought, then an outbreak of disease among its
    sheep, Paringa is on the verge of dissolving; veterinarian Kate
    McDonald (played by Golden Globe nominee Rachel Ward) and her plucky
    assistant (played by Victoria Thaine) fight to save their community.
    Filmed on location in the Adelaide Hills, Rain Shadow is a poignant
    drama of hope, and the determination to fight for one's way of life,
    as well as the strong wills of two women resisting the odds against
    them. An excellent gift for anyone who enjoys fine drama. 16:9
    widescreen, 326 minutes, color.


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    Midwest Book Review, Oct 12, 2008
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