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Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Dragon, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Dragon

    Dragon Guest

    I have the original dvd from a few years back and i am looking at the new
    40th anniversary edition, Now i know that's going to be a lot better but is
    there any reason why i should keep my original aswell or should i sell that

    cheers Dave
    Dragon, Mar 9, 2005
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  2. Actually, there were two "original" non-anamorphic _Mary Poppins_ region 1

    The first one was a single-layer "Widescreen Edition" disk with no extras,
    which was released on 3/24/1998.

    The second was a dual-layer "Disney Gold Classic Collection" disk with a
    documentary, which was released on 7/5/2000.

    The third one is the current two-disk, "40th Anniversary Edition" anamorphic
    version. If you have the first release, there is nothing worth keeping. If
    you have the second release, the documentary "The Making of Mary Poppins" is
    different from the expanded one contained in the 40th anniversary version.

    I think that most, if not all, of the information in the documentary from
    the second release is contained in the extras that come with the 40th
    anniversary version. But it seems to me that the documentary from the second
    DVD had more of the dance rehearsal footage than is contained in the new

    In any event, I saw the new, double-disk _Mary Poppins_ at Costco today, for
    $11.99, so the new-release price has been lowered. The new anamorphic DVD
    looks great and the sound has been improved a lot.
    One-Shot Scot, Mar 10, 2005
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