Matrix (aka CCD) or stuck Diaphragm (Aperture)? Diagnosis advice

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by rbtcnda, Feb 2, 2007.

  1. rbtcnda

    rbtcnda Guest

    Matrix(aka CCD) or stuck Diaphragm (Aperture)?

    Diagnosis advice needed

    I am having a problem with my Canon S2IS and I need some advice how
    to proceed. Let me begin by saying I am not camera savvy so please
    answer me in "camera idiot" language.

    The Camera history:
    I bought a new Canon S2IS in Canada about 18 months ago. The camera
    has not been used extensively and also has always been treated gently.
    About 4 months ago (just after expiration of the warranty L) the
    camera started to display the following symptoms intermittently. The
    LCD would be black in all shooting modes (LCD works fine in "review"
    mode as I can view any photos I took before the problem started and
    any photos I load on to the card from an external source). Also, the
    camera will take a photo in any shooting mode, but the photo is just
    black. But it did take a photo and I could see in review mode that an
    all black photo had been taken. I was able to get rid of the problem
    temporarily by turning the camera off and on or switching back and
    forth between shooting mode and review mode. The problem continued
    occurring more and more frequently until finally the LCD was
    permanently black in shooting mode.

    I did some research on the internet and found that these symptoms
    match exactly the symptoms many cameras (not only Canon) have been
    having with the matrix (CCD). There are many websites saying it is
    caused by a defective CCD where the wiring comes loose and most
    manufacturers are offering free repair regardless of warranty status
    (The S2IS is on the list of affected cameras but the S2IS is not (yet)
    on the list).

    My problem:
    I am now living permanently in Ukraine. I am living in a small city
    that does not have a Canon digital camera service center. I took the
    camera to a Canon rep here (however they are not a service center). I
    told him the symptoms and he looked at it for about 1 minute (he did
    not take it apart and look inside) and immediately said it is a
    defective matrix and a common problem not only with Canon cameras. I
    asked how sure he was, he said 110%.

    I checked Canon Canada/America and Western Europe websites and all
    offer free repair for this problem. I called the closest Canon service
    center (about 600km away in Kiev) and the rep told me, "In Eastern
    Europe we don't give a f#%$ what the Canon websites in Canada or
    Western Europe say about free repair, we are not repairing it for
    free". He also kept repeating "The S2IS is not on the list of affected
    cameras". After further internet research I found the parent company
    of Eastern Europe Canon is in Finland (which IS part of Canon Western
    Europe). I phoned Finland, who asked me to followup with an email and
    shortly thereafter the Canon rep in Kiev RELUCTANTLY said I can ship
    the camera to any Canon service center in Kiev and IF the problem is
    the matrix they will repair it for free.

    As I said, the problem occurred almost 4 months ago, it was 2 months
    convincing Kiev Canon rep to accept my camera, I shipped it to Kiev,
    it sat on the shelf of the service center for 2 months! After many
    phone calls someone finally looked at it. And, as I expected, they
    told me there is no problem with the matrix/CCD, the problem is that
    the diaphragm (aperture) is stuck. That to repair the problem means
    replacing the entire lens system for $325US and better to buy a new
    camera from them (convenient!).

    I am suspicious they are bullshitting me and I need advice. I told
    them to return the camera to me and I now have it back in my

    Is there any way for ME to test if the problem is the matrix/CCD or if
    it is a stuck diaphragm (aperture)?

    If not, as I said before, there are some Canon reps here (but not
    service centers). Is there anything they could do to test if the
    problem is the matrix/CCD or if it is the diaphragm?

    If not, any other suggestions how I should proceed? It seems crazy
    that after 14 months the camera has a problem where the solution is to
    throw it in the garbage and buy a new one.

    I have one other option, an American friend from Ohio will be visiting
    me soon and I could send the camera with him to Ohio for diagnosis.
    Not my preferred option since he doesn't know when he is coming back.

    Thank-you in advance,
    rbtcnda, Feb 2, 2007
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  2. rbtcnda

    Bill Funk Guest

    Given that the smallest aperture seems to be f/8 in Av mode, this
    should let in enough light for an exposure in decent light. So, if
    you're getting NO image, that would mean a sensor problem.
    I'd call/email to other repair centers, explaining your problem with
    the center you sent it to (possibly even involving Canon itself) to
    see if anyone will give you reasonable service.
    Of course, "reasonable service" may mean something different than what
    you expect. :-(

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    Bill Funk, Feb 2, 2007
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